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  1. +1 (Pokey&YM) when they are available, please!
  2. I got the .cdi with signature error. In-game the sound crashes. What's your DiscJuggler settings for to make the backup?
  3. For those with micro sd's problems ..... I think it is because of the type of partition. Try change it to MBR.
  4. Hi! Do you have a working Battlesphere rom for the JagSD? I've searching it everywhere but nothing.....
  5. I am a lucky holder of one of Atari Jaguar's cartridges. It is a spectacular product, and I assure you that it is worthwhile to keep waiting to enjoy it. That is why it is necessary that all of us support the person who has dedicated so much time and effort in this project, we cannot pressure him since he does this because he wants to, because it is his passion, and his decision whether he wants to do it or not. Saint, take a vacation, rest is essential to feel good, I know what I'm talking about, and when you're better, I hope that, for you as for all your followers, you can continue doing what you like. In life you have to try to be happy, and I want you to know that you have already made all the people who have been able to enjoy your things happy. I hope that in the future we can enjoy the incorporation of CD support, in addition to other game drives such as a future atari 7800 game drive. A hug and I hope you feel better.
  6. I too have death screen with Battlesphere Gold and Air Cars. The other roms I play work perfect. Thank you very much Saint for make ours dreams a reality.
  7. Pre-order Position You're next! I feel very lucky!
  8. Hi Saint. How goes your odissey in Jaguar's GPU world? ':)
  9. Your history is worth writing a book, man. Good luck
  10. Thanks for the info. First of all, take care of your health, and when you are better you will take it back with more energy.
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