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  1. I don't really know that this is necessary, but I also don't think anyone would rather have the rainbow banding if given the choice. I kind of look at it like how he created the Super Nt, which if I recall, was kind of a hybrid of the early 2 chip models and the later 1 chips, which of course had compatibility issues. The better picture of the 1 chip with the full compatibility of the 2 chip. If he were to do the same for the Mega Sg where you have all the desired audio from the original model genesis, but the better composite of the later models, that would be the sweet spot IMO.
  2. Regarding the composite output on the Mega Sg through the DAC, I mentioned this previously as well and if there is any way to clean it up I'd be heavily in favor of it. Not every Genesis has bad composite like that. I'm not sure what would be involved and if it would be more trouble than it's worth though. I assume Kev used an early model 1 Genesis as his source of record, but many of the later revisions weren't plagued by this. Given that a lot of Genesis owners like to use composite because of the heavy use of dithering, I think it's something that would definitely be appreciated. That said, I do find it amusing how accurately he's recreated an actual Genesis
  3. I hear what you're saying and I try not to bitch too much, but I've had to contact Analogue support for just about everything I've purchased off them. Nt Mini had a bad power supply and I had to go back and forth with them over several days to get another. I then had issues with the analog output, and once again, I had to fight every step of the way to have them fix it. Mega Sg, I got a bad SMS adapter. And now with the DAC it isn't working on one of my TV's. This is where I'm gonna leave this, but if they want to be a premium company and charge premium prices for premium products, then they need to provide a premium level of support. Flat out, they're failing in that. Big time.
  4. That may be true, but it's super annoying that they continue to screw up the small stuff. Like not figuring out how to do a pre-order or ship a product competently. They can put together an amazing product, but it's mind boggling how they continue to drop the ball here when their customers have been very clear about their deficiencies. It seems like they either don't care, or enjoy the negative press because any press is good press.
  5. I'll have to test mine again. I've had some funny things going on recently. I literally just tested my Nt Mini through component on that TV though (was doing some other testing) and it didn't work, so I dunno....it didn't work on my Ikegami monitor either though which is odd because the DAC through component worked fine on it. For what it's worth RGB on the Nt Mini didn't work on that monitor either, but it did through the DAC. Like I said, weird things going on lol.
  6. Well unfortunately, unless you're really crazy, I don't think you'll want to be using composite on the Mega Sg through the DAC. Whites are all rainbowy. Then again, my model 1 Genesis looks the same way, so I dunno, maybe that's how you remember it and will like it . Personally, my childhood Genesis was a model 1 and didn't have the rainbow banding, but it also was a TMSS one and not the non-TMSS Genesis I have now.
  7. Honestly not sure if that's good or bad knowing that quantities will be limited. Just gives eBay resellers more time to game plan....although now that I think of it, I thought they weren't doing a pre-order and were just gonna sell them when they're ready? If they're doing pre-orders I would hope they just leave them open for a period of time and then shut them off some time before the launch.
  8. You really think so? I didn't think Japan was really into retro gaming to begin with which is why Japanese versions of all these old games are so cheaply and readily available.
  9. Kev, I have one more thought about the DAC, although it's really an observation about the Mega Sg. And that is that it is pretty much unplayable through composite on the DAC. It has the composite picture of a really terrible Genesis. The whites are all rainbowy (I'm sure theres a proper term for that, but it's not coming to mind) for lack of a better word. Its actually pretty funny because you def nailed it accuracy wise, but I wonder if it's possible to recreate the composite picture of a better later model Genesis? Might be more trouble than it's worth, but I wouldn't doubt there are people out there that would like to use composite here and there for certain games.
  10. Mine is the M revision, so we both have the same TV. Should be interesting to see your results. Also, I agree about the D-series. I have several high end broadcast monitors and I'll be damned if I haven't been thinking about just selling them and rolling with my D-series. I also have a Sony KV-32FV310 and I'll prob be getting rid of that as well. It doesn't help that it needs a yoke and convergence adjustment, and that I'm not crazy about getting in there to do it with the TV on, but even if it were perfect I really just love my D-series. Granted mine is in pretty damn good shape, but the picture is great, it has the inputs you would want, it's got the look with the nice curved (and blackened) tube and it's a slot mask which I prefer to aperture grill. Oh, and it's a lot lighter than the Trinitrons to boot!
