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    I also don't see "SN30 2.4G" anywhere on the Analogue site or on Amazon, where the controller I ordered is explicitly marked as a "wireless Bluetooth SN30" controller. Also, if this dual support you think is present was there, why isn't it advertised on Analogue's product page for the SN30 2.4G?


    Look at the 8Bitdo site, it is their product afterall. I can't speak for Amazon or Analogue, but they're 8Bitdo's controllers and the information is all on their website.




    I'm looking at Amazon right now and the new controllers there state 2.4G, they even say it right on the controller itself.....https://www.amazon.com/8Bitdo-Wireless-Controller-Classic-super-nintendo/dp/B074HBNNH6/ref=sr_1_6?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1513225026&sr=1-6&keywords=8bitdo&th=1


    Are you positive that's what you ordered? Amazon does still have some of 8Bitdo's old SNES controllers which were bluetooth....https://www.amazon.com/8bitdo-SFC30-Wireless-Bluetooth-Controller/dp/B00Y0LUQFE/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1513225026&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=8bitdo&psc=1&smid=ANL1K2QU6LSBJ


    All I see is 2.402GHz~2.48GHz for their various receivers, which is the standard range for Bluetooth. Their new SNES style 2.4G controller is reported to use a new low latency wireless signal rather than their normal Bluetooth.


    Well they refer to both their controller and receiver as 2.4G here: http://www.8bitdo.com/sn30-sf30-2_4g-for-snes-and-sfc-classic-edition/. They also make sure to separately note (on the separate pages for their receivers) that their receivers support both the range you mention and bluetooth. So I don't know why they need to make it so confusing, and as long as you're using the controller with their receivers you'll be fine, but if you planned on using it with other bluetooth devices you may have an issue. I don't know how their new controllers work though outside of what they have posted on their site.



    If you read the full discussion, they did not hint at such a thing.




    • of course. Super Scope and everything works- its the HDTV that won't support the gun. Can use a DAC.

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    • Will there be a specific DAC recommended like how there are specific analog cable recommended for the NT Mini?

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  4. That is incorrect. It is not their new 2.4G controller with proprietary wireless technology that's being offered here.


    It has been clarified in this thread that the controller being sold in conjunction with the Analogue Super NT (Which is the controller that I bought) is utilizing the normal 8BitDo Bluetooth standard. The note at the bottom of this page that states it's compatible with other 8BitDo controllers by extension confirms that this controller with matching styling to the Super NT is utilizing their normal Bluetooth standard.


    Thus, it is not their brand new 2.4G controller being paired with a new design of wireless SNES receiver that is being offered here with the Super NT. Their 2.4G controller is solely being offered for NES/SNES Classic Edition owners (And one would assume that you can also plug their 2.4G receiver into a Wiimote's extension port and use this controller on a Wii/Wii U as a Classic Controller, but the 8BitDo page for the 2.4G controller doesn't say one way or another).


    You're wrong, look again at what I posted from 8Bitdo's site. They discontinued their standard SNES bluetooth controller and ONLY offer the 2.4G one, which is the same one that Analogue is selling with the Super NT. The page you are referring to only notes that the receiver also supports those other controllers (makes no mention of bluetooth or 2.4G), which of course is true because if you looked at 8Bitdo's website you would see the receiver supports BOTH 2.4G and bluetooth. Your controller is the new model 2.4G. They do not have two separate models. Go look at their website.


    That said, it will still work with their NES and SNES receivers. The only question is whether there are two separate receivers for the classics. Probably not, but they don't do a good job explaining it.

  5. Well just to be clear, the 2.4G controller they are now offering (that you ordered) will work with their NES and SNES receivers, as well as the classic receiver that it comes bundled with. I would suspect that the receiver bundled with that controller will also work with their and others bluetooth offerings as well (just like their other two receivers), but they don't state that on their website. That's the open question.

  6. What the hell! Man 8bitdo really needs to clean up their product messaging.


    I was just doing a little more digging on their site and of all the receivers, the only one that doesn't have both bluetooth and 2.4G listed is the one for use with the classics. However, if you go to their support page, there is only one firmware for each. My guess would be that they all support bluetooth and 2.4G as long as you have the latest firmware, but it'd prob be best to double check with them if you think you'll have issues. They should definitely clean up their messaging here because if it confuses people here, I can't imagine what your average Joe is thinking :-D.


    On a side note, it looks like they discontinued their previous NES and SNES bluetooth models and replaced them with the new ones. In fact, they don't even offer an NES type replica controller anymore. I have both the SNES and NES (which came with my NT Mini) and can say that I don't weep for the NES one which is complete trash, but I've had much better results with the SNES controller. The new ones are fine, but I liked that the old ones were pretty much exact replicas style wise. Oh well, I guess if you were on the fence about getting one though, now would be the time while places still have stock.

