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  1. I half expected to see an Atari version of Yeah Yeah Beebis I on here
  2. Another game that I am better at than I remembered. This club has done a surprisingly good job of boosting my self esteem!
  3. Everyone did all the good ones so here’s Fire Fly. Is that four things with wings?
  4. I haven’t had much time to play, so I better at least post one in case I don’t get another chance. Not bad actually!
  5. Getting better! My ghost hunting was a little off so it should’ve been even higher
  6. Already updating my score. I had some extra time to play while my baby was keeping me awake
  7. Nice! I only need 2 to finish my Odyssey 2 set. Just Atlantis and Demon Attack
  8. I have 533 NES games. I’ve called myself a collector since about the turn of the century so that’s not bad. Games are definitely more expensive now, but I bet I could get to 600 without breaking the bank too much. I’m gonna try anyway
  9. I only have two physical Vita games. They are Persona 4 Golden and Tales of Hearts R though so they kept me busy for a long time.
  10. Hey I finally have a score! And it’s not as bad as I thought it would be!
  11. My son likes to run around on Pengo. He doesn’t know how to play but still has fun
  12. Apollo gets my vote for worst quality. It’s hard to find them with both front and end labels intact K-Tel Vision had the worst artwork. It is the most bizarre genetic label I have ever seen. None of the weird images relate to the games at all
  13. Infiltrate is probably my favorite. I find most of their games to be more interesting than good, but I will play Infiltrate just for fun sometimes
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