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  1. Couldn't agree more with those titles, especially League Bowling which has become a top go to game for me.
  2. Yeah, that sounds like a pisser for sure. Also, I remember when the pulled the plug on the Dreamcast. I was quite stunned it happened so quickly as I thought it was a good system and people seemed to enjoy it. However, Sony just took them (and others) to the woodshed with the PS2.
  3. Very true, but not as iconic nor as good (imo) as Roadblasters. Good video btw. Keep 'em coming!
  4. Glad to see this. The NGPC needs a lot more love as it was a really good handheld that was undone by Nintendo and forces within.
  5. I second what he is saying. If you can find a good machine for a good price, I say go for it if you have lots of plans and things you want to do. Take care and happy hunting!
  6. I ditched the OG Gameboy for an Atari Lynx. Sorry, while I have grown to appreciate the OG Gameboy games now that I have a Retroflag GPi, back in the day I thought the screen was dog sh*t and was very happy letting go of the Gameboy in favor of the Lynx.
  7. Nice pick up. Definitely the Amiga world is quite big and I am sure that you will have a great time exploring it. Take care and best of luck.
  8. I checked it out. It was a cool little video and it was a damn shame that Commodore was so dysfunctional when this was released as it was a heck of computer, even if things were moving on to 16- and 32-bit machines.
  9. Cool! I will check this out soon enough.
  10. Sorry, but I kinda think you might be missing the point of what 51 Clubhouse Games is all about. I believe it is meant to provide people with a wide variety of games that they can play with others online and/or in the home. Granted, some of the games, like the pool game, may not be as in depth as a lot of other pool games out there and/or what the Amico is looking to put out there. But, some look to be pretty good little renditions of the games like Reversi/Othello, Shogi, Go, Chess, etc. Now, are there better versions of those games out there? Most certainly. Is this game an 'Amico Killer App' of some kind. IMO, not really, but it certainly helps to give the Switch something that it was perhaps lacking. That being said, with as many games that the Switch is accumulating, it certainly is become a system for all kinds of gamers and seems to have no signs of slowing down sales wise either. Still, all of the Amico's gaming cards haven't been played yet, so there is still plenty to get people interested and wanting to buy the system. Also, personally, I am very much intrigued with the 51 Clubhouse Games and considering this along with all of what is available and still come out on the Switch, it is making it very tempting for me to pick this up if/when I decide to pick up a new console over all other possibilities, Amico included. Still, the dye is not yet cast for the Amico, and I still believe it can be successful and wish it, Tommy, and IE the best of luck going forward.
  11. The game is hella fun though. True, more depth to the gameplay would be nice, but for what it is it is pretty good.
  12. In short, the Dreamcast controller was good. Not great, but good and got the job done, though not without some notable issues.
  13. Regarding your question, Neo Turf Masters on the Neo Geo is my favorite golf game. However, it can throw you a curve ball on certain holes real quick. Also, Neo Turf Masters on the Neo Geo Pocket is a good game, too.
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