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  1. Yay a couple of scores. No Pitfall II yet because I need more time to play it.
  2. No time this week! Here’s a score just so I make it on the board
  3. Well here’s my first score entry . I admit I had some fun
  4. I’m not the biggest Imagic guy so I am happy to do this good
  5. Dang this game is wild! I have never owned a copy so it is new to me. I am glad I finally had an excuse to play, but I hope I haven’t reached my ceiling yet
  6. And to think that I played through it for nothing! I should get an extra 0.000001 point for that
  7. I figured it out. I was trying to play through board three thereby inflicting myself with more DK Jr than necessary. Here’s my legit same score
  8. well I sure don’t remember losing a life, but it won’t hurt my feelings if I have to try again either. Did I have the wrong settings? I was playing the red Atari version
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