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  1. Not sure if anyone else will find this useful or not but here goes: I have owned this system since it was brand new back in the day when I was a kid and wanted to get this one working again for nostalgia reasons maybe... Problem: System powers up and plays games in black and white on TV screen - no colors Solution: I mothballed this console for a number of years and dug it out recently to get to the bottom of it. I found the power jack on the console was corroded (no cracked solderjoints though) but still managed to work enough to power up and play games. Replaced the power jack and played Woderboy 3 to test. IT is working as it should again.
  2. Bought some N64 games from him, smooth transaction, great guy.
  3. Tomarc the Barbarian, Strategy X, Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak all for $2 each at a video game store. Power strike for the sega master system for $7 complete and mint at the same video game place. I also got an APF MP1000 system boxed for $2.50 at goodwill along with 2 boxed games for $1 each.
  4. 20eyes


    Got one coming thanks!
  5. WTB: Sega Genesis 2/Nomad power pack, battery, and a genesis 2 av cable. PM me with details and a price. Thanks, mike
  6. 20eyes

    Edit: got one

    WTB Super Burnout for the Jaguar. Loose is fine, with the manual would be good too. Thanks! PM me with info and a price. -mike
  7. 20eyes

    PS1 game shark

    Let me know how much if you've got one to sell.
  8. Picked up some genesis games today: Chakan Elemental Master Sol-Deace Shining Darkness Sword Of Vermillion Thunder Force 3 Truxton Sad thing is im almost excited at this, everything is nearly dried up around here way too many ebay resellers to make this hobby fun for me anymore...
  9. WTB model 1 genesis system. Preferably working. I may be interested in non working ones if their cheap enough.
  10. Can be greatest hits, I just want to play the game. Can be disc only as long as it works.
  11. Well, genesis controllers aren't worth more than a couple bucks to me...
  12. Specifically im looking for (no 1650) made in Taiwan. With the big screws. Has a rom instead on the blob on the circuit board inside. I want a couple to modify to use with my vectrex.
  13. WTB: A bunch of 3 button Genesis controllers. Working prefered. I would like to get at least a couple from one person.
  14. Sega dreamcast, ( just need a working controller and a game to play!) N64 gase shark madden 64 (loose) NES zapper
  15. Looking for Smash TV and Ikari Warriors for NES. I would prefer loose (I dont collect boxes) with a clean label and a manual. PM me with details and a price.
  16. Thrifts have been kinda dry lately, hopefully will pickup soon. Goodwill: Boxed mint Wico Boss controller
  17. FS/FT Finally getting down to the bottom of my trade box. Dont be afraid to make an offer especially on the guitar and computer stuff I want it gone! Pictures available upon request Looking for in trade: NES carts, manuals, SMS complete games, Jaguar games, Vectrex games. Guitar stuff: Guitar magazines: Guitar one, guitar world, guitar player issues. 23 total plus a BC rich catalog from a couple years ago. Issues are from 2003 to 2005 Smokey guitar amp in black polycarb case $10 cables: 2 i think they are 15 - 20 foot 2 3 foot 1 6 foot Computer Stuff: Mostly old/useless stuff. Microsoft.net Solution Architectures (Exam 70-300) Training manual $3 200 watt power supply $5 300 watt power supply $ US Robotics 56k modem PCI (3CP2977-OEM-50) untested $5 ISA Sound Card (Wave Master 32FGP) $3 All hard drives are untested They are are all pulls so I can't give any sorta guarantee(3.5"unless noted): 1.2 Gig (Quantum Fireball BF1280AT) $5 2.11 Gig 5.25" (Quantum Bigfoot bf21a011) Has windows 98 on it which wont load $5 6.4 Gig (Quantum Fireball ST ST64A2F1) $5 20 Gig (IBM deskstar DTLA-305020) $10 PC Games: Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare $2 Myst Masterpiece Edition $2 Sim City 3000 $5 Sim Isle $2 Super 1 Karting $2 Test Drive Offroad 3 $2 Warcraft 3 (jewel case and inserts only) $1 Arcade: Lee Trevinos Fighting Golf JAMMA board marquee and monitor bezel $10 360: GPAC360 storage case $10 NES: Loose: Dr. Mario $3 Link $5 Playstation 1: Console only (no cables) $10 Crash team racing (CASE ONLY) GH $1
  18. Sold and pending items edited Added model train stuff and wanted in trade items.
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