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  1. If I were being cynical, I'd say they want there to be limited supplies to create buzz.
  2. I'm guessing that preorders are more important this time than ever due to the custom screen. There are no preorders, that's the problem. I don't really feel like getting screwed on purchasing one because some assholes scoop them all up to scalp.
  3. So there's a lotta things to be excited about here, but we can't order yet and supplies will be "limited" when we can. On top of that, there is no ETA on the dock....I dunno....I'm a lot less excited all of a sudden, especially with how long it took for the DAC to finally appear. Edit: I guess I should say they have the price for the dock as TBA, not the date, because of course we have no date. That said, no reason to believe they won't release simultaneously I suppose.
  4. Well, there were never any promises made by Analogue on that, so you can't really complain. As for the Pocket though, I would have to imagine the logistics involved with producing a handheld device are a helluva lot more complicated than anything they've produced thus far, so major kudos on making it happen. Pretty damn impressive.
  5. Not that I really need them, but Analogue does have some balls pimping cartridge adapters again when we still haven't gotten the promised adapters for the Mega Sg. I anticipate much bitching.... Other than that, if it does GBA and is dockable to play on a TV, I'm in, and very excited!
  6. I will say one thing....if the prices on eBay lately for the Nt Mini (and the number of them that've been sold) are any indication, it sure seems everyone thinks an Nt Mini re-release is coming. As for the Pocket, I don't know the technical hurdles to recreating a GBA in FPGA, or if it's possible to do so on hardware that is cheap enough to release one right now, but I don't know that I'd be into it if it's just GB and GBC. If it's limited to just that then there I'm not seeing what, aside from portability, it would really bring to the table over a Super Game Boy in an SNt. And at least for me personally, I was never into portable gaming and played Game Boy almost exclusively on the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player anyway. Considering how many they sold though I'm sure there are plenty of people that would be into it regardless, and if that's the way they go I wish them well, but man I hope it has a GBA core and can be played on a TV...
  7. Think you're onto something here....If they make a portable system I would hope for a couple things. First, that whatever is discovered through building those cores is implemented back into the Nt Mini GB cores (although I'm not going to hold my breath unfortunately), and also, if they make something that can handle GBA (at which point I'd be in on purchasing one) that it is dockable to play on TV.
  8. Question for Kev. Has the DAC been tested on the Nt Mini? I know it seems kinda silly to ask since the Nt Mini already has analog, but if someone were already using an HDMI switch into the DAC for their SNt and MSg for instance, you could cut down on cabling by just plugging the Nt Mini in via HDMI to the switch, and then into the DAC as well.
  9. Well, if/when they die I figure it'll be a long time from now when original replacements are much harder to find. If it happens tomorrow, then prob a different scenario. Of course my CRT's may be the first to go though lol.
  10. I would just add to this by outlining my own situation. I game on CRT's and have a lot of money invested in them. I prefer playing original systems on them (and prefer playing on my CRT's in general), and when I do, I generally only use games I own, except for some of the more obscure systems I never collected for like NeoGeo and PC Engine for instance. I have another setup in my living room where I have my jailbroken Nt Mini, SNt and MSg. I don't plan on moving any of them into my CRT setup (except possibly the Nt Mini if they rerelease it in a cost reduced HDMI only format, which I'd then use on my flatscreen), but I do plan on buying a DAC or two. I'll probably buy them, test them on my CRT's and then put them away. It's future proofing more than anything, because if any of my original systems die, I won't be replacing them with another original system, I'll replace them with the Nt Mini, SNt or MSg. And if I thought the DAC's would be available forever, maybe I'd hold off, but this is all enthusiast stuff and I don't think you can count on that. When I consider how much I've spent on monitors, obscure systems, mods, cables, switches, scalers etc etc, buying a couple DACs as an insurance policy is at least something I can kinda justify. On top of that, I don't mind supporting Analogue. I had a couple run ins with them on some support issues, but they've made good on them and I of course love what they're doing with recreating these classic systems in a format that makes them accessible to the modern world. All that said, as Sneakyturtleegg said, it comes down to preference and need (or perceived need 😁) based on individual setups.
  11. Pretty sure Kevtris has said on this thread a few times that the partnership with Analogue has worked out in his and everyone elses favor. Kevtris sticks to the engineering, Analogue handles the business side. This is what has allowed all of his products to come to market. All the people here that complain about EVIL CORPORATIONS really just need to stop. Its childish and embarrassing.
