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  1. New, detailed photo, post #174: https://tinyurl.com/obudowy-xegs
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    My worker finger And lucky number: 499999
  3. A short summary of the competition in oryginal topic: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4267&page=2#Comment_102540 Mention of the issue on the atarionline website: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1536316232&archive=&start_from=0&ucat=1&ct=nowinki
  4. Nine months after the end of the competition (in due time) a cassette version of Laura was born. A version for stubborn and conservative collectors, titled "New Adventures of Laura": - 16 brand new, weird levels (authors listed on the inside of the cover), - a system of codes to each level, - without intro, but on a casette that can be started after just 15 minutes (or later?), - english language version, - only 128kB RAM required , that is Atari 130XE Orders to the following address: zamowienia (at) retronics.eu 60zł (19$?) plus cost of delivery is enough to become the owner of the casette. There's no need to hurry, there are about 20 casettes. Cassette label: https://images86.fotosik.pl/557/94f3f18fa6cf44ab.jpg
  5. Deadline for submission of works/levels changed to 29.12.2017 (final). @baktra @devwebcl Wait for author
  6. Is it possible to edit topic in this forum instead of replying again? Promised basic translation: Laura konstruktor -> Laura construction kit ETAPY -> LEVELS OSTATNI -> LAST ŚWIAT GRY -> THE WORLD GAME zmiana nie wpływa na ustawienia kolorów -> the change does not affect the color settings KOLORY -> COLORS klucze -> keys bomby -> bombs maski i etap -> masks and level energia i pkt. -> energy and points grunt -> ground twarz -> face ubranie -> cloth woda -> water tło (ramka) -> background (frame) panel -> panel Ustaw standardowe kolory danego świata -> Set the standard colors of the current world Blokuj kolory -> block colors INFO -> INFORMATION Czy jest Laura? -> Is Laura present? Czy jest wyjście? -> Is there an exit? Maski na ekranie -> Masks on the screen Klucze -> Keys Drzwi -> Door Bomby -> Bombs Pułapki -> Trap Magiczny przedmiot -> Magical item Czyść etap -> Clear the level TEKST POWITANIA ETAPU (32 LITERY ORAZ ZNAKI: .,!,?) -> LEVEL GREETING TEXT (32 LETTERS AND SIGNS:.,!,?) OPIS POMOCNICZY ETAPU -> (additional) DESCRIPTION OF THE STAGE (max. 64 characters, not included in game) PPMyszki -> Right mouse button (Right mouse button configuration switch) pipeta -> pipette gumka -> eraser BUFOR -> BUFFER (the currently selected bricks/blocks) Bricks/blocks for creating game (graphic icons with hints): NIC -> NOTHING ZIEMIA -> EARTH (ground) PUŁAPKA -> TRAP ŚLAD -> TRACE (after Laura) GLINIANE NACZYNIE -> CLAY VESSEL (container) MUREK PIONOWY NIEZNISZCZALNY -> INDESTRUCTIBLE VERTICAL WALL MUREK POZIOMY NIEZNISZCZALNY -> INDESTRUCTIBLE HORIZONTAL WALL MUREK KRUCHY -> FRAGILE WALL (destructible) ZAROŚLA -> THICKET WYJŚCIE -> EXIT (one on level) DRZWI -> DOOR WODA -> WATER KLUCZ -> KEY BOMBA -> BOMB SKRZYNIA -> BOX FIOLKA Z ELIKSIREM -> VIAL WITH ELIXIR BLOK -> BLOCK PROMIENNIK -> FIERY SHOT PROMIEŃ W LEWO -> LASER - TARGET LEFT PROMIEŃ W PRAWO -> LASER - TARGET RIGHT PROMIEŃ W GÓRĘ -> LASER - TARGET TOP PROMIEŃ W DÓŁ -> LASER - TARGET BOTTOM MASKA -> MASK ODPALONA BOMBA -> BOMB WITH FIRE LIGHT DUCH -> GHOST STWOREK -> CREATURE STWÓR W LEWO -> CREATURE DIRECTION LEFT STWÓR W PRAWO -> CREATURE DIRECTION RIGHT STRAŻNIK IDĄCY W DÓŁ -> GUARD DIRECTION BOTTOM STRAŻNIK IDĄCY W GÓRĘ -> GUARD DIRECTION TOP MONETA -> COIN OGIEŃ -> FIRE TROPICIEL IDĄCY W LEWO -> PATHFINDER DIRECTION LEFT TROPICIEL IDĄCY W PRAWO -> PATHFINDER DIRECTION RIGHT TROPICIEL IDĄCY W GÓRA -> PATHFINDER DIRECTION TOP TROPICIEL IDĄCY W DÓŁ -> PATHFINDER DIRECTION BOTTOM MIOTNIK -> SHOT MIOTACZ -> LAUNCHER PLUJKA -> ANOTHER LAUNCHER BAGNO -> SWAMP MAGICZNY PRZEDMIOT -> MAGICAL ITEM MASZYNA -> MACHINE POCHODNIA -> TORCH LAURA -> MAIN CHARACTER IN THE GAME
  7. Do you know the Laura? If i do not invite you: LINK - Laura - Atari 8-bit game There' a little, coy project to make a cassette version of "Laura" (indeed, it's not a misprint -a version for collectors in the amount of 50 copies) for Atari 130XE or wicked computers with extra memory. However...It's not supposed to be a version with standard levels but a version where at least some of the boards will be created by users (between 1 and 32). Each user whose board gets qualified will be mentioned on the inside of the cover and will have the priority to order and get the unique cassette to their collection on the shelf. What's more, after the purchase the user will get a file made for the emulator, so that you don't need to use the cassette for it Ultimately, the file for the emulator will be available to everyone for free, but much later. Boards created by users will be enter a "contest" (i do not know what to call it) and the best will be chosen by Mr Larek, the author himself. If only one board enters the contest, it will be won automatically by the user How to create levels? use a programme called "Laura konstruktor". Instructions and the programme itself can be downloaded here: LINK - Laura konstruktor manual Translation - i will try to put tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. LINK - install Laura konstruktor LINK - Laura - description and system requirements How to save the level when it's ready? Laura Konstruktor has a button called „Zapis etapu jako…” (save level as...). how to send the levels to the author? Do not send them to the author by mail, his mail box will be full soon. Put them here (open-access folder): LINK - levels to the contest Icon "Dodaj plik". how to save the boards on a server? 1. Create a folder titled username_forumName_levelNumber (level number if more than one board), eg. ccwrc_atarionline_1 LINK - model to be downloaded (just click green "pobierz") Model/pattern it is also included in this topic. 2. Copy the level into the created file and (VERY IMPORTANT) completed file INFO.txt, which is in the model. In the file username_forumName_levelNumber.zip INFO.txt there should be approximate difficulty level and information on how to get to the next level (for future tests). 3. Zipped folder (.zip) should be sent here: LINK - levels to the contest click on the icon "Dodaj plik" and choose the file fom disc (or mail me: ccwrcltd[at]gmail.com). When is the deadline? Boards can be sent until 31.10.2017. (the date may change) mini-FAQ - problems? post here or in atarionline topic: LINK - oryginal topic - problem with upload file? mail me: ccwrcltd[at]gmail.com - the edition (if any) will be in English language.
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