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  1. Hello Saint, is there a programming manual or something like that ?
  2. Hello SainT, is there a programming manual or something like that ? (ok, i created a topic for this question in the new subforum "Jaguar SD Cart Development" )
  3. Oh, the JagSD does not support 5 cycles rom access ? You did not test it?
  4. That's not the question here. I'm asking why he can't just simulate, emulate the CD I/O. There's not so much of it. This way, anything accessing BUTCH will work fine.
  5. I dont understand, can't you just simulate or emulate the CDROM (the I/O) so you dont have to deal with CD BIOS, whatever that is ?
  6. Found this on Atari Jaguar Fans, Facebook "Some of you might find this interesting. I figured out how to mix music and sound in Jaguar Doom, the results however are quite terrible. The music sounds quite scratchy and choppy but everything else runs fine. Here is a better example, apologies for the poor camera work. I was trying to film and play at the same time. It really seems like the id Software team almost had it but ran out of time, IMO."
  7. Oh ok. I think I understand the bug. The strange thing is that it should not happen because it seemed to me that the Skunkboard, or the transfer software, correctly configured the cartridge header automatically. Otherwise, no official ROM would work properly on Skunkboard… I missed something
  8. it's strange, why is there a difference in tempo between the cartridge and skunk version? The 2 (default) differences between "classic" rom and skunk board is the wide and the speed of the data bus. Do not tell me that the tempo is given by the speed of the 68000 in rom?
  9. Hello François, what is the difference exactly between the versions: cartridge, emulator, Skunk? And why ?
  10. Oh, I did not see that the topic had been updated ...
  11. yes but this is an old topic from 2017. It has just finished and published the 7 versions on 31/12/2018. http://www.gamopat-forum.com/t96481-fini-barbarian-sur-jaguar-versions-cpc-c64-st-amiga-pc-appleii-spectrum
  12. So, no one to talk about the 7 finished versions of Barbarian on Jaguar by François Lecornec and made with RB+ ? Or I missed somthing...
  13. DEATH

    Broken VLM

    This could help https://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com/images/Manuals/95_Atari_Jaguar_CD_Owners_Manual.pdf And also : External input mode (Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine)For external input mode, press A, * and # after closing the Jaguar CD lid without a disc inserted. Spectrum trigger configuration (Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine)For spectrum trigger configuration, press *, 0, 1, then 3 at a blank screen in VLM mode. Configure effects (Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine)To configure the effects, first enable the "Spectrum trigger configuration" code by pressing *, 0, 1, then 3 at a blank screen in VLM mode. Then, highlight the first option on the spectrum configuration menu and press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, then Down. Note: Use the C button to exit menus that have no default exit option.
  14. This is just a bad copy, or a damaged original version, of the CD bypass cartridge.
  15. are you aware that the DSP is full of bug especially on external access? I invite you to take a look at the DSP source code of DOOM to have a little idea.
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