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  1. Everyone talks about the NES in the US but it was released in Japan in 1983 and nothing could touch it for years. The sega master system came out in 1985 but no one in Japan cares about its amazing graphics because the famicom was already established as the dominant player. Nintendos foresight to allow mappers to be easily implemented through cartridges kept the console relevant for a long time. My first system was the 7800 but I was 6 and had no clue that I did anything but play 2600 games. I almost think the backwards compatibility hurt the 7800 because it confuses kids as to what games played on it. I bought Mario bros, Pac-Man jr, skateboardin’, real sports football at toys r us and loved them in 1986 even though they were 2600 games. Once I got the NES I put the 7800 for a while.
  2. I know that coleco had the rights back in 82 and made the Gemini and 2600 add on for the colecovision so they were basically designing games for systems they produced. The 7800 versions didn’t come out until 1988 so by then the 5200 had been discontinued for a long time. I think Atari somehow used their rights to the computer versions to be able to publish the 7800 versions.
  3. Thanks! I loaded the 3 rom files (including the updated boot1.rom) into the games/coco3 folder and Istill just get a purple screen with “@“ signs full screen. I have the 128 meg expansion so not sure why it won’t load ip.
  4. I was about 6 or 7 when we bought the 7800 in 1986 to replace the sears arcade ii that no longer worked. I was too young to understand the difference between the 2600 and 7800 especially because the packaging looked so similar so I only had Pole Position II for the 7800. I bought Mario Bros, Realsports football, pacman jr, and skate boardin' for 2600 thinking these were new games for the 7800 and had a lot of fun with them. I got the NES the next year so never picked up another 7800 game during its retail life. If I could have gone back and done it all over again I would have bought Robotron and played the hell out of it with twin sticks. Food Fight and Galaga probably would have been the other early games I would have loved as a 7 year old.
  5. I haven’t gotten this to work yet. I’m guessing the issue is the boot i doe loaded isn’t correct as I get a black screen.
  6. I saw the swap joysticks option. I wonder why you would use that option?
  7. Great to hear I remember pitfall ii not running on the 2600 core. Super excited to try different palettes with the 7800.
  8. I just played this again this morning and it’s such an amazing port. With the sprite limits turned off this game is so close to the original. Has the member who created this done any other Tate mode projects? Also, Simone mentioned that there was a Tate port of Pac-Man for the nes as well. Does anyone know where the rom may be available for that?
  9. Thanks for posting. I couldnt get it to work on my dragonfly.
  10. Even after watching his video I still struggled a bit to figure out the setup. I ended up ordering the power adapter off of digikey and then everything ran smooth. I’ve only had a chance to play a few games including scrapyard dog, which id never played before, but so far this thing is totally worth the price to have the entire library plus home brews.
  11. I picked up a dual printed holder like the one in the pic above and it is amazing. This is the only time I ever use the pro lines is for this purpose and they work great for robotron. I’ve also used this with my mister fpga and got a couple db9 to usb connectors to play robotron for the 5200 and 8 but cores. I had read through the pages of posts comparing robotron to see which version played better and I have to say I have so no fun playing 7800 and 8 but versions. I’d have to give the edge to the 7800 but not by much.
  12. Here is my Serial Number from a 84 model which Crossbow A/V and S-video modded for me.
  13. Jesse svideo modded my recapped my 7800. He found an issue with the power switch due to water damage and ended up replacing all switches for a few dollars and no labor up charge. The picture looks so clean on an Im so happy my first ever console will work for years to come.
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