  7. Thanks, that's what I was thinking all along until Kosmic mistakenly said it wasn't bluetooth and thus was going to be incompatible with other 8BitDo receivers like the NES Retro Receiver.


    I was reasonably sure of what my answer was before posting, but didn't want to potentially be out of some money for receivers for other systems after seeing their new SNES Classic specific controller the other day online that breaks from tradition (And compatibility) by not following the usual 8BitDo standards


    I think Kosmic was referring to the SNES and NES classic set that you linked (http://www.8bitdo.com/sn30-sf30-2_4g-for-snes-and-sfc-classic-edition) which clearly states that both the receiver and the controller are 2.4G. However, there also exists a receiver for the SNES and NES classic that is bluetooth and will work with their bluetooth controllers (http://www.8bitdo.com/retro-receiver-snes-sfc-classic), along with others like PS3, Switch etc, which you linked as well. I have one of these and I know that it works with the standard bluetooth controllers. Now the confusing part is the link (https://www.analogue.co/pages/super-nt) that Cfillak provides which seems to suggest that the bundle they're offering with the Super NT is both their new 2.4G controller, but their standard bluetooth SNES retro receiver. Now I looked further and apparently the SNES retro reciever (http://www.8bitdo.com/retro-receiver-snes) supports both the 2.4G controllers and bluetooth. Which makes me wonder if the receivers that come in the SNES and NES classic bundle also support bluetooth as well. They don't state that it does, but their SNES receiver does both.....


    So I don't recall what you were looking to purchase, but you should have all the info you need now, confusing as it all is :-D.

  8. You're right, they're referring to the product that exists, and not to one that doesn't...


    It's referring to a product that doesn't meet their own description of it. They've built their reputation on being "reference quality", and the NT Mini can credibly stand up to that claim. To apply it to the Super NT is just plain false, at least in their current offering. It might be kick ass and a great value and whatever else, but it's not what they claim it to be, even if it's 95% of what they claim it to be.

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  9. Reference quality control...not the same thing.


    Uncompromising attitude to quality...not the same thing.


    Like I said, delusion.


    Keep living in the past with your niche 200 lb CRTs. 99% of the world doesn't care.


    Try reading it all next time partner....SMGDH....


    The Super Nt is a reference quality video game system with reference quality control. Featuring aspect ratio preservation, multiple video resolutions, scanlines, scalers and more.


    "Explore and re-live one of the greatest video game systems of all time with no compromises."

  10. Why do you think it shouldn't work?

    The only thing people were talking about is the missing 5v on the vga pin.


    You only need the 5v on the scart blanking pin if you have a device (like european consumer tvs) that can display several signal types trough that one scart port.

    By the voltage applied the device can detect the type of signal.


    You probably connect to your BVM through a scart to bnc connector or have a cable that goes directly to bnc into it's RGB ports.

    In both cases you do not need the 5v blanking signal


    /Edit: Just reread your post and read you're using a gscart switch. That should't make a difference since all it probably does is forward the exact same signals i'd expect.


    Ok, thanks for the clarification. I must have misunderstood what others were talking about then. I was under the impression that you needed the 5v to run RGB through scart, so I didn't understand why it was working for me.

  11. So can someone (hopefully Kevtris can weigh in) explain what the issue is with RGB on the mini? From what I've read here it would seem that it shouldn't be working for me (I have one of the initial batch of Mini's), yet I bought one of RGC's original scart cables and it works fine on my BVM. I'm also going through a gscartsw and haven't tried it direct to the monitor. I'm just confused here and also want to make sure there isn't any possibility of damaging anything if I were to continue using it.


    Posting this again since the thread took a turn there and it may have been missed. Thanks in advance.

  12. So can someone (hopefully Kevtris can weigh in) explain what the issue is with RGB on the mini? From what I've read here it would seem that it shouldn't be working for me (I have one of the initial batch of Mini's), yet I bought one of RGC's original scart cables and it works fine on my BVM. I'm also going through a gscartsw and haven't tried it direct to the monitor. I'm just confused here and also want to make sure there isn't any possibility of damaging anything if I were to continue using it.

  13. Yep, I been at work. sorry 'bout that. hehe. I can't really answer a lot of questions yet, but I can say these things:


    Yes, this is 100% my FPGA design here and it is not one of the other SNES cores.

    It runs all custom chip carts, super gameboy (1 and 2), game saver+ (lol), even tested a doctor sf disk based thinger, and the sd2snes is what I used during dev so that works great as well. I tested the Sufami Turbo and that works as well. Basically it runs every single thing I can stuff into the cart slot. I did a lot of testing with dozens of carts and all the various add-on devices I have and could find. I have not tested the MSU-1 but since the SD2SNES itself works 100%, I don't see why this won't work either. I will try it soon just to confirm. Audio input on the cart slot is supported and that's mainly what it adds.


