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  1. If anyone wondered about the colors of the sticker. Left: WB. Right: a young tomato.
  2. @_The Doctor__ "politically correct" is only the cover of one of the versions (such a joke) version 2 - better graphics, easier game version 1 - "worse" graphics, more difficult gameplay It's worth playing both versions, if only for the sake of comparison
  3. Small update. There is already a translation into Russian. In the attachment and on the Russian-speaking forum. Thanks for the translation MaxOK (Maksim Sych): Уже есть перевод на русский язык. Во вложении и на русскоязычном форуме. Спасибо за перевод MaxOK (Maksim Sych): c l i c k And two new photos. Barnaba ( atarionline.pl forum) 27120 - Fred I solaris104 ( OldComp.cz forum) 1810 - Fred II eng_ru.odt
  4. Czech translation is now available (thanks to Solaris104 & PG). In Attachment. Also in the attachment is a corrected English translation (thanks to GRooBY). The Czech version has been published on the Czech forum, I invite everyone who speaks this language: Česká verze byla zveřejněna na českém fóru, zvou všechny, kteří mluví tímto jazykem: click – oldcomp.cz Mr. GRooBY has recorded a game longplay with comments in English. Perfect for 3-4 beers. I invite everyone Click to YT if you have beer and snacks eng_cz.odt
  5. 30 years have passed since the first international release of Fred, in my opinion it's time for a competition The rules are very simple. Long story short: 1. Play the game Fred and take a PHOTO of your record. Yes, it's about a point record. No cheats or improvements. The result will not have any impact on a possible win, it serves only the possibility of comparing yourself to others. 2. The photo must include: a screen with the result, the original edition of the game on a cassette / floppy or an interesting unofficial (pirates?) edition on a cartridge and the equipment you played with, i.e. the so-called joystick (emulators are not taking part). 3. Final? 28.08.2021, which is almost on the name day of Mr. Fred Anyway, it's Saturday and every Saturday is OK. Sample photo (with my record): And here the more impatient persons can start playing and the more patient ones can (but do not have to) read on. 4. In addition to inserting a photo on the forum, you can send me an email with the name of the forum and nick to the address ccwrcltd [at] gmail.com Communication in the forum can be unreliable at times, I would rather be able to have some contact with a possible winner. 5. Awards? They will be cheap and there will be two. One for the person who puts the coolest photo (according to my subjective feelings), the other will be randomly selected among the other record holders. What will the rewards be? I do not know yet, possible sponsors of additional prizes are welcome;) The prizes will also be revealed on 28.08.2021 6. I guess that's it. I wish you a lot of fun Below are some of my loose comments and screenshots. Basic differences in the starting boards of subsequent levels. Part I, level 1 c l i c k Part II, level 1 c l i c k Part I, level 2 c l i c k Part II, level 2 c l i c k Part I, level 3 c l i c k Part II, level 3 c l i c k Part I, level 4 c l i c k Part II, level 4 c l i c k Part I, level 5 c l i c k Part II, level 5 c l i c k Part I, level 6 c l i c k Part II, level 6 c l i c k Part I, level 7 c l i c k Part II, level 7 c l i c k Part I, level 8 c l i c k Part II, level 8 c l i c k Part I, level 9 c l i c k Part II, level 9 c l i c k Part I, level 10 c l i c k Part II, level 10 c l i c k Why is this production so phenomenal? It's for everyone. In the early 90's, even a person who hadn't seen games (computers games) before could walk around in a caveman and see the ending after a while. Walking (yes, walking) in 10 lands is a pleasure. Each level is different, the system of bonuses (breaking a jug with a stone) is fantastic, we know at any moment how much we have left to the end of the game. To this day, it is surprising to me that in a modest 64kB (without having to loading levels!) it was possible to fit such a diverse and pleasant entertainment. The first part was released in 1990 with the game Mission (on one tape). Some time later a facelift was carried out and in 1991 the platformer Fred was released in foreign (for me) countries completely independently. For example, in the UK, from an overgrown prehistoric tough guy, Fred took the form of a slouch/ninny (which partly explains the low sales in this country and I am not surprised - political correctness can kill anything that is genuine or exceptional). Fred in the UK version with a beer belly and tits inside: c l i c k If you have photos of the first editions (or any other) - show them in the thread. In Poland, the facelift version was officially released under the title Fred II and it is even included on the cover: c l i c k By the way, it is explained what I mean by a good, unofficial (pirated ?!) release on a cartridge. Both parts can be very different, an example from one of the levels, a twin board: Fred I c l i c k Fred II c l i c k Explosion look, part 1: c l i c k Explosion look, part 2: is pixel-perfect: c l i c k One of the end boards, part I: c l i c k One of the end boards, part II: c l i c k Extra Life in Part II: c l i c k And here is my problem. I