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  1. Here’s Mario as a villain from Donkey Kong Jr
  2. Talk about beginner’s luck. I got this score on my first game and couldn’t even get half that any other time I played.
  3. I finally got mine today from a Target restock that lasted about two minutes. I am looking forward to getting Tales of Arise later today
  4. It makes me think of Road Rash on Sega CD having unrelated music videos attached to show off the system’s improved sound. They’re super grainy too
  5. I didn’t think it was too bad. It’s repetitive but I had moderate fun with it. I like everything though
  6. Well there was a game called Frogger, but the original gameplay was only a small part of it. Did it have a way to play the original game? I can’t remember
  7. Oh and Frogger. It was the last US game for both the SNES and Genesis plus the famous 2600 version and a much later release on PS4
  8. Double Dragon and Pac-Man are on all 4 and then some. Ms. Pac-Man too I am sure
  9. It’s a typical choice but it’s gotta be Duck Tales for me. I’ve had the moon level song in my head for 30 years
  10. Contra, Rygar, Ninja Gaiden I and II, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, Bionic Commando, and Dragon Warrior III come to mind as being tough. I’ve never beat Mega Man without the Elec Man pause trick so that probably doesn’t count
  11. Yay a couple of scores. No Pitfall II yet because I need more time to play it.
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