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  1. Hi there, You have to destroy 64 objects to advance to level 2. If you are comfortable with 6502ASM then take a look at my disassembly for Turmoil for the 2600. It may help answer other questions.
  2. Every reply to this thread has me hoping it’s Kurt to say he is actually alive and well. My heart sinks again with every reply that is not him. It’s time for me to face reality. He will be missed here…by his other family. 😞
  3. Thank you. Updated again...and my Stella has been modified for "PAL color-loss". I guess I could have added the action button hack code if I modified the source for PAL60.
  4. Thank you. I've updated the code to assemble with the newest DASM. Thank you. I've updated my DASM. Now I need to update all my source files so they assemble with this release.
  5. Hi there, Here is another one by the Workstead Design group. This one is credited to Henry Will, IV. I've including switches to build NTSC, PAL50, and PAL60 versions. I did not include my code for the action button hack in this listing to try to keep it "pure". Enjoy Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
  6. Thanks, now I'm curious. I hadn't looked that closely at Dig-Dug before. Each "chunk" looks to take 12 scanlines (horizontally) and there are 11 vertical tunnel options. Wouldn't that account for 132 bits or ~17 bytes of RAM? That would leave, neglecting the stack, 111 bytes of the stock 128 bytes of RAM. That seems like enough left over RAM for game variables. I must be missing something. Anyone look closer into this to see why they used a SARA chip? Maybe my observation is off.
  7. What game is that in your screenshot? Is that what a NTSC game looks like on a PAL50 display? Guess I wouldn't have expected it to look like that.
  8. As an "old" homebrew author, I prefer to build with PAL50 in mind. I like the control fractional positioning provides. Ideally, I'd like to truly consider PAL50 with the increased vertical resolution (instead of fitting a smaller NTSC frame within a PAL50 frame) and sound changes. Those would take more effort but would make for a better end result, IMO. There were some titles in the 80s that did this. Air-Sea Battle and Video Pinball come to mind. There have been a couple of threads here on AA about this subject. I believe the majority of those in the PAL regions answering the poll didn't mind PAL60 releases because the majority of their televisions supported it. I believe these results combined with the sale comparisons between PAL50 and PAL60 in the AA store probably drove authors to not take the extra effort to do PAL50 releases. Thank you for your post and feedback. I welcome it. It helps to make our products better for everyone.
  9. Hi Matt, Nothing hidden like in Mouse Trap. I do see you score 400 points for super jumps and 300 points for regular jumps. This wasn't documented in the manual but you can see it when you play the game too. Henry also does a form of .skipDraw to draw the Smurf sprites.
  10. Hi there, What was the issue and how did you solve it?
  11. *** Updated *** Thank you @Gallospacca for this thread. Archive updated with PAL50 and PAL60 versions of this hack. Hi there, I've been reverse engineering Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle. This is because it was done by Henry Will, IV and I had been looking at his other projects lately. I've heard the dislike of pushing up on the joystick to jump. I believe I remember reading this on usenet but it was also heard in the feedback comments on Ferg's 2600 Game by Game Podcast. Reading Henry's development notebook about this project, he states Coleco didn't want to use the fire button to jump because it would have made the game too close to Donkey Kong. Anyway, here is a hack to allow you to use the fire button to jump. I did a search for this hack prior and turned up nothing. If someone has done this already then...sorry...and no time lost for me. It was fun in my own fun way to do it. The first BANK was kind of full so I had to optimize some areas. That wasn't too hard. There are a number of areas in the code that can be optimized. Tell me how this works. I tested it in Stella for ONE_PLAYER and it seems to work fine. Smurf - Rescue in Gargamel's Caster_ACTION_BUTTON_HACK.zip
  12. Hi there, I have been off and on working on this and Megamania for years. Hopefully I captured this okay. This was Steve Cartwright's third VCS game with Activision. It has been reported that he completed this in 6 weeks because Activision needed a release and the game they were planning to release was behind schedule. Plaque Attack Disassembly
  13. Hi Darrell, I have plans to move them. I wanted to go back through and clean them up a bit before moving them over. Just hadn't gotten to it yet.
  14. Hi there, Great to see this David! I'd ask / beg people with PAL machines to test the PAL60 on their machines. David would want to know if the NTSC and PAL colors are similar or close. We're assuming the speed would be the same since he is targeting PAL60 but any deviations you find would be greatly appreciated. Actually, having this tested on real hardware (NTSC or PAL60) would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi there, I have seen some very interesting and entertaining responses. Thank you for your insight. As I read the comments and thought more about it, would the term be more around the product? For example, my work would be considered homebrew because I produced unlicensed remakes? Would say an original IP or licensed IP then not be considered homebrew? Would an unlicensed product for a machine with lockout capabilities (that's not in the public domain) be considered homebrew because you bypass the lockout? Am I thinking too much into this Any case, I was curious on the term because...well...it seems the lines are blurring (to me).
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