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  1. $90 shipped within the US Only See photos for condition and board pics. If your interested or have any question please feel free to ask.
  2. You would'nt happen to have this still? Wishful thinking lol
  3. I recently picked this up. I was trying to figure out value on vgpc and gamevaluenow, but, gamevaluenow doesn't have it listed and vgpc doesn't have a sale listed for a couple years. None on Ebay for sale either.....
  4. I actually sold the game on Sunday already. Private sale.
  5. The cart has never been opened. Atari Age told me not to open it. They said there is a screw under the label that i would need to remove but recommended i don't mess with it at all.
  6. Unfortunately i don't use ebay so i cannot set that high of a BIN price. I use Facebook and Offer Up. I attached my profile. I have over a 100 sales with all positive feedback.
  7. Yes 7 yrs ago. Since this 99% of sold carts were in the mid to high 2's.
  8. I dont believe is been that low before. Feel like a good price is between $2250 - $2500.
  9. And i still have it for sale if anyone is interested...
  10. Lol he said that it was his dad's from when it first came out. I asked for the box but he was pretty certain that they threw away all boxes as they opened them to play.
  11. Thank you icemanxp300! I really appreciate your comments! If anyone is interested please let me know. I really want this to go to someone who will appreciate it and needs it for their collection. I am flexible on price. I am actually lowering the price to $2,500 obo.
  12. Thank you Eightbit for the positive reply! And yes that's why i said NO FRIEND AND FAMILY/GIFT through PayPal. Just straight up regular transaction so everyone is covered.
  13. My Offer Up profile. All positive, 5 Stars, and over 100 sales. https://offerupnow.com/p/2692191
  14. Here is my Facebook profile and some gaming groups I'm part of.
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