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  1. Please put me down for two printhead replacements and one ink roller. And, thank you for doing this. Michael
  2. Wow. great job! I've been watching this with high hopes. I would also like to get two of these. (didn't know if this was turning into an order string) Thanks, Michael
  3. That's all good news to me. I have a UNO cart on the way in the next run... Michael
  4. I received my ultimate cart! Wow. This thing is fantastic. I'm really glad that I ordered the glow in the dark case. I have a nube question to ask though. When I load .atr files onto it they don't show up in the directory. If I put the .atr files into folders, the folder will show up in the directory but when I open the folder, no game file labels are there. Am I doing something wrong? thanks, Michael
  5. Thank you so much. It sounds like the STE is the one to mod.
  6. Great thread. I had the same question. I have a 1040STE that I need to do a mouse port repair on (mouse doesn't work) as well as a 520STFM and a closet full of 1040STF systems. So, specifically, do I NOT need a 4meg module upgrade such as the Marpet with the STE? I want to put all of my upgrades into one of my systems, which will include a RAM upgrade for my purposes and was having trouble figuring out which one to choose. All are very clean and work great with the one port exception. Thanks, Michael
  7. Hey Bryan, Grats on the new digs! I'm in the same situation with a new home and a list of repairs... keep a lip upper stiff! It all gets better. Please put me down for two "plug-in" from the next run, when you get the chance. Thanks, Michael
  8. I assume that no response means that this is no longer available... that's too bad. I would really have liked to have gotten one of these devices... Michael
  9. Please put me down for one (cased) in the next run. This looks awesome!
  10. I just ordered mine! Thank you very much for the recommendation!! I purchased a supposed "manufacturer reconditioned" NEC Display Solutions 1970NX-R which was awesome because it was listed as "Beige", WHAT A FIND! Well, what I received was a Dark Blue NEC MultiSync 1970NX with crazing around the screen bezel like what you would find from blunt impact. It wasn't bagged or shipped in the retail package so it's likely handling damage. After about ten emails back and forth with their "Customer Service" outsource I have decided to keep it, not worth using the RMA that they finally sent to me since they would never even answer the question as to whether or not they ever even had the monitor that they had listed. BEWARE NewEgg!!! Many have recommended the NEC 1970VX in past threads. Is there any difference between the VX and the NX that will effect the connection with this cable? Thanks, Michael
  11. Wow! That's exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much! Michael
  12. Can anyone tell me where I can find a UltraSatan for my ST 1040ST? I see nothing for sale on eBay. Thanks! Michael
  13. I just got a 1040STFM and am still learning what to do with it. On the second link it looks like there are a whole lot of downloads (french?) to get and use. I realize that most people on these forums are very computer literate but this is ALL new to me. I had a 520ST when I was a kid which I just played games on. Now I would like to get into every aspect of the ST (tech, upgrades/ current tech, game management etc.) What do I do to make use of these?
  14. Does anyone know if these are still available? As usual I'm very late to the thread but would really like to get one of these....
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