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  1. I bought a Colecovision recently, and when I hook it up to my tv it is nothing but colored fuzz. It seems like an RF problem, but I have tried it with multiple working RF adaptors and still nothing. I think it is powering on because the tv is changing color when I turn on the power. I have tried both an older Atari style RF and a newer one without a tv/game switch. Any idea what the problem is? Does it sound like the system or the hookups?
  2. This whole post is starting to give me droid rage.
  3. That is some good copy! I don’t think there’s anything else in the game that they could’ve added the word droid to.
  4. nester

    Last 7800 game

    No I haven’t, but that’s not relevant to my question. I guess nobody knows the answer
  5. nester

    Last 7800 game

    Thats more of a homebrew utility though. Im talking about games with a retail release.
  6. The whole Froggo story really confuses me, and because they were rereleases of older games they dont get talked about much. Why release older unsuccessful games on a system that didnt have much support anymore? Were they hoping for a boost from the 7800? I was just wondering if anyone bought them back in the late 80s or remember seeing them in stores? Ive always been curious about that.
  7. nester

    Last 7800 game

    Does anyone know what the last U.S. game for the 7800 was? I know that Midnight Mutants has the latest serial number, but that doesnt mean it was last. Any insight on this. Release dates for 7800 dont seem to be very well documented in general.
  8. Gotta be an interesting coincidence. The character in Gremlins 2 is based on Al Lewis, but not played by him. I never noticed the connections though.
  9. I will have to look at that. Still, it kinda sucks when I have to watch a video and copy it to be able to finish a game. It's like tracking down all those blue coins in Mario Sunshine
  10. Hey that is the part I was talking about! Why isn't that happening on my disc? Am I just not standing in the right spot? It seems like I stepped everywhere and did everything. I"m starting to have my doubts about this game
  11. I was reading online that to beat Rayman on PS I have to collect all of the cages in all of the levels. The problem is that some of them seem impossible to get. I don't mean that I suck or don't know how to get them, I mean that I've been to websites with maps of the levels and they don't match up with what is in the actual game. There are missing trumpets in Allegro Pesto which keep me from getting a cage in the top of the second part of the level. In Bongo Hills there is a spot where there should be a gap that I can fly that mushroom thing through, but there are nothing but spiked balls. Is there some kind of game error, or is this just the way the game is designed? Is it possible to beat the game without collecting all the cages? Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  12. I just played through Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 and Looney Tunes Collector Alert. I have been on quite a GBC kick lately. They were both very good games although DWM was very long and Looney Tunes was very short. Still, I think there are many hidden gems on that system. I just wish they would've kept the black carts instead of those poofy clear ones. They are a bit tricky to stack on a shelf.
  13. So close! Somehow I lucked out on a late night ebay auction and actually got a good deal on it. I payed much more for Stargunner and Demolition Herby.
  14. Still waiting on my Ram It and London Blitz to come in the mail. I finally got all the Telesys games so that's cool.
  15. nester

    Rarity 1's

    I had them all the last time I checked. I believe my last one was that Casino cart. It seems like that is the last one most people get. Anyway, it was a proud moment when I finally finished off the 1s. I think I still have a few 2s to get.
  16. If that's the going rate than you can have my system without the box for half price. Just a measly $24,000.
  17. My rarest cart is Boing!. You'll probably know that if you've been reading my posts on here for the last four years because I talk about it all the time. Besides that one I don't have anything over a 5.
  18. I've never had that much money to spend on games, so I'm notorious for waiting for the absolute cheapest price. I just paid 25 bucks for a copy of Double Dragon, but even with that one I had an ebay coupon. I guess that's still about the most expensive one. I have a couple of games that are worth more, but I got real good deals on those.
  19. There sure are a lot of good cheap Atari games. My recommendation is Turmoil.
  20. So you're on Atariage talking about how obsessive Nintendo collectors are. Have you met any Atari collectors? Anyway, NA has a pretty good list of all the 5 screws. There is interest in these because they are the earliest carts produced for the most part. There are a few anomalies though which makes it even more interesting. 5 screw list: http://www.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=12044
  21. I've tried it a million times but I still can't beat Gradius. I've been so close too. It really drives me crazy.
  22. I've never read a top 100 list that had more games I've never heard of. Also, who would ever dream of putting the Zelda so low on a list nowadays? I'm sure all the internet communities would go crazy.
  23. You know, I'm having similar trouble with my Micro Machines. It worked the first time I played it, but the graphics were kind of wavy. Then it just started blinking forever. I think all my other Camerica games work just fine. There's also one AVE and one Wisdom Tree game that I can't get to work. All my other unlicensed games work fine though. Maybe I'll try disabling my lockout chip with my extra NES if that's what the problem is.
  24. Well that's a little more complicated than I expected. I don't think it's a connector problem so it's probably a problem on the inside like you suggested. I guess the easiest fix of all is to just take the 32X out when I want to play regular Genesis games. Of course I'll do some troubleshooting and see if I can figure out what the problem is.
  25. I just got my 32X working recently, but I noticed that when I play regular Genesis games through it they are yellow and washed out looking. I'm playing it through a Genesis 2 and the 32X games look just fine. My prediction is that I'm using an RF adapter instead of an AV cable. Anybody knows why this happens and what I can do about it? Or is this normal for the system?
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