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  1. Dang this game is wild! I have never owned a copy so it is new to me. I am glad I finally had an excuse to play, but I hope I haven’t reached my ceiling yet
  2. And to think that I played through it for nothing! I should get an extra 0.000001 point for that
  3. I figured it out. I was trying to play through board three thereby inflicting myself with more DK Jr than necessary. Here’s my legit same score
  4. well I sure don’t remember losing a life, but it won’t hurt my feelings if I have to try again either. Did I have the wrong settings? I was playing the red Atari version
  5. Yay two games that I like that nobody else seems to. I love it when we do lesser known games
  6. No each one seems to be terrible in its own way. They were each a bit different at the very least. There are two I haven’t played yet though
  7. It’s gotta be the Hyperscan for me. It had terrible games that you had to play in bits and pieces and even with the discs having game skeletons they still took over a minute to load
  8. Although I still think Amico is too similar to Amiibo. They should’ve went with my name: The Tommyvision 5000Z. Now that’s a console name!
  9. Well I still love my Switch! It has a ton of great games and they are always having digital sales. I am a huge RPG fan though so maybe that’s why. That machine is great for RPGs. Also, Nintendo will fix your drifting controllers for free. I sent mine in and it only took about a week and a half to get them back.
  10. I’m not very good at these and can’t even get Kool-Aid Man to work
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