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  1. It is actually "Mq Workshop" screen:-) I think it is issue with your particular setup. I tested 1.03 update on about ten cartridges. I'm testing ready cartridges on two machines. First one is Atari 65XE PAL with 1MB SIMMexp, and two systems: original XLOS and QMEG. Second machine is Atari 65XE NTSC in original stock configuration. Can you try the cartridge on any other machine?
  2. Yes, you can buy a physical copy of FloB on cartridge. I just sent you a private message.
  3. @swlovinist Thanks, and thanks for the unpacking and nice review on your youtube channel
  4. @Dinadan67 Actually It was me developed such cartridge. But it is cartridge developed for games I want to publish in physical versions. I don't sell empty cartridges, if someone want such cartridge, then Atarimax is still available as I know.
  5. Yeah, sure, "go for it" is very good answer, but... not for my question. My question was about possibilities of implementation other protocols, and why TNFS was chosen in context of issues and problems I described. If you wrote you can point people in the right direction, then maybe you can first tell us if generaly is it possible to implement other solutions (such FTP for eg.) in context of ESP32 possibilities, Atari possibilities, memory usage for firmware etc? Second I started this topic to know, if TNFS was goal or first attempt to change in the future for some better solution? Don't get me wrong, I don't criticize your lot of good work which is already done, but I want to know what is the furter direction of the project's development?
  6. I'm sorry for a little laconic describe of the problem, because I'm not a networking specialist. But I hope a people who creates FujiNET will understand what I'm talking about. I would like to ask for an explanation of what are the possibilities for the future of this wonderfull FujiNET device in this regard that I have described below. Is it possible and/or considered to use something like TNFS over TCP instead of UDP? Alternatively, is it possible to design equivalent system or user interface using TCP? I will describe what is the problem, which makes me thinking about that. We debate about it in Poland, because a lot of people have only mobile internet access. This is caused by popular situation, that a lot of people lives in small vilages near big cities, where isn't any other solutions. Last years mobile networks grows and ensured internet access enough for most needs. So I think it will not change a lot in the near future, maybe 5G will change something, but who knows. This mobile internet works quick enought, but have a lot of transmissions errors. This causes the TCP based applications are working good for users point of view, but TCP repeats damaged packages, and it is imperceptible for user. Unfortunately UDP don't repeat packages, so it is finished by comunicates like "error mounting host slot", or we can't connect some TNFS servers at all. On local networks, or on the stable cable internet connection there is no problems such as I described. On the FujiNET and the same mobile internet connections, any applications which uses TCP protocol have no problems at all. The same there are no problems with using internet on PC for websites, youtube in HD, email, and any other usage of the internet via mobile connection.
  7. I wrote VQFP first, but it is TQFP I think. I don't remember which is which, I think it is different package thickness only, I don't know, but we know what we are talking about:-) Anyway I mean chip I used on pictures in previous posts. And yes: I'm 99% sure the file xsvf from the first post in this thread should work on my version of pcb project. Edit: I think it is VQFP after all
  8. In the first post there are xsvf files, which works both with PLCC and VQFP xilinx chips. In the post #29 there is jed file which works only with VQFP xilinx, but I don't remember exactly why. I think it was related to different pinout of TQFP and PLCC xilinx. I think jed file has pins numbers, while xsvf has pins names instead, so it works properly on both versions of chips. Or something like that... I never used usb blaster to program xilinx, so I can't help with it. I'm using an old LPT programmer and original xilinx application named IMPACT for programming, which needs jed file from me.
  9. Ok, you are advanced as I see. So good luck, and then in the future return to a link I gave you
  10. Here is a good position about PMG in Basic: https://www.atariarchives.org/pmgraphics/ In TBXL you can improve it later ofcourse.
  11. One person didn't respond. So if you still want your FloB, then contact me, please: 26. mariusz-buk All preorders are closed. 27. manopac 28. atari-passion 29. FifthPlayer 30. adam242 31. swlovinist 32. davidcalgary29 33. davidcalgary29 If anyone else want to have a physical release of FloB, then please contact me here, or in a private message. There is no signup list anymore, but we have a few boxed FloB cartridges left.
  12. 16. Ndary 17. Oldyoldson 18. Hurrican 19. a6502 20. Allan 21. hasanc 22. janzh 23. electrohaze 24. Gunstar 25. Tigerduck Actual ordering list for next batch (info will be send for about one week): 26. mariusz-buk 27. manopac 28. atari-passion 29. FifthPlayer 30. adam242 31. swlovinist New persons: please copy that list and sign up to this shortened list on next position if you want.
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