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  1. Most wall wart power convertors are not suitable for Vectrex, or other old electronics, uses. You will want to stay with a sine wave type of power converter. In the USA or Canada that would be an external Step-Up or Step-Down power transformer when used a foreign (UK / Euro / Nordic / Japan) Vectrex. Something similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Pyle-voltage-converter-Transformer-Charging/dp/B00EEJZQ5W/ref=sr_1_5 Or you could also use a Double-Conversion, Pure Sine Wave, UPS. More expensive. The Vectrex needs at least 40 Watts of power. Really, it does better with 55 to 60 Watts. When determining a Step-Up/Down transformer to use I suggest one that can supply at least 75 to 100 Watts continuous. From the various region Vectrex rear panel labels. GCE Vectrex USA Voltage : 120 VAC MB - GCE Vectrex, Canadian Voltage : 120VAC MB Vectrex UK Voltage : 240VAC MB Vectrex Australia Voltage : 240VAC MB Vectrex Euro (France) Voltage : 220 VAC MB Vectrex Euro (Germany) Voltage : 220 VAC MB Vectrex Euro (Netherlands) Voltage : 220 VAC MB Vectrex Euro (Spain) Voltage : 220 VAC MB Vectrex Euro (Italy) Voltage : 220 VAC MB Vectrex Euro (Sweden) Voltage : 220 VAC MB Vectrex Euro (Finland) Voltage : 220 VAC Bandai Vectrex, JAPAN Voltage : 100VAC
  2. If anyone has a loose GCE Vectrex Web Wars cart they are selling I am looking for one
  3. Send a private message (PM) if interested. Looking to trade a Web Warp cart for a Web Wars cart. This would be a straight trade. Location: USA, West Coast, SF Bay Area, 94044 Web Warp Game Cartridge for General Consumer Electronics (GCE) / Milton Bradley (MB) Vectrex. Made by Milton Bradley. With MB Euro / Nordic region rounded letting Vectrex logo design. Republic of Ireland (IRE) production factory. Snap closure cart case design made without closure screw. Welded permanently closed at the factory. More rounded corners seen on this cartridge case and cartridge label from this production location. #Vectrex #Web #Warp #WebWarp #Wars #WebWars Cart Pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7teqK5sJcpJpCbcm8
  4. Thanks Brett Walach for the Updated Vectorblade IC with Malban's updated Vectorblade release v1.03. And the Vectrex LED enhancement add-on boards too! https://PlayVectrex.com/ #Vectrex #Vectorblade #PlayVectrex #LED
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSqJsToqVrg
  6. You didn't need facebook for this one. https://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/2457/vectorblade-order-info?page=1
  7. Vectrexer


    All labels have been given away.
  8. This one has more traffic. https://www.facebook.com/groups/VECTREX
  9. Vectrexer


    If anyone would like some extra VecFever cart label stickers for free let me know. I have some extras I will not be using. Send a PM.
  10. Update: Play Oregon Trail online Using DrSnuggles online Vectrex Emulator. Here is the direct link to access the emulator and call the ROM for the game. https://drsnuggles.github.io/jsvecx/?rom=OregonTrail
  11. In the Facebook group Vectrex fans unite!, a group member named Ralf Kornmann has released a Vectrex port of the classic game "Oregon Trail". This port is a text only so far. No sound. No mini game. Ralf's port of Oregon Trail is improving and is up to version version 1.0.1 so far. Looking forward to future improvements. Fun nostalgic game play. Oregon Trail for Vectrex by Ralf Kornmann release version 1.0.1 download via Facebook Files post. Oregon Trail for Vectrex by Ralf Kornmann release version 1.0.1 download via Google Drive post.
  12. Richard Hutchinson (@Richard H.) completed and uploaded the first public version of the Vectrex Front Panel Controller Retention Clip 3D Model file. Attaching the file (Vec_clip.stl) to this thread Related Facebook Vectrex fans unite! group post URL: Vectrex controller clip STL ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/vectrex/permalink/1206775312866177/ ) Vec_clip.stl
  13. Over on Facebook Ralf Kornmann gave me permission to share the link to the Early Alpha version of his Vectrex Emulator software here. Vectrex Emulator for Windows & DirectX 11 ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/15-_Ch8ME0-XE9Al3sy6ocAuWx8afvZ-V/view ) Check the link fairly often. So far, the announcements of updates are posted in the Vectrex fans unite! Facebook group. The link to the updates has stayed the same.
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