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  1. Anybody want to put Pac man 8k on a cartridge and sell it to me?
  2. well like if i play a game that needs to be saved i just need that abiilty. I never had an atari computer back in the day and im not familiar with the way the original drives worked I just know its not the same as commodore
  3. S drive max sounds like the right one thanks!
  4. Hi I have the Ultimate cartridge which is fine in that it lets me play roms on my 800 xls. But the thing that is annoying is I can't store anything on it. I just want to be able to save some basic programs and game files. I don't want to use old drives. What is the best solution?
  5. I have it on the intellivision the 64 version is the same but with tighter graphics.
  6. Just curious if anybody ever tried to make Demon attack like it is on the Commodore 64? With different backgrounds and a boss battle
  7. Nice system yes the Ultimate cart is a must!
  8. Can anybody guess why i can't see the fullscreen
  9. it plays fine but the top and bottom are cut off on my crt i use.
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