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  1. Yea, I see what you're saying, but I don't know if it's really an issue as long as they're being read. The NT Mini was a PITA to get it to read cartridges, at least my unit was, so I'm thankful for this. Every time I boot up the Super NT there is a moment where I wait in anticipation to see if the cartridge actually starts, and every single time it does.
  2. I just wanna mention something here. I don't know if I just got a really good unit or what, but the cartridge slot in the Super NT is awesome. The NT Mini was very picky, but I've not had to reinsert a single cart (and I've tested quite a few) into the Super NT, which is awesome and better than the 1Chip and Mini that I have. I don't find it to be difficult to remove games either, although it's nice and snug which I think is good. Very happy about this aspect, even if I'll be using the jailbreak here when that all get's sorted
  3. Wow, Ryu looks like trash in the one without the scanlines. Like it's lower resolution or something.
  4. Thanks, I was thinking of trying this myself. I have one of their original SNES pads that's worked well for me, but when I was playing Kickle Cubicle the other day with the new pad I was all over the place. It works fine for some games, but not for others. It seems like the new d-pads are raised a little bit from just eyeballing it.
  5. Thats a fair point. I sold my classic just the other day, but I hadn't considered that as a reason to keep it. Still, at least in my personal setup, there was one HDMI slot left on my receiver and the Super NT got it Luckily I have all the SA-1 and SuperFX games I need in cartridge format though.
  6. Well in my own setup I only plan on using this in my living room with all of my other modern equipment. All of my original hardware is in another room which includes all my games too. I personally don't want to be bothered with carts in my particular setup, so buying this to run roms makes a lotta sense to me. And obviously SNES classic =/= Super NT.
  7. I had mine sitting idle for at least an hour last night while I was watching some TV and didn't have any issues. Edit: By sitting idle I mean having a game on pause....
  8. Go for the black my friend. I ordered a SFC before changing my mind and ordering black. When I started to see the pictures I was concerned I'd made the wrong choice, but in hand this thing looks great and you won't be disappointed. Edit: Of course I have mine in my living room with all of my current generation systems and hardware, so it's a very nice match. Very similar to the PS4. If I were gonna buy one for use with all my original hardware which is setup on my BVM, I'd probably go with the SFC. But I'll tell ya what....the pics of the classic look great too, but alas they're sold out as well
  9. I just wanna say that, after having finally received my Super NT today, the black looks better than I could have even hoped. I even had the matching controller set already, but somehow that didn't even quite convey how good it looks. I was having some buyers remorse, but know now that it was the right decision. The only shame is that sitting next to my silver NT Mini, I really wish I had that in black as well!
  10. So I just tried Golvellius on the Mini and that seems to work fine. So FM appears to work, it's just a matter of getting it to work with Wonder Boy III. Edit: I did a search in this thread for Wonder Boy III and it was discussed about a year ago here. Kevtris said he'd look into it, but from what I could find, I don't think it was ever resolved unfortunately
  11. I hadn't tried actually. Given the issues I was having with the FM mod on my SMS with Wonder Boy (but not with "standard" FM games) I wanted to try it on the Mini to see if it worked. I'll try a few others on the Mini later this afternoon and report back.
  12. This is probably a bad time to bring this up given all the other conversation, but I don't recall seeing anything about this earlier in the thread. What I want to know is if it's possible to play Wonder Boy III with FM sound on the Mini? I know the US version of the game is supposed to work with the FM mod and switched to the japanese region (although I can't seem to get it to work on my modded SMS, but that's another story....), but I can't figure out a way to get it to work on the Mini and I've tried all of the different BIOS, with the FM sound enabled too of course. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I understand what you're saying in that you select the NES core, but you'll notice it never loads anything like the other cores because the core is already loaded. Any other core it takes a few seconds and the LED blinks etc etc, not so with the NES core. Edit: I just checked mine again and any other core actually even asks you if you want to load it. The NES core does not because it's already loaded. Point being, the jailbreak is not utilizing some special NES core.
  14. It never loads another NES core, so far as I can tell. If you have a Mini and use the jailbreak you'll see what I mean. When you select the NES core it doesn't load anything (because by virtue of the system being on, it's already loaded the NES core) like the other cores, it just takes you into the menu to select your rom.
  15. Fine, but your initial implication was that the work he gave away for free was the cores. I doubt it would take much if any time to open this up to play Roms. In fact, it already does. You may have noticed the two that come on every single console.
  16. Allowing the use of Rom's on the Super NT wouldn't necessarily be giving his work away for free...just sayin'
  17. Well if you must know, I'd say those flames on your speakers is a problem
  18. ^^This^^ I've been through plasmas and have had my oled for a year now. I've never had any image retention at all, whereas the plasma would get some on extended viewing of news channels. It would go away after switching the channel though of course. Then as in now, it's all completely overblown and none of those tests take into account real world scenarios.
  19. It's pretty sad what has happened to UPS. They used to have the shipping game on lock, but now I'd rather use the post office.
  20. The shipping costs were similar, but I don't recall having any issues with receiving it in a timely manner.
  21. I wasn't really upset until I saw some people here getting their packages already. It's clear there's no rhyme or reason why some people have received theirs and others haven't. So basically we all paid an exorbitant amount of money for shipping because Analogue paid a third party to handle it for them, yet whoever they paid (and paid well) have no idea what they're doing. An entire weekend that could have been spent cozying up to some old 16 bit favorites is now out the window because of these idiots.
  22. Didn't see this before I posted, but I got the same thing....and I've been home all day, so apparently Analogue still doesn't have their shit together.
  23. Does anyone here that is seeing a shipping date of next week in UPS My Choice have any sort of tracking history other than when it left NV on the 7th? I don't, and I also got a curious email today from Analogue that says my shipment couldn't be delivered today....I'm with F34R here and starting to get upset....
  24. Well I don't think they'll be able to produce such a unit for $200, but even if it were to cost $400 it would still be worth it.....if it plays roms.
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