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  1. Not sure if anyone else will find this useful or not but here goes: I have owned this system since it was brand new back in the day when I was a kid and wanted to get this one working again for nostalgia reasons maybe... Problem: System powers up and plays games in black and white on TV screen - no colors Solution: I mothballed this console for a number of years and dug it out recently to get to the bottom of it. I found the power jack on the console was corroded (no cracked solderjoints though) but still managed to work enough to power up and play games. Replaced the power jack and played Woderboy 3 to test. IT is working as it should again.
  2. Bought some N64 games from him, smooth transaction, great guy.
  3. Tomarc the Barbarian, Strategy X, Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak all for $2 each at a video game store. Power strike for the sega master system for $7 complete and mint at the same video game place. I also got an APF MP1000 system boxed for $2.50 at goodwill along with 2 boxed games for $1 each.
  4. 20eyes


    Got one coming thanks!
  5. WTB: Sega Genesis 2/Nomad power pack, battery, and a genesis 2 av cable. PM me with details and a price. Thanks, mike
  6. 20eyes

    Edit: got one

    WTB Super Burnout for the Jaguar. Loose is fine, with the manual would be good too. Thanks! PM me with info and a price. -mike
  7. 20eyes

    PS1 game shark

    Let me know how much if you've got one to sell.
  8. Picked up some genesis games today: Chakan Elemental Master Sol-Deace Shining Darkness Sword Of Vermillion Thunder Force 3 Truxton Sad thing is im almost excited at this, everything is nearly dried up around here way too many ebay resellers to make this hobby fun for me anymore...
  9. WTB model 1 genesis system. Preferably working. I may be interested in non working ones if their cheap enough.
  10. Can be greatest hits, I just want to play the game. Can be disc only as long as it works.
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