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  1. Hi @kevtris ! Will you do a GB/GBC adaptor (with cable link option) for NT Mini if finally Analogue will made a third batch of the NT Mini? And.. Will you finally add NES Famicom Disk System / FDS jailbreak at the NT Mini or Pocket? Thanks! My appreciation to your work!
  2. I don't known why IPS panel over OLED. Anyway is a great project to get in Love from 8bit retro community ❤️
  3. Where is SELECT + START iconic buttons? At down-right near the palm grip? I suppose we can map this buttons to shoulder buttons for LSDJ's work PD: A pro-sound mod for jack / rca out would be the next level! (or digital audio out at hdmi / spdif)
  4. Yes! My partner has the Super Game Boy 2 for this. It adds the link and better clock accuracy. But Nt Mini has good sound, very clean, and very easy to work. I hope @kevtris will release the DIY desings and adds firmware support for them. And the missing 8bit cores for the Nt Mini if possible. Too many desires ... A new Analogue GB/GBC handled clone will be a good choice too if video output will be supported.
  5. Hi @kevtris Do you expect to sell GameBoy or GBC cartridge adaptors for the Analogue Nt Mini with link socket as option? We desired it for LSDJ use with Drag'n'derp cartridge and midi as audio "scene" producer Yes, we can mod a GB for VGA out but the Nt Mini is very handy!
  6. Hi! Good choice with the Flac codec. But audio levels are not normalized. Audio from the Nt Mini is clipping. I don't have an HDMI audio extractor for SPDIF audio out. If I had time I would record the analogue RCA audio out from the Nt Mini with my ADC converter. Sound at the Nt Mini sound very quiet (without floor noise) and very well mixed / balanced. At the spectrum analyzer Nt Mini seems more bass heavier. Don't forget that old audio capacitors at the output filter would sound less bright (muffled) over time. After Burner JSMS - Spectrum After Burner Nt Mini - Spectrum Software (Windows): - foobar2000 - foobar2000 VST Wrapper plugin - Voxengo SPAN
  7. Spectrum audio from After Burner JSMS (@Great Hierophant at FPGA Based Videogame System thread). Software (Windows): - foobar2000 - foobar2000 VST Wrapper plugin - Voxengo SPAN

    © http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242970-fpga-based-videogame-system/page-384#entry3985849

  8. Spectrum audio from After Burner Nt Mini (@Great Hierophant at FPGA Based Videogame System thread). Software (Windows): - foobar2000 - foobar2000 VST Wrapper plugin - Voxengo SPAN

    © http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242970-fpga-based-videogame-system/page-384#entry3985849

  9. This weekend I finished the Phantasy Star SMS game ROM with the FM enabled on the Analogue NT Mini. The Master System FM emulation at the NT Mini is awesome. Very quiet, beautiful, very good work! I hope the GB/GBC cartridge adaptors will be released someday for the Drag'n'derp / LSDJ compatibility. It would be a great tool for chip tune makers. Don't forget PC Engine!
  10. Playing Master System game Phantasy Star with FM enabled ROM on Analogue NT Mini.
  11. I hope they will add: - Digital audio output - SPDIF/Coaxial: 32kHz (SNES native), 44.1kHz (redbook CD) or 48kHz, 96kHz (HQ standard)...
  12. Like this mod: Goofy Foot - NES Controller Mod Kit by Steve DeLuca I have my own mod over an arcade controller like NES Advantage with a 6-wires-toggle-switch (DPAD + START + SELECT) to flip it. Is very easy to do.
  13. I'm one of those guys that prefer the usability from the NT Mini menu compared to the design of the Super Nt. Good work at the NT Mini Duality: Usability vs. Design But I recognise that I love the boot up logo and that sound work of Squarepusher. Great music artist, good team. I hope the PC Engine / Turbografx-16 will be ported to the NT Mini. I have a RGB modded "PC Engine CD" (the japanese TurboDuo) but for sure your "core" will have better analogue output and quiet sound like all of your cores to replace it.
  14. Yeah! Two different things! Nt Mini is a luxurious "perfect" NES (now 8bit "general purpouse") machine, with great options and connections as described (great aluminium enclosure, analogue and digital output, ...) from a private company. MiSTer is a great open source FPGA ("hybrid" ) project with awesome features (Linux, HDMI, Ethernet, ...) from the retro-friendly community. I like them both due Nt Mini has a great engineer that has released their cores for free (yes, Nt Mini is a little costly) on it and they works like a charm And MiST/MiSTer has a great community behind. I hope soon the Atari ST from MiST* will be ported. And hope they will started the Atari Falcon development. But the developers need the paid work to eat. This is a free "charity" work at their own free time. Like kevtris Jailbreak. * There are a little companies selling MiST (with enclose). When more companies are behind indicates more interest for the final user (consumer), bringing new developers and growing the community (like Linux, RaspberryPi, Arduino, ... ). And this is when the price point falls due more demand
  15. The "5ms from standard gaming monitor" is not really true: gray-to-gray specs DisplayLag: Exposed: Input Lag vs. Response Time
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