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  1. An FPS with water-guns. That is a pretty solid idea. I, myself, just had a water-gun fight with my son and a kid we were watching this weekend. Something like this on the Amico would be great IMO. Also, a football game along the lines of 'Mutant League Football' would be great to see, minus the blood and violence of course. Just my two cents on things.
  2. That would be cool, and 'ole Willie at ArcadeUSA would love to see this, that's for sure.
  3. Oh, nothing too spectacular or anything. Just a little feuding with Pat Contri and Ian regarding their questions/concerns/feelings regarding the Amico and people's reactions to it. Nothing really more than that and not too much to see.
  4. I voted for what's worth. I know that the Amico has had some drama surrounding it as of late. Still, I look forward to seeing what all it can bring to the table as it is looking pretty good thus far.
  5. Agreed. The whole point of the Amico is to offer a completely different gaming experience from the games down to the controller. That is the only way the system is going to swim, if it is not sunk by the big boys. I, too, have my reservations, but I think they have a plan and are sticking to it. Hopefully they are successful and can be an good alternative to what the other, regular competition is doing.
  6. That looks badass and I am very much interested in seeing the Opcode Omni come to life, especially with redone/updated Odyssey 2 games.
  7. Any renderings of the Venture and/or Zaxxon style controllers. Just wondering. Thanks as these controllers look damn good. Nice work!
  8. Well, I guess we now know why the Dreamcade Replay's original design got nixed. Not that anyone is really missing the Dreamcade Replay, though. That being said, it does look really slick and much better than FB3-FB9 design.
  9. I can dig it. Definitely would be a slick little device, but I just don't know if there is a whole lot of push for seeing 7800 and Lynx titles come to life. Still, one can dream and I like this dream of yours.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining and I absolutely love your product. I just wish we could have Stella considering we get the same exact emulator every year. Has the dev team considered updating their homegrown emulator this year? I agree, it would be nice to see the handheld get a bump in specs and hardware design. However, I am pretty happy overall with the 2018 model with the loaded up SD card that Arenafoot provides. Trust me, having a handheld that (pretty much) perfectly emulates an original 2600 with 1k+ games should be plenty in most people's book.
  11. I gotta say I was super impressed with what Gamester81 showed off on his channel. I have to congratulate CollectorVision games with putting together a truly amazing labor of love. I wish I had the cash to help contribute to the company and purchase one of these as I think they have done a fantastic and amazing job keeping a old console alive and having it fresh to continue onward into the future. My hat's off to CollectorVision.
  12. Definitely interested in this product even more now with its capability to do Vic-20 stuff (games, basic, etc.). I know that it was maybe a tad bit obvious this would happen. However, considering that I never got to experience these machines first hand and this looks to be a good option to get into two of the biggest Commodore machines made, I will have to seriously give it some consideration pending reviews.
  13. Agreed. That version, plus the black and the red are all pretty slick.
  14. I dig it. I don't think is great or anything, but I think its good and will get the job done.
  15. Interesting article on Digital Trends ( I think the guy is right and that the VCS does certainly have an opportunity to be a lot of things to different people. I also think he has been drinking the Atari VCS Kool-Aid quite a bit, possibly even forcefully. However, we have practically seen bupkis regarding games beyond the Atari Vault, any streaming capabilities, browsers being used, etc. Sorry, but Atari is the one's making the bed for them to lie themselves onto, not the people whom they are trying to court and buy the thing.
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