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Former sysop of The Last Hope BBS, BBS Express Pro! Node #244. I recently exhumed the hardware after 17 years and after bypassing the blown power supply in the HD enclosure all still works! 4 Switchable OS, 320XE, 1MB MIO, Adaptec 4000A, NEC 43MB HDD, and a Backup Full-height 40MB Seagate 5.25 drive.

After all these years of newer computers coming and going including ST, STe, MegaSTe, 486, Pentiums, etc... I kept the Atari 8-Bit stuff!




Need an EPROM programmed? I'd be happy to program the following types and mail it to you. Just PM me and we can work out the details.


  • 2532
  • 2732 - 1050 ROM
  • 2764 - XL/XE BASIC ROM with adapter, XF551 ROM
  • 27128 - XL/XE OS ROM, Drop-in replacement
  • 27256 - XEGS OS ROM, Drop-in replacement after socketing, 2-in-1 XL/XE OS with an OS Switcher adapter
  • 27512 - 4-in-1 XL/XE OS with an OS Switcher adapter
  • AM29F040 - AtariMax 32-in-1 OS EEPROM
  • Other types just ask, I might have to check programmer compatibility and the chips
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