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  1. I'm not sure what to think...I could legit see whatever stock they were planning to have on hand of the Pockets sell out, but all the accessories "selling out" at once like that is strange....even the Pockets themselves since you have to assume the different colors were in different demand. It's def pretty shitty though and I don't blame anyone for being pissed off about it. At the very least, it's awfully suspicious.
  2. Yea, mine was $21 for a Pocket, dock and screen protector. Looks like they finally got the shipping right anyway.
  3. I guess they kept true to their word about limited quantities, for better or worse.
  4. Yea I saw the Pocket was outta stock so I figured I better get a GG adapter. It was still showing in stock but it wouldn't go to my cart. A couple refreshes later and it, along with everything else, was outta stock.
  5. Thats pretty shitty. Gonna be a lotta (rightly) pissed off people. Much more than normal.
  6. I wonder if they shut it down to fix something cuz everything went outta stock now....
  7. On a side note, were the Lynx and NGPC adapters always coming soon, or did they just sell out immediately?
  8. I tried backing in and out a bunch and had it up on a few different browsers and they all just finally went. Maybe they fixed it....
  9. Me too....awesome.... Edit: finally went through
  10. Yea, that's a good point, you're prob right.
  11. I don't really think Analogue relying on other devs to make ports of the cores it offers that fix the problems they may in theory have is an acceptable compromise to just fixing it themselves though, especially when it's far from certain they'll get ported in the first place. Unless you're aware of those devs committing to it. I don't follow discord so it's possible you know something I don't.
  12. The hope is, for me anyway, that once the Pocket drops, and after the initial influx of bug fixes, that he'll have time to go back and revisit all of his other projects. Because honestly, I'm not sure where they go next, but whatever it is, the hardware might need some time to catch up before it's affordable for something like an N64 for instance. Ultimately I'm sure that it bothers Kev that these issues exist, so it's really just a matter of him having the time to address them. If, however, they're never addressed, I still think they delivered on what they promised more or less. It's certainly annoying knowing they CAN be fixed, but the Nt Mini is a pretty old product at this point, and I don't think it should be expected that it is supported in perpetuity.
  13. I'm not unsympathetic to your complaints, but I think we get it. You can give it a rest now. Your energy would prob be better spent bitching about this to Analogue on Twitter or something.
  14. Also a bit curious on the price of those adapters....the Mega Sg ones were $50 for the bundle. $30 a pop seems a bit steep, but at least they'll be available as well.
  15. Happy to see that, even though it won't be released for almost a year, they're gonna do it right and have all the accessories ready for pre-order immediately.
  16. If you look a little further on their page it says the dock will support 4x bluetooth, 2x USB or 2x 2.4g. I would assume that's because the 2.4g receiver will need plugged in as there are only 2 usb on the dock. If it were as you describe though that would be great.
  17. While that would be really cool, and certainly welcome, that would almost be like hoping they released a cart adapter for Genesis games since the Nomad was a thing. I wouldn't hold your breath on that, but it's certainly possible a PCE core may be ported to it at some point, whether through a jailbreak from our current mysterious benefactor, or a community effort.
  18. I think it was a pretty stupid idea to not release them together to begin with, so hopefully this is part of it.
  19. The other baffling thing is that they've standardized their hardware now too, so there is really no reason that they shouldn't have these things in stock, or at least do regular batches of them.
  20. I don't think it's much of a secret right now. I noticed they just posted a Game Boy gif now too, so at the very least we'll be getting some Pocket news, but likely a pre-order/order IMO. Why they aren't keeping their products in stock though, I can't figure on that....
  21. Correction: at LEAST they have announced an announcement. I think it's pretty fair to say though that they'll be doing pre-orders.
  22. That was a few months after the initial announcement, so I guess they changed their mind, or clarified anyway. I think we all expected it to be released by now though (when initially announced) from prior timelines. I don't expect them to go on sale (no pre-order) next Monday, but I wouldn't be shocked if they did.
  23. They did say originally they wouldn't be doing pre-orders (or so I seem to remember anyway....), so I wonder if they're gonna actually be ready to go right out the gate. I do find it interesting that Kev, who no doubt has been working on the Pocket for quite some time, had time to also rewrite the NES core for the Noir....here's hoping!
  24. Not that it would be a terribly elegant solution, but couldn't you just use one of these with that adapter and call it a day?
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