  11. I'll be interested to here how yours works out. My TV is a AV-32D303 for what it's worth.
  12. So in theory, the DAC shouldn't care if the USB power out isn't connected to and powering anything? I was thinking about ordering another switch off Amazon that uses micro usb as it's power plug just to test.
  13. Kev, the instructions with the DAC say that the firmware can be updated. Is there any chance of this thing working with HDMI switches in the future? Would it be possible for this to work with a switch that was powered by USB? I noticed that when I hooked it up to my switch the LED on it was a steady white when the USB out was not hooked into anything. When I hooked it up to my console though it was blue and it worked of course. If the power out was hooked up into a switch for instance, would it work?
  14. There will be another run. They confirmed on the petition Facebook and support also told me just last night they will be doing another run.
  15. Well, when you see a bunch pop up on eBay in a week or so, you'll know where they went....😒
  16. Thinking about this DAC thing....if it was only ever going to be compatible with one system at a time, then I don't even know why they bothered. I know a bunch of people bitched about wanting one, and I dont really wanna be that guy bitching about it now that we got it, but it would have made more sense to just make "pro" versions of each system that had both analog and digital outputs.
  17. Yes, so long as the recommended Monoprice cable is the same as what they recommend for the Nt Mini and which I'ved used on that. It works on an Ikegami monitor I have (although there is something about the sync that that monitor doesn't like cuz anything through the DAC, or my Nt Mini for that matter, has flagging....this monitor is super picky about sync though, so it doesn't surprise me) and I'd be willing to bet it would work on my BVM and my flatscreens. Either way, it doesn't really matter because it's a complete waste (for me anyway) if it won't work with a switch.
  18. Composite and S-vid work fine. If I change through the inputs when component is selected I can see for a split second an effed up screen from whatever I have hooked up like it can't sync or something.
  19. VERY disappointed with the DAC. First off, it will not work with an HDMI switch. It needs to have the power out connected to a system in order to work. On top of that, they didn't bother to include any cables to connect. For the premium you pay for their products, and the bullshit shipping costs, I expect a couple of nice short little USB and HDMI cables so that I don't have a mess of cables all over the place just to connect it. Additionally, Component does not work on my JVC D-series consumer set. Personally, I'll be returning mine. VERY, VERY disappointed with this.
  20. If you're a fan of the curved shadowmasks, I might recommend any of the Ikegami monitors. I have a few and I absolutely love them. Let me put it like this. I have a BVM-D32, and I like my Ikegami's better in many ways. They're a PITA with sync (especially the HTM line which are the HD ones), but man I love that shadowmask on the curved tube. Of course they'll still be sharper than a consumer set, but they're a much better compromise to a PVM/BVM if that isn't your thing.
  21. Maybe their Facebook response was an inside joke that you'll only get once they announce the Analogue 8. Or maybe it's just bullshit, although if that was someone in an official capacity at Analogue that made that post, it would be pretty messed up. Anyway, I'm more interested in the damn Pocket. It's 2020, lets go.
  22. I feel like I can say with about 99% certainty that when they say "get 1000 signatures and we'll make another run of the Nt Mini", that is exactly what they mean. If they had plans on making an Nt Ultralite, they would do that and wouldn't have bothered replying to this. If they do it, theyre gonna spin up production again, slap together however many they think they can sell, and call it a day. If they wanna get a lil crazy, they may offer a few more colors, but can't imagine anything past that.
  23. I think he addressed that question before and there wasn't enough space on the FPGA. Could be misremembering, and it's possible he could have optimized it to fit on the Mini. That would be awesome though if it was possible because that's the only thing missing.
  24. Hopefully a new run of the Nt Mini might also give cause for Kev to go back and address some of its remaining issues. I know there were several issues with the gameboy cores for instance, so given his work on the Pocket, I would hope that those fixes make their way onto the Mini as well. I'm sure there are other issues with some of the jailbreak cores (SMS, GG, Coleco) that may have been worked out from his work on the Mega Sg as well.
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