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  1. 42 minutes ago, zetastrike said:

    Isn't it illegal to sell something on ebay that you don't actually have?  If you're going to scalp it, you should at least read ebay's rules and wait until ~2 weeks before you get it to make a listing.


    Do any Pocket units actually exist?  The renders shown by Analogue look different than the ones from the unveiling.

    Im curious as to whats gonna happen when these people just don't send the Pocket for these preorders theyre selling on eBay, cuz eBay sure as hell isn't gonna refund them their money. Maybe they can get it back if they file a chargeback on their card, but I wouldn't take that chance.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    Interesting... this is all I've gotten from Analogue ever aside from emails to customer support


    I use gmail and their emails go to the promotions folder or whatever it is. Which is of course useless as my phone doesnt notify me of stuff in that folder, but I digress....Anyway, maybe yours is getting caught in spam or something?

  3. 29 minutes ago, atmn said:


    I dont understand this either, well. If they could stick to the original plan and ship them late 2020. But now I dont know.


    It can be possible its harder to source parts theese days, but it does not be any shortage in other electronics.


    They could be fair, preorder up for 1 week. Shipping starts in may. If you order 100k units, we produce 100k units.

    Some gets it in may, some in september. Think people would be more fine with that.


    I would have to assume that any sourcing issue is related to the display. It's not exactly common.

  4. 2 minutes ago, seastalker said:

    In one sense, I'd be happy if the next pre-order is many months from now just to save up for it better.  Is anyone else surprised that the dock only comes in black when they are selling a white Pocket?

    Which one did people get (or attempt to get)- black or white?  Since the OG Gameboy was beige, one could go either way. I like the black thinking scratches and marks won't show and it looks like the MegaSG. The white could look like my DS though. 

    I too was a little surprised the dock didn't come in white. I personally got black because I plan to have mine sitting in my entertainment center for 99% of it it's life, and all my other gear is black. I would prob still go with a black one if I had plans on using it outside of that scenario, but for sure white wasn't an option in my use case. And even if I really did want a white one, a white pocket with a black dock wouldn't have been acceptable either.

  5. Just now, Atariboy said:

    They're claiming they're going to produce more and have rolled out COVID-19 to explain the events of a few minutes ago.


    Looks like it was a marketing maneuver today. 

    I'm not sure what to think...I could legit see whatever stock they were planning to have on hand of the Pockets sell out, but all the accessories "selling out" at once like that is strange....even the Pockets themselves since you have to assume the different colors were in different demand. It's def pretty shitty though and I don't blame anyone for being pissed off about it. At the very least, it's awfully suspicious.

  6. Just now, Razzie.P said:

    Mine says my order worked, got an order number (but no email yet).   I was expecting a much higher ship rate considering I added multiple accessories, but it was a single $23 fee.



    Yea, mine was $21 for a Pocket, dock and screen protector. Looks like they finally got the shipping right anyway.

  7. 19 minutes ago, SegaSnatcher said:

    Some of you guys seem to forget about third party cores on the Pocket.   If for whatever reason you find a GBA game via Kevtris's core that doesn't work, well you'll likely have FPGAZumSpass's GBA core to switch to which seems to play 99.9% of all GBA games extremely well.  Not to mention all the other great open source cores that will most likely get ported.  The open source Neo-Geo, NES, SNES, TG-16+CD and Genesis cores are top of the crop.

    I don't really think Analogue relying on other devs to make ports of the cores it offers that fix the problems they may in theory have is an acceptable compromise to just fixing it themselves though, especially when it's far from certain they'll get ported in the first place. Unless you're aware of those devs committing to it. I don't follow discord so it's possible you know something I don't.

