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  1. And I edited mine when I saw that as well. As for the rest of your argument....the main things I was addressing were the Noir and the Pocket which are the things everyone's been bitching about WRT to limited availability and which I think are easily explained. The other complaint is restocking the Super Nt, and honestly, I don't have an answer for why that hasn't happened. Presumably a mix of things, but it is odd. I guess we'll have to see what happens with the Duo, but if it is a 2 minute sellout shit show I'll be disappointed as well.
  2. Yes actually, they quite literally did. It's happened to every industry. If you think that the factories in China that make these specialized displays, that are only really used in VR headsets as I understand, did not cut any of that production, then I don't really know what to tell you. But even if they didn't, Analogue still had to fight against those other players for displays and they were never going to be able to compete with them on volume, hence the limited supplies, which btw they said from the get go before covid even. The reason a strategy like this works for a company like LRG is precisely because the only real value of a lot of what they sell is the very fact that it's scarce. Most of their items are repackaged limited edition sets of things you can get elsewhere. That is not really comparable to Analogue and I highly doubt they enjoy the prestige of being limited more than they enjoy making money. Could be wrong, but it seems a lot more likely that they would rather make as much money as they can. Edit: I see you've edited your original response to include the bit about the Noir. If that's what you were referring to regarding scarcity, then yea, I guess you have a point, but they never advertised it as anything other than a limited final run. It was basically a limited edition so it doesn't really apply to the broader conversation of whether Analogue is artificially constraining production of their main line products.
  3. I'm not sure, given the evidence, why you think this. As I stated in that same post, they were not going to be able to produce the Pocket (at least initially) in huge numbers because of the screen they had to source, and the Noir was a limited time final run of something that A) was a pain in the ass to produce anyway, and B) a platform (NES) they publicly stated they were finished with. Then you throw in covid and the shortages everyone is facing (and which no doubt is exacerbated for small companies like Analogue), I'm not sure what you can point to to confirm that theory. I mean, you might be right, and I'm not here to defend them, but I think there are a lot of factors at play here other than them wanting to screw everyone just because they can. And as I also pointed out, and which you ignored, they didn't previously artificially limit runs of other products such as the original Mini, SNt and MSg.
  4. I'm fairly certain that's been on all of their recent devices, and I'm also fairly certain it was already said that it would be jailbroken, although I may be confusing that with the Noir. Regardless, why would that make you want the Pocket more? That almost certainly should make you want it less.... Edit: perhaps you're just saying this announcement makes you want the Pocket more, in which case disregard my question.
  5. They did say it was limited, so it's certainly possible, but this line is getting pretty tiresome. Every product they released prior to the Pocket and the Noir (which they were up front about being very limited) was available for pre-order for weeks. The Pocket was always going to be limited because of the screens they have to source, and the Mini because of the aluminum housing and the fact that they seem to want to just be done with it. I don't know why a Duo would need to be limited, but of course covid is effing everything up. I mean, you can only get certain flavors of Coke right now FFS. I guess what I'm saying is I'm not sure they're intentionally doing this ala Limited Run.
  6. Oh no doubt. Glad they included the original port cuz that's a must for Rondo.
  7. Indeed Although I'd point out itll do bluetooth and 2.4G for up to 4 controllers with no dongles which is pretty dope.
  8. Ill say one thing....damn that thing looks sexy.
  9. You know, I hate to be that guy, but I'd prefer they just release some of the things that have been promised for some time now and then worry about selling me something else. They've been sitting on money of mine for the Noir and the Pocket for some time now and wanna potentially sell me something else? Not really a good look.... That said, if I had to guess I'd guess PCE as well. We're not to the point yet where 32/64 bit would be feasible, at least from an affordability standpoint anyway.
  10. I was gonna ask if we have a release date yet, but I guess your 28-41 days would indicate we don't?
  11. Awesome, thanks for taking a look. I guess I'll have to look into one after all.
  12. Question for Kev about scanlines. I don't recall anyone here asking this before, but on all of your systems, when using scanlines they disappear when the screen scrolls vertically. For instance, if you you're dropping down in a stage in Mega Man. Is there a reason for this and is it something that could potentially be overcome? I have to admit that it's pretty distracting, and if something could be done it would be a very welcome addition.
  13. Yea, I wanted to swap it with the discontinued ones since they have the proper look. As for the dogbone, I grew up with a toaster, but my parents also bought my sister a top loader which quickly became the go to system in the house. I've been using a dogbone for a minute and have built up that comfort level with it. If you never used one back in the day, I could see how it would be odd, but even back then I liked it better mainly because the d-pad was more comfortable. You can get used to the buttons though, and if that's your only beef it's worth revisiting. For extended sessions the OG isn't the most comfortable and isn't easy on the hands.
  14. I agree the angle on the buttons is not "proper" but if you use it for a while you'll get used to it. And I've had no issues with the d-pad either, and like it better in fact cuz it doesnt have the hard edges of the OG. But yea, some ppl love it, others don't, but there are def enough of us that swear by it that they need to release one.
  15. Do you know if it's possible to swap the insides of a 2.4ghz controller to the shell of one of the old SN30's? I just really can't get into the redesign of them and the old SF30 I have that is basically identical to the actual SFC controllers would be ideal to swap out with. Edit: I guess that prob wouldn't be possible since the start and select buttons are set differently on the new ones....ugh....and on a side note, they need to release a dogbone style NES controller. They made the DIY kit, so just release the damn thing!!! Dogbone 4 life!!!
  16. I have one of the old style SF30's that works great, although it could use the d-pad modification because things like trying to slide under a block in Mario you have to be very deliberate. I also have a newer one (a black one they sold with the Super Nt) that is just garbage though. The N30's (I think thats what they were) that came with the Nt Mini were all trash though from what I've heard, and it's easily the worst of the several 8 Bitdo controllers I have. If you're reading this Reaperman, trust me, nobody wants it
  17. Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. That controller sucks anyway. That said, if you REALLY want one, I'll sell you (Reaperman that is) mine lol.
  18. I don't know that they'll do that for a purchase 9 months ago though is my point.
  19. Im curious as to whats gonna happen when these people just don't send the Pocket for these preorders theyre selling on eBay, cuz eBay sure as hell isn't gonna refund them their money. Maybe they can get it back if they file a chargeback on their card, but I wouldn't take that chance.
  20. My order was #54548, and that was at 8 after. I think I was prob one of the last ones *phew* from what everyone is saying.
  21. I use gmail and their emails go to the promotions folder or whatever it is. Which is of course useless as my phone doesnt notify me of stuff in that folder, but I digress....Anyway, maybe yours is getting caught in spam or something?
  22. I would have to assume that any sourcing issue is related to the display. It's not exactly common.
  23. There are already sold listings for the Pocket....SMDH....
  24. I too was a little surprised the dock didn't come in white. I personally got black because I plan to have mine sitting in my entertainment center for 99% of it it's life, and all my other gear is black. I would prob still go with a black one if I had plans on using it outside of that scenario, but for sure white wasn't an option in my use case. And even if I really did want a white one, a white pocket with a black dock wouldn't have been acceptable either.
  25. Actually, thinking about it a lil more, it makes sense. You don't want people buying accessories for a system they can't purchase.
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