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  1. Mission & Fred - finally complete Screaming Wings & friends
  2. Another fun with the dark version - dark Robbo With dark menu:
  3. 'Army of Darkness' Fred: black-green label, black case, green PCB Star Riders: black label, black case, black PCB
  4. Blacked PCB -> multicolor label. Pandemia times -> diagnostic cartridge.
  5. Recent experiments: Black label -> black PCB Gray border:
  6. We are sitting at home. And we get strange ideas Green label -> green PCB
  7. @Sikor A good idea... It has occurred to me before.
  8. Everything can be done I plan: light gray sikor case + green label + green pcb. I can't wait for the end result
  9. I can't edit the post above, so I'm adding some more photos in the new one. Blue label -> blue PCB
  10. New, detailed photo, post #174: https://tinyurl.com/obudowy-xegs
  11. ccwrc

    XMAS AVGCART Giveaway

    My worker finger And lucky number: 499999
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