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  1. 5 1/4. I grew up with the 130XE and dual XF551s. Looking to have the same set up for my son.
  2. Looked on eBay but nothing... Im looking for a XF551 that is not stained and that works well. With that said, where can I find one? Whats the market for these? Plenty of 1050s are available on eBay, which leads me to believe that the XF551 may be a good drive or in short supply and is relatively rare.
  3. If the OP is no longer selling, then this thread should be closed/locked by the moderators/admins.
  4. I just ordered from myatari eBay store just this week. I trust I will receive my three figure order.
  5. He has not answered me as of yet...but I figure he probably has a life outside of Atari....maybe. My own general rule for PMs on any board like this is to give the recipient at least five U.S. working days beginning the day after I send the PM, at a bare minimum.
  6. I would also like one complete with plastic case RAM320XE/576 card with optional Covox audio and ECI pass-through. Pm sent. Thanks for looking!
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