did not find an extra life in part I. I associate from the past that the extra life in 1 looks the same as in Robbo, but it could also be a symptom of mental illness. I need any confirmation in the form of a screenshot. Loose remarks promised earlier; - on a 14" CRT the game seems to be in 2 or 3 times higher resolution. It looks amazing, - the first part is definitely more difficult. Jumping requires greater precision and the margin of error when hitting prehistoric reptiles is smaller. The very styling of the levels in the second part suggests rather laymen as the target group. It can be seen in the video as one of the beginners goes through part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzRXNVfLYYY The gentleman with the nickname GrooBY can be persuaded to record the English version from part I. You have to add some comments under his film on his channel - the game has 3 different endings depending on the version. Maybe more, but I saw three with my own eyes, - in part I the stones are 4 pixels, part II already has its real graphic gems. The same goes for explosion looks, - only in the second part you can smash the jug with a stone at close range. In Part I, this is only possible with a spray, - in part I the character does not flash, it was introduced in part II with an active shield or in case your fur/hair is are at risk, - there are 8 items slots. In part II (the one for sclerotics unable to count), for ease of use, empty spaces are marked with dots, - one pile of stones is exactly 10, - in part I the default weapon is spray (at least in the version I played, but generally it depends on the version: original / broken or pirate copy), - Fred's seemingly slow walk (on 14 "TV, on 20" runs pretty fast) is a deliberate procedure, not hardware limitations. as can be seen in later levels, the environment turns on turbo mode: lazy crabs can be faster than your stones, - frogs (they croak, for real!). The worst nightmare. They are too low to spray kill properly, they are too small to accurately target the stone. And they have absolutely brilliant animation. In no other little Atari game does the frog look so real (and terrifying) or be as deadly endearing as this one, - the maximum number of lives displayed is 7, but there may be more. Every 8,000 points in Part II or 4,000 in Part One is an additional caveman, - depending on what we collect from the jug, the sound is extremely different (it is worth turning off the music in part II with the "option" button), e.g. collecting a shoe / magic sock is a scraping sound and the lack of a magic sock in the water is a gurgling sound and additional bubble animation, - levels in part I are numbered from 0, in part II from 1, - Mario Bros (any) is just a poor and cheap fake. He can't even climb lianas, not to mention throwing advanced medium-range weapons, - milestones. Part II on the bar has additional pixels: they mark the place where we will start after using our last life or pressing the Esc key. For persons who have reached this part of the text, examples of tape loaders: Part II published by Zeppelin Games: c l i c k Part II released in Poland (version from Retronics has an identical loader): c l i c k Part I (Yes, Part II from Zeppelin also has this loader): c l i c k For the curious: Part I loader has "Fred....". What were the 4 dots for? Everyone who load the Mission on the other side of the cassette knows this. The loader then displayed "Mission..." - that is 3 dots. It turns out that the number of characters had to be constant and the dots are just a fill. And finally, the first edition of Fred. The insert / cover was done the same as the first issue of Robbo, i.e. on photographic paper (yes, this is a regular photo used as an insert for the original issue). c l i c k 1 c l i c k 2 c l i c k 3 c l i c k 4 c l i c k 5 P.S. by posting a photo in this thread you consent to its publication on other Atari forums. P.S.2 Missing the original of the game? No problem, Retronics sells them to this day (both regular and collector's versions): c l i c k P.S.3 Link to the forum where the competition was first published: c l i c k
  6. Last few color experiments - let this be a help for others. Choplifter! XEGS old gold style Road Race Classic sepia Stellar Shuttle Light violet Dark violet for comparison in a light gray case Airball XEGS old gold Archon XEGS old gold orange sticker
  7. Recent experiments. Frogger: light green PCB. Commando: black PCB. RR: light-gray case. It turned out well Frogger menu:
  8. A few more pics. Very limited cartridge: Great Green Adventure. Details on another forum: http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16286 There were two versions of the PCB's. Light and dark green. Due to the colors of the sticker, I chose the darker version (left side). Perhaps an unnecessary detail. Colored edge after cut. Final effect.
  9. Mission & Fred - finally complete Screaming Wings & friends
  10. Another fun with the dark version - dark Robbo With dark menu:
  11. 'Army of Darkness' Fred: black-green label, black case, green PCB Star Riders: black label, black case, black PCB
  12. Blacked PCB -> multicolor label. Pandemia times -> diagnostic cartridge.
  13. Recent experiments: Black label -> black PCB Gray border:
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