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  1. It's not a hardware thing - it is definitely in the software. The programming guide specifically mentions it. 2600 games had the foreground/background color changes in all games cartridges that did it. With more memory, came better attract screens like demos and high scores.
  2. Harry_Dodgson


    I just got one of these and it is fantastic - has PD software and emulates dozens of game systems. Makes GBC, GBA and NGPC games look and sound good. Harry
  3. Hi, How about meeting at your place ? Harry
  4. I am running a promotion where the eBook is free through Sunday Jan 31st to boost my sales numbers. Get it now - the price will not get any better than free (that means I haven't stooped to paying people to read and review it yet).
  5. It's a stretch, but there are some elements that made it from the game that I was plotting out into the book, like the enemy AI. I put it here because I figured that a few Lynx owners might consider what I've been doing of mild interest. At least one person was interested enough to check it out - Thank you, karri, for the kind words.
  6. Hi, I decided to write this as an eBook instead of a game. Check it out on the Kindle Store (that means http://www.amazon.com). Harry My apologies if you read this in multiple places.
  7. Hi Guys, I decided to do this as a book instead of a game. Check it on the the Kindle Store. The first 2-1/2 chapters are available as a sample. Harry
  8. I read the .pdf's on these batteries and they have a high open circuit voltage, but drop down as soon as you put a load on them. It would be interesting for someone with money to burn to run a longevity test with them compared to Duracells.
  9. Actually, I think the vibration pack really makes the game :-) Too bad you can't slot both at once.
  10. Yes, that's it. Mine is more worn looking (from wearing, of course).
  11. I was playing Bravely Default until I found out that I missed out on so many of the possible job categories by not fulfilling every #$%^ side quest that came along.
  12. IMHO I love "Space Invaders Extreme 2". It tends to be the one slotted in my original DS the most. "Electroplankton" is cute but not much play value. "Metroid Prime Hunters" has a lot of depth to it. "Point Blank" translated well from a shooting game to tapping on the touch screen. /IMHO
  13. Yes, I got one for free at CES (when both CES and Atari were in Chicago) with California Games surfing on the front.
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