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  1. try with an emulator, place a break just after the nop instruction, look at the tmp0 value
  2. On SNES, games with SuperFX Starfox, Doom or even Virtuaracing on Megadrive, the console works like a graphics terminal. The size of the screen also depends essentially on the amount of data that you can transmit during the blanking period rather than on the power of the SuperFX
  3. Oh my God !! The price is now 211euros and it's not even the deluxe version!
  4. Hi, I don't remember if I already asked the question (I put the obtaining of the GD aside a little because of different reasons, and in particular the difficulty of obtaining it ...), but how are things going with the new regulations concerning customs duties in Europe? How not to have a surprise at the reception with a surplus of several tens of euros (especially because there is often abuse on the part of carriers)?
  5. You do a STORE in DRAM just at the very beginning of an interrupt, then just 2 instructions later a JR followed by an ADDQ on a register used for the STORE in DRAM just before which may not be finished.... Maybe this drives the GPU crazy. Try with others instructions as I suggested.
  6. also, try with other instructions. For example move r1,r2 move r1,r0 instead of "store" just for testing
  7. aren't you supposed to "clear the master interupt mask, and the appropriate interrupt latch, and enable higher priority interrupts immediatly" ?
  8. did I mention Starblade already?
  9. I mentioned it a little earlier in the comments. Try in PAL mode
  10. Starblade is more appropriate in this case because it is almost entirely in precomputed 3D like the STNICCC démo
  11. woohoo, you should plan to port Starblade on Jaguar
  12. you have to assume that the hardware is not, or badly, initialized. This is also the reason for the sound bug in Superburnout and Atari Kart
  13. ok, after doing some tests I realized that there was a lot of dust on the contact of the right channel ..... everything is ok now. But not against it really seems to be a difference in the music between 60 and 50Hz. From 1'10" at 60Hz the sound seems slightly distorted, out of tune. You have to listen to the music for a long time, until the end. Hard to compare the 2 versions.
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