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  1. I used NiteLite and then switched to BBS Express Professional once I got tired of shoehorning modifications into NiteLite via BASIC XE. The Pro version of BBS Express isn't readily available, but the original BBS Express that Keith Ledbetter put out is freely available for use. Others I tried briefly included AMIS, FoReM, Carina, and Marsh System 2.
  2. Happy 4th to my fellow Americans here. Happy Thursday to all else. I've mentioned elsewhere that I came across a large lot of Atari hardware/software/etc. and in this are a bunch of manuals and system/language disks that I'd like to re-bundle as correctly as possible. However, due to the somewhat generic (to my eye, anyway) way Atari labeled some of these disks, I'm not able to make a guess as to what they came with. Is there a site somewhere that lists the bundles of manuals and software that came with each line of ST/TT/Falcon systems? I've done different searches online, but maybe I'm just not creative enough to figure out what might work best. Thanks! Greg
  3. I basically came across an estate sale worth of stuff. A guy "inherited" bunch of Atari hardware and software from a neighbor who passed away a few years ago. It's all been sitting in this guy's basement for years, so I have to do some work to get it all going again. However, the lot includes a TT030, two Falcons (one works OK, the other less-so), a 1040 STf and a 1040 STe (which is basically going to be a parts donor). Plus books, magazines, parts, boxed DTP and desktop environments. Went and picked all up on Memorial Day and am still sorting through it and cleaning stuff up. All for an obscenely low price of $450. Hoping to get a good MIDI machine put together out of all of this and with the help of mail order.
  4. You were able to get a 4-port motherboard from him? If so, I'll have to give him a call soon.
  5. I did a full-stop hibernation when I sold all my ST and 8-bit stuff in the summer of 1995 and got a Mac. I kept my Lynx, but that was about it until I received an 800XL and 1050 from a friend back in February. The list of the major items is still out there: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/15kaNT_thmg/o5Zv_6jnmbYJ I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm going back to that summer when I get a time machine to tell my 1995 self to at least hold on a few years until eBay gets rolling.
  6. Bumpity bump. I'd be happy if they put it out as an ATR. I had node #444 back in 1990. Even wrote some modules for it in Action! back then.
  7. Thanks for sharing these, Eric! I also ran a NiteLite BBS in the late 80's that I bought/transferred from a friend who was the original owner. I started playing with this when I suddenly remembered that there was a joystick port dongle that was needed to run the system on the Atari. Such a crafty one, that one.
  8. Oh, I sold all my stuff to someone who lived in Ohio. I lived in Austin, TX at the time. Sadly, it all went for pennies on the dollar. This was like two months before eBay started up (and three years before I joined it), so I just had to get it out of storage at that time. When I get a time machine, I'll go have a chat with me in 1995 and wisen myself up. Or at least back up my AMP2 diskettes. lol
  9. I had backup copies in my collection for a while, but ended up selling my entire Atari collection in 1995. So, some guy in Ohio definitely has them somewhere.
  10. Well then, here you go. I don't remember making others. Then again, I forgot about the Jethro Tull logo. haha GLKOALA.ATR
  11. "Still no luck finding any of the Music files you were asking about. I may have them but not named by the name you have given. And since the Music files are not identified by Author it is hard to find with out the Music to hear and put a name to." It just struck me that the Asia tune might be as well known as the other two since it was on their (underrated, imo) third album Astra:
  12. Holy smokes! I had forgotten all about that one! I took that from a sweatshirt a friend got for me when she saw them during the Under Wraps tour. Thanks for that! I'll add that to the ATR I make for The Doctor. And thanks for checking on the AMP 2 files for me. It would have been a lot easier if they had tags on them or something, but at the time, I didn't think of embedding my name in them somewhere.
  13. Nothing spectacular, but I'll share the jpeg screenshots I took. I can put them on an ATR file or something if you want the native format. (I'd just have to dig through my archives to find them again.) -Greg
  14. Oh, man. I usually only called long distance when I needed files from the support BBS for Express Pro!. I watched that as closely as I watched my time on the pay services!
  15. Like I said above, there are a few dozen that made it into PD collections. Aside from GEnie and Compuserve, I usually uploaded them to BBSes when I needed to establish my upload/download ration. (heehee) If I had been thinking, I would have contributed them to the AAAUA in San Antonio at the time. The few Koala Pad pics I made have shown up in PD collections, so I still have hope that some club archived the AMP files as well!
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