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  1. I tried that "Polish schematic" (with LS14 and RC), and I can confirm it works fine in 800XL, but only if there were not any RAM expansion. When I mounted 1MB SIMMexp expansion, then it worked fine with original delay line, but doesn't worked with replacement one, and I had black screen only. I suppose the replacement schematic was slightly different then original delay line, and that was timings problem, but I have no that Atari anymore, so I can't check it. Anyway: if you need that replacement for original Atari without any expansion, then it will work without any problems.
  2. Mq.

    Mad Studio

    Thank You Gury for all new features in the new versions of Mad Studio. I'm not testing it because I have no free time for a moment, but I read descriptions and I watch screenshots, and I like it very much. Thank You for a lot of a good job and amazing tool. I'm sure I will use it in the future many times.
  3. Thanks a lot. This is my favorite soft for creating, editing fonts. I use it very often. Many, many thanks again for it.
  4. Scramble was already publicated for free as I think?
  5. Thanks for share the info. It's my new game project, but it's very early WIP. It will be game with a big world, and big adventure scenario. I wanted to show only some graphics, and hero's animation of walk in that world. This is Dude walking: I think the game will be ready in a few months, or in about a year. I attach here the same file as I attached on atarionline.pl This WIP is in Polish only, but when the game will be ready, then it will be available in English too. Addidionaly there is a movie from that xex: DudeStory20200521.xex
  6. Mq.

    Mad Studio

    If this is concert of wishes, then I would propose to improve multicolor sprites editor (and normal player/missile editor too). Two things are important for me (and not only for me I guess). 1. In the player editor window it could be nice to switch between pixel shape. I mean square pixel as it is in current version, and a rectangle pixel to draw in "single resolution normal size" directly. 2. Allow to change number of rows in player editor. Now we have 30 rows only, while there are a lot of sprites in the games which are higher. It would be perfect to freely configure sprite height, but for many purposes it is enough to increase it to 40px. In the next step, I have further proposal for improving player animator. Is it possible to add wider field for 4 players animated together like we can draw them next to each other? I mean to do it like it is in PM editor/multicolor player editor. By the way, thank you for Mad Studio which is very nice, handy, and usefull tools set. I think it might be the best tools set, and there is a lot ideas to do and improve.
  7. The video which was attached by xxl, presents short test performed by me. I did it for xxl (and probably for rensoup too😉), to check if a new features of xbios really works on real machine and real cartridge. We wanted to show you, that it is possible to transfer xbios based game developed on atr (floppy) directly to the cartridge. In fact, this feature don't need any programmer special design of a game for the cartridge. If you use xbios on atr, then it is possible to burn it later on Maxflash banking scheme compatible cartridge.
  8. J6 connector is provided for my open source project which is designed for track display and drive number switching. It is described here (but in Polish only): http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16023
  9. I attach project files for xilinx, and jedec file for 4Mbit version. In fact the vhdl code is the same as in the file that electrotrains shared in the first post, while ucf file contains a new pinout assignments for VQFP version. In the zip file I added ready to program jedec file for xilinx based on that vhd/ucf files I prepared for VQFP version of xilinx. Its all for 4Mbit version. bank_switch_4Mbit_vqfp_jedec.zip
  10. It is read only cart. You must flash EEPROM in the stand alone programmer. Details are described in the first post of that thread.
  11. An example project adapted to my PCB template design: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/238512-diy-128k512k-cartridge-pcb-files-and-build-instructions/?do=findComment&comment=4479957
  12. I redrawn schematic and pcb design for use with most common parts for today. I used SMD elements but flash chip stayed in DIP package for simple programing in common programers. This refreshed design is prepared to use with Sikor's cartridge enclosure, because I wanted to check if my pcb template design is correct (yes, it is!). Current parts list: - 1Mbit (128kB) or 4Mbit (512kB) 32 pin Flash EEPROM e.g. SST39SF010, SST39SF040 - 32 pin DIP socket for the above - Xilinx XC9536XL VQFP44 - LM1117/AMS1117 SOT223 (or other 5v->3.3v regulator) - 2 x 10uF (A or 1206 or 0805) - 3 x 100nF (1206 or 0805) - 6 goldpins for jtag Cartridge was tested and it works correctly. I attach Eagle project. Use it as you wish:-) Atari 4mbit Cart.zip
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