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  1. Saw the book in B&N a couple of weeks ago... it's really lovely. I'm strongly hoping it ends up under the Christmas tree.
  2. Somehow my saved search with email alerts looking for this cart didn't show it to me, darnit!
  3. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 151557595947 Anybody know what games are on this/are they real from something or modern made-for-this crap? A quick google didn't make it clear.
  4. Just was working on updating my list... 394, though I need to go back and do a physical-to-list comparison again as I think there may be a few things I've missed. Everything that's a major variation is counted in that, so Atari text, Atari pic, Sears text, and Sears pic are all included in the total.
  5. I posted a different thread about this but no one had it... hoping someone will notice in this thread that has them... looking for a picture of the labels that came with these!
  6. There's not a pic of the labels in there, unfortunately.
  7. Has somebody got a picture of the labels that came with the brown Atari cartridge binders? For some reason I can't find one, though I know I've seen one, and I really need to know for sure what they looked like. Thanks!! (Oh, and sorry for my extremely long absence. )
  8. I'd been wondering about all his auctions because of the repros being passed off as real... will be interesting to see what comes of it.
  9. Nothing could actually be as bad as E.T. is claimed to be. And it's actually not even close... I remember the day I bought it, not long after it came out. The woman at the store said, in a very "it's-bad-but-I-want-you-to-buy-this-anyway" tone, "it's a challenging little game". I took it home, was briefly frustrated, then figured out what was going on and have enjoyed it ever since.
  10. Hey, look, I'm actually here.

  11. Hmmn, that's definitely way more than I expected... will be interesting to see if it shows up again or if it's really going for that.
  12. That's really cool... yes, ROB is kind of useless, but it's nice to see him being useless with an Atari.
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