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  1. It's been a while, but I have been in communication with @ChuckTeed since this topic was started and have acquired his 2 Intel D27128A-2 EPROM's in question to read out and satisfy my curiosity. Well, its somewhat anticlimactic - the one with a blank label has date code 8813 (Week 13 1988) and is indeed blank - all FF's, and a blank check in the minipro confirms. The one labelled "AR654" has code, but I am unable to identify what it might be. It is not an Atari OS, nor an executable 16K atari cartridge ROM. The only string of recognizable text is near the end of the ROM: "CAXWIRQ" but it seems it might be from a system that uses 32-bit words, with some odd big-endian byte swapping going on because what looks like a sequential sweep through letters and numbers looks like this "89;:?><=67541023$%'&#" !*+)(-,./pqsrwvtu~.}|yxz{lmonkjhibca`edfg"... Anyhow, curious if anyone else has any ideas of what this ROM might be... Edit: now attached AR654.BIN
  2. I'd support a project like this. Another option to consider is (eventually...) the Co-power 88 add-on with 8088/MS-DOS compatibility. Maybe eventually integrate into the same PCB.. /dreaming
  3. Here is my "every day" sparta autoexec.bat if any of my settings help to start for reference: SET SCRDEF=12,2,0,0 ; Set background to dark grey, with left column at 0, and always default to this when entering CMD SET PATH=CAR:,D5:>x32F> ; look in CAR: and D5:>x32F> for commands typed without a path SET PROMPT=$N$P> ; Set prompt to display current drive & path INDUS.SYS 1 ; If a happy drive is on D1:, enable fast writes (to workaround write corruption bug) - takes no RAM, ; ... if an INDUS GT drive is on D1:, upload syncromesh code for ultraspeed-like operation TD ON ; Display TDLINE RAMDISK.SYS 9 ; Setup Ramdisk on D9: using all available free banks except for 4 XE banks QUICKED.SYS ; Faster E: / S: Handler included with SDX CLS ; Clear screen VER ; clean slate with version info printed at top of screen Many of these could go into config.sys, but on a non-U1MB system, config.sys is not parsed from the boot drive and is a lot more work to modify on the CAR: ROM, but autoexec.bat so that's where I stuck them.
  4. You have no ramdisk. SDX defaults to create a BASIC.SAV or CAR.SAV in whatever your default RAMDISK is.... You can add this to your config.sys or autoexec.bat to automatically use all extended RAM banks except the 4 XE banks as a RAMDISK on D9: RAMDISK.SYS 9 Make it use ALL available banks: RAMDISK.SYS 9,99 Make it use only 5 banks: RAMDISK.SYS 9,5 you can also type that on the command prompt directly... Or if you have no extended RAM, a ramdisk is not an option, so you can direct them elsewhere like your memory card disk partitions in config.sys, or autoexec.bat, or explicitly from the command prompt. This also has the advantage of your mem.sav's persisting power cycles: SET CAR=D5:CAR.SAV SET BASIC=D8:BASIC.SAV
  5. Have you tried swapping the mech itself into the working drive? To confirm if the mech itself is good. Careful to make sure the WDC controller goes back with the original PCB, as each 1050 motherboard is calibrated to each chip... may cause read/write reliability issues otherwise, especially in MFM modes (enhanced/double density)
  6. The motor is definitely 12VDC. You may be confusing the power requirement because of the 9VAC power supply. The drive circuitry derives 5VDC and 12VDC internally from that. The motor will technically operate with higher/lower voltages than 12V, but the speed will vary. The drive uses the tachometer output to adjust the voltage/RPM dynamically.
  7. It's highly likely someone here has a dead mech from a 1050 that this part could be stripped from... In the mean time, I did spot a few around: Quick finds on ebay are pricey: COPAL LC-177J - https://www.ebay.com/itm/202993025681 ($15+35 USD) COPAL LC-177P - https://www.ebay.com/itm/350618532123 ($30+15 USD) This one seems to be a good bet: LC-177 Stepper Motor 12V DC 5400rpm - https://hcess.ca/product/lc-177-stepper-motor-12v-dc-5400rpm/ - $9.99 canadian I wonder what the last letter designates...
  8. 1200XL uses same 9VAC power supplies as 400, 800, 810, 1050, etc. The problem with the "ingot" is that they are known to fail not just undervolting, but outputting 9-12V AC, which has fried untold numbers of XL/XE machines that have no internal protection against this. 🤪 RAM is the first to go, then if you're unlucky maybe other IC's...
  9. Nice work! It is indeed nice to power the Atari from a modern compact, cool power supply. The danger of using a 5-pin DIN is the possibility of accidentally plugging it into the monitor jack. 7-pin DIN's are readily found on ebay. Usually 3 pins are connected to each of the +5vdc / GND to help improve conductivity through all 3, as the original power supplies had nice fat AWG cable with little impedance compared to USB cords nowadays. It's really only 1 power supply that was notorious - the "ingot" . Most (all?) of the others are still quite reliable and servicable being simple transformers with conventional voltage regulators - only downside being their bulk and relative inefficiency. Most of them will technically produce smoother DC power than modern switching supplies.
  10. In a pinch, I hook up a floppy drive on D1: with a a sparta formatted disk containing an alternate config.sys to do this.
  11. Instead of a SCSI or IDE interface over PBI, I'd like to see that replaced with a drive or drive image ATR mounted over ethernet. Ie PBI2PC instead of SIO2PC Maybe like a future PBI version of Fujinet, since it's software foundation is pretty remarkable as far as peripheral emulation and disk emulation goes. No more need for an intermediary flash card or PC running software like RespeQt. Just have it access your same centralized fileshares/atr repository and networked peripherals directly. /dreaming
  12. Never had a BlackBox, but I feel the same way about my ICD 1MB MIO. It was a killer upgrade at the time and it could compete with the ST and early PC's as far as RAM & Disk specs went! I went for a couple years in the late 90's while by BBS was still running on it without ever using a floppy drive. Backing up was just too laborious to floppy, so got a second hard drive I'd occasionally connect for an evening for a disk-swap free backup session. Last time i actively used it is when I pulled it out a few years ago to archive everything on my 40MB hard drive to ATR's via SIO2PC-USB... Was a delight to feel the full height 5.25" hard drive access shaking the table again.
  13. That's a very clever place to hide some additional connection ports! Will keep that in mind.
  14. Awesome! Out of curiosity, it might be interesting to see if by chance the "bad" CPU might happen to still work in your 800XL...
  15. Omniview replacement OS ROM also provided a software 80 columns S:/E: handler. (uses a Gr. 8 style screen) There was a special patched AtariWriter+ for Omniview on XE's that put the 8KB screen into extended RAM using separate Antic banking. it's one of only a handful of programs (~5?) To ever use the 130XE style separate antic banking. With that said, I would be interested in 1 or 2 variants of the cart to play with...
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