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  1. I don't know that Analogue would release a PC Engine or not, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't sell. It's not like Analogues market is the kinda people buying these mini consoles. It's retro enthusiasts, many of whom have only recently discovered PC Engine, and many who have probably held back given the high barrier to entry. Unless they think they can do something like PS1 or N64 after the Pocket, PC Engine is no worse a choice than anything else IMO.
  2. Hmmm....I seem to recall them saying February, and I thought others here said so as well. Maybe I'm imagining things, but I guess it doesn't really matter since it didn't happen anyway. If they do plan on doing pre-orders though and haven't even done those yet, then it's probably gonna be quite a while til we get it unfortunately....
  3. Which is interesting because I thought they said the Pocket would be out in February or something, and with no preorders.
  4. Unrelated to all the jailbreak stuff, but can you believe the balls on these people selling Nt Mini pre-orders, that are still up on Analogues site, for $1000? Imagine being that much of a jackass. SMDH....
  5. Hmmm....that's interesting....it works with the switch online SNES controllers too? Although honestly, I'm not sure I'd wanna use them over my SF30....Is it just me or do the the switch online controllers have more lag than the 8bitdo ones? For me that seems to be the case (I use my SF30 on my Switch sometimes), but admittedly, I see differences between the 8bitdo controllers too. I have one of the orginal SF30's and it's great, I don't notice any lag, but I also have one of the redesign SN30's (the black model to go with my black Super Nt) and it doesn't work very well. Misses button presses, d-pad not as good and seems a little laggier....
  6. Not sure if I'm following....are you are the switch controllers compatible with the retro receivers?
  7. This is the most likely scenario IMO, but you never know.
  8. That's an interesting thought....not sure that's true, but it doesn't hurt to hope I guess. Seems to me that with all that is involved with another Nt Mini run that they'd just as soon skip it if our hoped for Analogue 8 is imminent, especially now that the DAC is out.
  9. If it does have a different firmware that isn't backwards compatible due to hardware, I doubt the jailbreak would have all the old cores. However, if those changes allow for interpolation and we still get rom loading, then I would consider this a win. I'd prob just move my old Mini to my CRT setup and use this new one on my flat screen. I am also hoping that whatever work Kev has done on the Pocket and all the GB cores will be implemented in the Nt Mini jailbreak as there were several problems with games on GB and GBC. Here's to hoping!
  10. Why would you say that? They may very well sell more during this pre-order than at any previous point. So whatever demand is, supply will be up to satisfy it. Now....perhaps after the Pocket hits there will be another group of people that find out about this and NEED to have it, but I wouldn't plan on prices staying at their current levels or getting back to that point for quite a while. That said I already own a Mini and ordered this one anyway just in case there is some feature (like with the software maybe) that hasn't been announced yet that I'll want. If prices get crazy again I'll prob sell one, so I certainly won't mind if they do!
  11. My first system was a ColecoVision and as far as I'm concerned the hardest thing about those games is trying to figure out how to play the damn things!! I've no doubt kids today feel the same way about the 8 and 16 bit era stuff too though
  12. It moves around if you touch it, but it doesn't hang out if that makes sense, so I'm good with it. Could be better, but better than nothing
  13. I think it would probably just piss a portion of those people off, but they asked for it, so whatever I guess. I would've just preferred pro versions with Analog output myself. Much more elegant than a clunky DAC. I guess the DAC saves on cabling, but given finding an HDMI switch that'll work with it is a challenge in itself, I'd prob still just opt for the extra cabling.
  14. Sounds like the tweaks are really only cosmetic so I wouldn't read much into any of that. That said, aside from incompatibilities here and there, the only thing the Nt Mini could really use IMO is interpolation. If we got that I'd be thrilled. I'd like to hope that may happen some day, but Kev seems busy with quite a few other things.
  15. If there were any short term plans for an Analogue 8 (which of course most of us think would be some sort of an 8 bit Z3K) I don't think they'd dust off the Nt Mini. I'm not very hopeful it will see the light of day any time soon, if at all.
  16. I really wish they'd release a dogbone one as well. I ordered the DIY kit for the dogbone and I don't have any issues, but if 2.4ghz was an option too, that'd be even better
  17. I may be misremembering, but didnt Kev put his designs up for anyone who wanted to have those made? I never heard of anyone doing so, but I guess if enough of the top minds got together.....
  18. Yes, but if I were going to do that I'd just use component, although I had issues with component on my TV and need to test it out again. The idea is using composite because of the dithering and s-video cleans it up too much to get the desired effect. With the rainbow banding though it's pretty much unusable.
  19. I don't really know that this is necessary, but I also don't think anyone would rather have the rainbow banding if given the choice. I kind of look at it like how he created the Super Nt, which if I recall, was kind of a hybrid of the early 2 chip models and the later 1 chips, which of course had compatibility issues. The better picture of the 1 chip with the full compatibility of the 2 chip. If he were to do the same for the Mega Sg where you have all the desired audio from the original model genesis, but the better composite of the later models, that would be the sweet spot IMO.
  20. Regarding the composite output on the Mega Sg through the DAC, I mentioned this previously as well and if there is any way to clean it up I'd be heavily in favor of it. Not every Genesis has bad composite like that. I'm not sure what would be involved and if it would be more trouble than it's worth though. I assume Kev used an early model 1 Genesis as his source of record, but many of the later revisions weren't plagued by this. Given that a lot of Genesis owners like to use composite because of the heavy use of dithering, I think it's something that would definitely be appreciated. That said, I do find it amusing how accurately he's recreated an actual Genesis
  21. I hear what you're saying and I try not to bitch too much, but I've had to contact Analogue support for just about everything I've purchased off them. Nt Mini had a bad power supply and I had to go back and forth with them over several days to get another. I then had issues with the analog output, and once again, I had to fight every step of the way to have them fix it. Mega Sg, I got a bad SMS adapter. And now with the DAC it isn't working on one of my TV's. This is where I'm gonna leave this, but if they want to be a premium company and charge premium prices for premium products, then they need to provide a premium level of support. Flat out, they're failing in that. Big time.
  22. That may be true, but it's super annoying that they continue to screw up the small stuff. Like not figuring out how to do a pre-order or ship a product competently. They can put together an amazing product, but it's mind boggling how they continue to drop the ball here when their customers have been very clear about their deficiencies. It seems like they either don't care, or enjoy the negative press because any press is good press.
  23. I'll have to test mine again. I've had some funny things going on recently. I literally just tested my Nt Mini through component on that TV though (was doing some other testing) and it didn't work, so I dunno....it didn't work on my Ikegami monitor either though which is odd because the DAC through component worked fine on it. For what it's worth RGB on the Nt Mini didn't work on that monitor either, but it did through the DAC. Like I said, weird things going on lol.
  24. Well unfortunately, unless you're really crazy, I don't think you'll want to be using composite on the Mega Sg through the DAC. Whites are all rainbowy. Then again, my model 1 Genesis looks the same way, so I dunno, maybe that's how you remember it and will like it . Personally, my childhood Genesis was a model 1 and didn't have the rainbow banding, but it also was a TMSS one and not the non-TMSS Genesis I have now.
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