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  1. Hi Guys I was just wondering what the value of a Superman Sears Tele-Games text label only value is.. I looked around but seem to cant find a current or correct value to it.. Got it from ebay and did not pay much at all for it.. i enclosed a pic from the internet. I know the holy grail is the picture label from Sears but cant seem to find much info for value for the text only label.. thanks John
  2. Hui Guys thanks for all the comments.. every feedback is appreciated. Will have to explore these forums more when i have some time
  3. Hi Guys I think the the idea of making a reproduction loaner cartridge and putting it on ebay is to maybe hopefully make someone believe they are getting the genuine article so the price for the sale will be high.. one question I have is where are these home brew people getting the plastic to make the cartridge ? is there special companies that are making the blank cartridges for home brew makers ?? are they using opening old cartridges and putting new computer chips in there ???
  4. Hi Guys thanks for all the feedback.. Yes as I in my original post, the seller of the auction stated the ebay auction is a reproduction of a old loaner loaner cartridge. To me as a new collector, it looks exactly like an original, so as a new collector,, i want to be able to spot any differences that will help me as a buyer, to try to spot any fakes or reproductions so I dont get ripped off. Hope you guys dont mind if I pose questions and pictures of items that I need help identifying and things of this nature.. just trying to get some rare items and want to make sure they are originals.
  5. Hi Guys thanks for the comments.. since I am a new collector and new to these forums.. i might ask a few stupid questions just trying to get some nice real rare cartridges and dont want to be tricked .. please excuse any dumb questions i might ask
  6. Hi Guys I am looking at this ebay auction for a prototype reproduction Atari 2600 cartridge. The seller claims this is a reproduction prototype and not a real one from the 1970's and 80's. The thing is if this is a reproduction, how can you identify it from a real prototype, because it looks almost perfect even down to the old dirty label.... It seems it is almost impossible to tell if they are making reproductions almost perfect. Dont want to ever be ripped off If I can get a real prototype at a good price. The link to the ebay auction is here http://www.ebay.com/itm/112338204753?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Any comments are appreciated.. thanks guys.. John
  7. Hi Tempest I am new here and did not know where to post this type of question. I just started collecting for the Atari and did notice that people are selling repos and trying to pass the off as the original. For example,, i have read online that the Pepsi Invaders game that was made has no label or box made for it but I have seen people on Ebay trying to sell them as originals for a large sum of money. So hard to tell what is an original and what was a professional reproduction. I just googled images for Pepsi Invaders and look at what i have come up with .. even Prototype cartridges.. one looks fake because of the squared label.. Since i am a newbie collector, i dont want to be fleeced by an ebay scammer selling repos as the genuine article. thanks for helping out guys John
  8. HI Guys Does this loaner cartridge look like a fake or perhaps it is a genuine article ? can not tell myself because people seem to be producing repo cartridges and trying to sell them as originals . Any response would be appreciated.. thanks John
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