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  1. Great! Very nice pics! Very clean board. Wow! For the joystick or gamepad? Powerfull Nes
  2. +1 Please upload to youtube or instagram some pics and videos :) How much would be for a DIY kit?
  3. Congrats for the work! A nice addition will be to add the +5V at VGA Pin_9 to meet RGB specification for a VGA-to-SCART-cable if you finally use a VGA for multiple video output (composite and RGB): Pin 9 KEY/PWR +5 V DC (powers EDID EEPROM chip on some monitors), formerly key https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VGA_connector If you see at SCART Pin_16 wee need to put 3V to enable RGB at SCART connections (normally for European TV): Pin 16 Blanking signal up RGB-selection voltage up 0–0.4 V → composite 1–3 V → RGB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCART :)
  4. The diagnosis was easy like due the break came from the power control / regulation. Every time I did a second time bootup when shuted down. It didn't boot like it needs to dischargue a capacitor. My suposition was that the fail was origined from a bad disconnection from the PSU cable when the console was on. Like an electric crossing. But I can't prove it. It cost me more than two months to find the problem. But finally was more easy to repair than expected. Now works fine
  5. Good direction! I suppose the NesRGB kit will fit on it PD: I have top loader version :$
  6. Hey! You have to understand what is open source or creative commons licenses. For open source project we can volunteered as bug testers, reviewers or adding our implementations. This is how Linux Kernel works. Now is so far better than other SO for servers. I supported Analog / Kevtris (more the original project of Kevin Horton) for the NT Mini due the price was lower within the Jailbreak features. I known the milled aluminium enclosure cost more than 100$. And this pushed the price near premium line. I had bad customer service with Analogue. I was waiting more than six months for a response for repairment. They sold all units and they did'nt kept any for repairs. Finally I solved the problem myself. I hope they learned about this in the new products. Yes I read the first post from @low_budget. I totally disagree how Analogue threated him. But I suppose they learned and changed the direction with the @kevtris contract. Now the contrincant is MiSTer. An open source FPGA project from the community. For DIYers
  7. I'm sure they hold a certain quantity of extras for warranty spares that they will sell after they are no longer needed. This seems to be what they did with those recent special edition Super Nt and Mega Sg sales where they left out the controller (warranty units didn't need controllers). I don't known if they will do for the V2. Because they didn't for the Nt Mini V1 ("5V version" run). My Nt Mini has a faulty power on when restart. The fault appeared three months after the purchase. I had waiting more than six months for the replacement. Nearby a year. They always sends me an email for wait a long more for the PCB replacement. Finally at nearly one year latter Analogue send me an email to ship the Nt Mini for repair in warranty. I never send due finally I sholved myself the error hopefully. I didn't trust to them due high prices on eBay. My supspicios was they sold all. I hope they have learned how to keep for spares.
  8. I have the updated VGA for blanking (thanks @kevtris for reading our propositions ). Doesn't was the second run?
  9. I hope to that this project comes open source. This is a very nice project. I would have liked to buy a Super 8. But it was too hight priced for me I choosed Nt mini instead due jailbreak. But all my support for low_budget.
  10. This are my thoughts for the incoming Nt mini V2: If Nt mini V2 has more advanced hardware compared to the Nt mini V1 and they will don't share new improvements there are no excuses to make it 4K out at HDMI for the price (500$) 😎 Yes! I'm a happy Nt mini V1 (second run) owner
  11. Hi @kevtris ! Will you do a GB/GBC adaptor (with cable link option) for NT Mini if finally Analogue will made a third batch of the NT Mini? And.. Will you finally add NES Famicom Disk System / FDS jailbreak at the NT Mini or Pocket? Thanks! My appreciation to your work!
  12. I don't known why IPS panel over OLED. Anyway is a great project to get in Love from 8bit retro community ❤️
  13. Where is SELECT + START iconic buttons? At down-right near the palm grip? I suppose we can map this buttons to shoulder buttons for LSDJ's work PD: A pro-sound mod for jack / rca out would be the next level! (or digital audio out at hdmi / spdif)
  14. Yes! My partner has the Super Game Boy 2 for this. It adds the link and better clock accuracy. But Nt Mini has good sound, very clean, and very easy to work. I hope @kevtris will release the DIY desings and adds firmware support for them. And the missing 8bit cores for the Nt Mini if possible. Too many desires ... A new Analogue GB/GBC handled clone will be a good choice too if video output will be supported.
  15. Hi @kevtris Do you expect to sell GameBoy or GBC cartridge adaptors for the Analogue Nt Mini with link socket as option? We desired it for LSDJ use with Drag'n'derp cartridge and midi as audio "scene" producer Yes, we can mod a GB for VGA out but the Nt Mini is very handy!
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