  12. The way I read those settings was that you use 100/100 panning on all of the settings, for Genesis anyway.
  13. Does he have his recommended settings for everything else posted somewhere? If so, I must've missed it, but if you could share that would be great!
  14. I found it especially amusing that he even said in his own video that Analogue would be fixing things and that that was a good thing. So what do they do? They fix things and then he gets all butt hurt .
  15. The guy from Gamesack was complaining about viewers of his complaining to him that his settings sucked. But......who knows what they think is proper? Who knows what anyone thinks is proper for that matter, but he himself said he hasn't touched it since he did the video, so he doesn't even know if his own recommendations are still good or not. As you said though, the change log from Analogue just says they changed default values, so all of his settings should still produce the same results. I guess it's easier to just bitch and moan though than to actually take a look at it. Edit: one thing I noticed in the change log was that the ladder effect affects both channels equally now, so I guess maybe that could affect some things? I dunno, I like to think I have a pretty discerning ear, but I think it sounds fine as is and when I actually changed some things I noticed no change at all, and that was through my stereo system where I thought I would have picked up on it.
  16. I just tried this myself and got some interesting results. It seems that the scanlines closer to the center of the screen are much more defined in 720p when you move the height to 719. They actually look pretty awesome, like the scanlines on my BVM. But when you get further to the edge of the screen they're less defined. This is the case for normal and hybrid. Looking at a 240p test grid for instance, when height is set to 720, you see no scanlines in the white using hybrid scanlines. You switch to 719 and at the highest intensity, even the white has very defined BVM like scanlines. Odd....
  17. So I have a few things to report. First, I got my new SMS adapter today and it is working as it should, so we can put that issue to bed. However, I'm seeing odd behavior with Wonder Boy III FM. First, I'll start by saying that the hack in the Smokemonster pack works fine played through the jailbreak. Finally! I still cannot get the same ROM to work in any configuration on my Nt Mini though, so I'm stumped as to what the issue there is. Has anyone been able to get FM sound to work for Wonder Boy III on the Mini? With that said, I then tried to get it to work with my cart, but no matter what I do I can't get it to work with the cartridge. I tried all 4 of the BIOS files that I transferred over from my Nt Mini pack, but none work. In fact, I don't see any difference at all. When you load the different BIOS files on the Mini the startup behavior changes for some of them. Can anyone else confirm this behavior? Lastly, maybe I just have this whole thing wrong (since I had spent a lot of time and had a few different modders look at the FM mod on my SMS which wouldn't work for Wonder Boy III either), but is it not possible to get FM sound from a US Wonder Boy III cart? From what I remember reading it is, but I can't get it to work on my modded SMS, nor can I get it to work on the Mega Sg. All that said though, I was finally able to find a way to get it (ROM hack through the Mega Sg jailbreak), but it seems odd to me and I'd still like to get it working on my actual SMS at some point.
  18. If they were to rerelease the Nt Mini, I wonder if with a larger FPGA like is used in the Super Nt and Mega Sg would allow for 4k support. If they're going to revisit the NES, I'd like to see that.
  19. I felt like from Kev's prior comments that the adapters were more of a service to the customers as opposed to something that is going to generate a lot of money for them at prices they'll be selling. So I don't think they should affect any possible jailbreak.
  20. For anyone interested, Analogue finally got back to me this morning and will be sending a new SMS adapter. We'll see how long it takes them to ship it out.
  21. Hey, I totally get that too. There's no wrong choice to make here
  22. I'm a little surprised to hear that the EUR version was the one which they made the least of. I would have figured more people would like the look of that with all of their other TV/stereo/newer video game equipment. At least in my case the only game systems I have hooked up to my flatscreen using HDMI are my Nt Mini, Super Nt, Mega Sg and newer systems like PS4, Switch etc. I think the EUR version looks best next to all of those, but that's just my preference of course.
  23. Well I went ahead and forwarded that pic to Analogue support as well. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. At the very least, the next step in troubleshooting this is using another adapter anyway, so I'd have to assume they'll be sending a new one....
  24. I assume that the same pin on your adapter doesn't look like mine right?
  25. Yes, this. In the second pic the one that has less solder on it you can tell that the spike is indeed the pin. It's not easy to tell from the pic I provided, but take a closer look at your own. You can see where the solder ends and the rest of the pin is sticking up off the board. Which would mean that the pin I pointed out on my first pic is indeed snapped off and they just threw a bunch of solder on there in it's place.
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