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  1. Very nice on all responses. Thanks for the extra pics. And yes, the white opaque for the back layer of the original overlay is the point of question I had about your overlay having some sort of layer that blocked light.
  2. Nice work so far. But it looks as if you might have forgotten the opaque portion of the Vectrex overlay. Ideally, the opaque part of the overlay would be a screen printed layer on the back. But since you went with the lamination method then may just as a easy to place in the middle of the overlay layers. Might also help to stiffen the overlay. Laminated Vectrex overlay are definitely more flimsy-floppy than the originals. And that leads to the overlay not staying in place as well. Question,,, Do your laminated Vectrex overalys fit into the four (4) overlay retention clips on the Vectrex screen bezel?
  3. Another way to get help is via the VEXTREME discord . https://discord.gg/5Q6CxuxJ
  4. Kristof does have games to sell. The one I know I that is ready to go as a first quality new item sale is Vector Pilot Complete(CIB) with Overlay #1 Red. Kristof does have other things for sale. However they may be of lesser quality. Or might be cart only. The overlay you want may not be available at this time. He is looking for another printer to use after his previous printer no longer is available. Kristof may take while to respond. As long as a couple of weeks. Patience is needed as he has a life outside of retogaming. BTW, what part of the planet are you located?
  5. Kristof does not sell directly on eBay.
  6. Vectrex game Armor Attack - Aluminium & brass shell in Ukrainian colours Armor Attack in custom aluminium and brass shell in Ukrainian colours - Sold for charity This auction is for charity. All money I get from this auction will be donated to Swedish Red Cross. Ebay does not support Swedish charities, so I will handle the donation manually myself. The winner will get a printed certificate of donation. Hearing news about the horrors of war when Russia wages war against Ukraine makes one feel powerless to do anything about it. So I decided to act and do SOMETHING, anything to support Ukraine in this crisis. This auction was the best idea I could come up with. It is just the original game Armor Attack (by GCE 1982) that I have housed in a custom machined metal shell that I have made myself. The top half of the shell is made from solid aluminium that has been surface treated blue by a method called anodizing. The logo of the game has then been engraved into the shell through the coloured blue oxide layer so the engraving stands out in shiny aluminium "silver" against the otherwise blue surface. The bottom shell was made from solid brass. Blue aluminium top and yellow brass bottom shell makes the colours of the flag of Ukraine. This shell is HEAVY. More than three times as heavy as a plastic shell. The brass bottom shell has been hollowed out even more than usual to make it lighter so it won't put unnecessary strain on the cartridge port in the vectrex. https://www.rodakorset.se/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-game-Armor-Attack---Aluminium-&-brass-shell-in-Ukrainian-colours-/154904394347 #Charity #Auction #Svenska #Röda #Korset #Swedish #Red #Cross #Ukrainian #Colours #Vectrex #game #cartridge #cart #shell #Blue #aluminium #Yellow #brass #Armor #Attack
  7. Whenever you find a person to work on the board, have then add a set of sockets of the DIP ICs to make future maintenance easier.
  8. Has anyone ever made a Pantone PMS color set for the Vectrex CRT Phosphor color at various brightness control levels? Visible low. Medium. Bright without blanked lines. Very Bright with everything shown. Very Bright with everything shown.
  9. Vectrexer


    Example of a VecFever SD recently received from @TomSon. Yes, some assembly required. If you don't want to do the work, then suggest you request the other VecFever already package in a Vectrex cartridge shell. It will cost more. This VecFever SD is completely usable without installing the header and/or LED. But you will need to supply your own micro SD card. And a cartridge shell if you want it protected. And Yes, VecFever SD will fit inside one of @SeanKelly's reproduction Vectrex cart shells without modification (http://www.vectrexmulti.com/order2.html). The fitment will be tight. Better to modify the shell with a slot for easy SD card access. Or create a 3D printed shell for this board.
  10. Yep. One of mine also did not have any message.
  11. While the boxed games are nice enough condition, they seem to be too questionably WATA 'ishy. IMHO the sale prices at that level are happening way too soon to be realistically counted as an average auction proceedings for the Vectrex. Tor Vectrex 3D Narrow Escape or any other Vectrex 3D title (Crazy Coaster, Mine Storm). Even considering the current retro craze. But I guess i could be wrong,,,, uh-huh.....
  12. Vectrexer

    MenuMaker 0.3

    I like version option nomenclature you have listed. Suggest also checking with @Richard H. to see if another differences exist for ancient VecMulti versions. Might as well try to cover them if there are more.
  13. Vectrexer


    Christmas Eve VecFever present from Thomas Sontowski! "Firmware v2.40 – Merry Christmas ! Hopefully I can entice you to dig out your Vectrex and have some vector fun, playing your favourite Vectrex games or looking at new goodies for the Vectrex. And to get you interested I have added a few new things, too. The Christmas mode option of ‘Word War VI’ has been finally debugged and enabled so now you can play as Santa and drop presents as a side-quest. ••• (more) " http://www.vecfever.com/2021/12/24/firmware-v2-40-merry-christmas/ #VecFever #Firmware #v240 #Thomas #Sontowski #Vectrex
  14. Maybe more shill bidding by some WATA crew in performance of fake pricing statistics generation? Hope not.
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