  8. 52 minutes ago, afx_acid said:

    This is what annoys me with the support for the original NT Mini. When Analogue announced on their Twitter that the Noir will have "all known game bugs fixed" I asked on the discord if the original NT Mini will get the bug fixes where kevtris replied that "I probably won't backport fixes due to various reasons". I understand that the Noir will have a completely new and rewritten NES core but if kev understands what was causing the bugs why can't the fixes be implemented in the original NT Mini NES core? Obviously his time is limited due to his work on the Noir and the Pocket, but it really does make a mockery of Analogue's spiel on "absolute accuracy... you’ll be experiencing the NES free of any compromises" on the NT Mini product page. Again I'm not blaming any of this on kev, but Analogue's position of allowing time for just a couple of months of support for the most recently released console before moving kev on to the next product is pretty infuriating for the customers when the previous consoles remain in a buggy state.

    The hope is, for me anyway, that once the Pocket drops, and after the initial influx of bug fixes, that he'll have time to go back and revisit all of his other projects. Because honestly, I'm not sure where they go next, but whatever it is, the hardware might need some time to catch up before it's affordable for something like an N64 for instance. Ultimately I'm sure that it bothers Kev that these issues exist, so it's really just a matter of him having the time to address them. If, however, they're never addressed, I still think they delivered on what they promised more or less. It's certainly annoying knowing they CAN be fixed, but the Nt Mini is a pretty old product at this point, and I don't think it should be expected that it is supported in perpetuity.

  9. 1 hour ago, vanfanel said:

    Am I in Australia? NO. Then apply me reasonable rates.

    But well, I assumed them for SuperNT, and again for MegaSG.


    As for moving it for the next thing, you can do that when you have finished the previous one. In my work, I can NOT do "the next thing" until I finish the current one. And when you leave behind annoying a very noticeable bugs after marketing perfection (like Master System tearing... perfection my ***), you shouldn't either.

    Multiple devs? Are Analog prices so low that "they can only afford one dev"?

    Yeah, it may change in the future, but not with my money.

    And I hope less and less people will fail for Analogue's next incomplete and bug ridden iteration: seeing how they release the next big thing while they abandon previous implementations with bugs is really infuriating. You guys are in time to save yourselves that feeling.


    But after all, it comes to this: community-driven projects are way better in the end, because no greedy private business leaves the bugs in CLOSED cores unresolved: we can solve them ourselves. None of the annoying bugs that plague the MegaSG are in the MiSTer Master System, MegaDrive and MegaCD cores at this point. And I have my right to say so here, in this thread, as a MegaSG, SuperNT and MiSTer owner.

    This is a lesson I had learned a lot of time ago with software, and I had to learn it again with FPGA hardware. Thank you Analogue for the lesson, it just cost me like 800 Euros in wasted hardware and abusive shipping rates. Never again. Only opensource projects from now on.

    I'm not unsympathetic to your complaints, but I think we get it. You can give it a rest now. Your energy would prob be better spent bitching about this to Analogue on Twitter or something.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Atariboy said:

    Analogue's page on the Pocket has been amended with today's news. Among the items, it does confirm that the dock will "sync up any wireless 8BitDo Bluetooth or 2.4g controller".


    Presumably we'll be finding out how to pair our existing 2.4g controllers to the dock (and then back to their original receiver) come next year. 

    If you look a little further on their page it says the dock will support 4x bluetooth, 2x USB or 2x 2.4g. I would assume that's because the 2.4g receiver will need plugged in as there are only 2 usb on the dock. If it were as you describe though that would be great.

  11. 1 minute ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    Whatever it is, I hope that it's that Analogue has made the correct choice and decided to make a HuCARD adaptor and that's at least part of the announcement. Preorders or whatever would be fine. I'd laugh if they did a thing like the US Sega Saturn launch. Whatever it is, I just want a handheld PC Engine that isn't rare, expensive, and fragile so I don't have to get a GT. I hope someone makes a PC Engine core for this thing, and preferably one that supports SuperGrafx and and all types of CD games. I can play my Game Boy games on one of my 3 GBAs... if I hadn't left 2 of them and all of my games on another continent in a different hemisphere.

    While that would be really cool, and certainly welcome, that would almost be like hoping they released a cart adapter for Genesis games since the Nomad was a thing. I wouldn't hold your breath on that, but it's certainly possible a PCE core may be ported to it at some point, whether through a jailbreak from our current mysterious benefactor, or a community effort.

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