    So with all that said, is the system capable of running all of the SNES/SFC library from SD, or is an original cart and/or rom cart necessary for all/certain titles?


    Im pretty sure they used to so it must be policy change.


    I emailed them about the shipping changing and that I wanted to change the color and they said in order to do so they would have to cancel my initial pre-order. I asked them to and I've not gotten confirmation yet, but if they would allow me to cancel for this, I'd assume you would be able to cancel if they drop an analog version alongside the standard. I would assume, however, that if/when they create an analog version, it would be some time after the initial shipments of the standard version. Prob just have to plan on selling it if they do release an analog version....

  15. Some people still want analog output.


    In the Retronauts article they quoted the CEO as saying that they'd release a limited edition one with analog if enough people want it, so......stay tuned?


    I do hope that Kevin jailbreaks this thing and provides the 16 bit cores he's been working on, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little anxious about that. In the Polygon article the CEO was also talking about how they want to keep releasing systems, specifically getting away from Nintendo ones as the core offerings. I'm hoping they're not, lets say, looking at releasing a Genesis etc and then those cores never come out for this. Regardless, the price is still worth it for an FPGA SNES that plays everything the SNES has to offer. Although they may also be thinking that they can sell me a Genesis, PCE and Neo Geo package for a similar price as well. And they'd prob be right lol :-D

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  16. I was curious about the shipping price again so I just went through like I was going to pre-order another one and the shipping is $4 less than my first pre-order, lol. My first Super Nt was $30.96 and if I bought a second one right now shipping would be $26.96


    Mine was $37.11!! I was having second thoughts about if I wanted to cancel the SFC version and get the black, so maybe I'll have to go take another look!


    Edit: And mine now is also $4 cheaper....strange....

  17. Question for Kevtris about the Z3k. I don't recall this being asked, but however you decide to implement the video output, would it be possible to have both RGB and composite (or even S-video for those that use it) implemented to where both could be hooked up at the same time? It would be nice to have the option to easily switch between RGB and composite for games like Sonic that would benefit from some of the imperfections of composite without having to physically switch cables.


    Side question for anyone who may know.....as I understand, the SCART standard carries composite over a certain pin. Would it be possible to fashion a cable that breaks out composite to essentially achieve what I asked for above on the Mini currently? I suppose then the followup question would be that, if this is possible, would the mini support it?

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  18. Kevtris, wanted to also let you know that there is an issue with Robopon for GBC. It boots and after the Hudson credits roll I just get a blank white screen. I know you said that GBC wasn't 100% and would have some issues, so not sure if we should even be bringing up issues in this thread or not, but wanted to let you know.


    May I ask what BVM you're using? Is it a BVM-A24E1WU using the BKM-68X RGB input board?


    If it's a BVM-D24E1WU, then you should be able to remove that skew with the image by enabling the "VCR MODE" in the "EXTEND MENU" section of the BVM menu.


    I'm using the BVM-D32E1WU and changing that worked! You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. Thank you.

  20. Kevtris, first off thanks for all the great work, really enjoying playing all these old consoles on the Mini. I am currently having an issue that I was hoping either yourself or someone on the forum could help with. When I load either of the SMS, GG or Colecovision cores while using RGB on my BVM via the Retro Gaming Cables scart, I am getting the output below. I actually also had this had this happen on my original SMS as well. It would work over RF, but if using RGB via scart (which I purchased from Retro Console Accessories on eBay) I would get the same thing. I had contacted her about it but she didn't have any ideas and I just figured there was perhaps an issue with my system. However, now that this is also happening on the Mini I assume it's an issue with the way the cables are wired. Was wondering if anyone else was having this issue or had any ideas on what may be causing it? I won't be able to fashion a cable myself, but perhaps I can have either of the two mentioned above create something for me. I should also note that I don't have these issues over Composite or HDMI.


    I also had an issue with Mega Man Xtreme on the GBC core. During the intro for instance, the image of Mega Man will be correct for a split second, and then all the colors in his face are gone. Also when you get into the game, if you bring up your menu and then go back to gameplay, all of the background information is lost and you only see your character. I'm using the Smokemonster roms, but maybe I'll try downloading another set to test.


    Also, I saw in previous comments a lot of people were having issues finding roms and BIOS for Gamate and Game King. I too cannot seem to find these (was able to track down a Gamate BIOS but that's it), so if anyone here would be willing to help with that it would be greatly appreciated and you could PM me directly if you'd like.


    Thanks again for everything Kevtris. Looking forward to the next firmware so I can use this Famicom Network controller I bought :)


    Unrelated: I too had an issue with the power supply being really noisy. Even just having it plugged into the wall it was making noise. Analogue provided a replacement power supply (of another make) that works fine, so I'm not sure why they weren't helpful with some other posters here. Might wanna go back to them and tell them to fix their own damn problem!



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