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  1. Yeah. Liked I stated earlier, it would be cool to have a 'new' Atari ST come out, or even an 8-bit machine a la The C64 Maxi. However, I just think you will see an Amiga product along the lines of The C64 Maxi much, much sooner than an Atari machine. Just my thoughts. I would be happy to be proven wrong.
  2. Nice! Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it and will keep my eyes peeled.
  3. Interesting. One can only hope that the next AtGames Atari handheld for 2020 will also include the ability to play both 2600 and 7800 games.
  4. Nice! Can't wait to check out the new episode. BTW, any more information on the 5200 Black Edition out of Germany? I had heard a little bit that it is about out, but was just wondering. Thanks and keep up the good work fellas!
  5. True right? Still, like what carlsson stated, I just don't know any areas that are really fired up for an The C64 Maxi type device. However, the Amiga on the other hand has a very vibrant community, especially in Europe (UK and Germany most notably). I could see a device like that getting released, especially if The C64 Maxi proves successful and profitable.
  6. Having a 'new' Atari ST would be cool, but considering one of the groups behind The C64 Maxi is Cloanto, I would say the possibility of an Amiga system would be higher than that of an ST.
  7. As Aldous Huxley stated many years ago, "You pays your money, you takes your pick". I think if the product justifies the price, that is great and no one can complain about that. Definitely I am still routing for you, Intellivision, and the Amico. I just have my concerns and reservations. However, I have concerns and reservations about all gaming products, as not everything is going to have all Pros and no Cons, and vice versa. That being said, I see a lot a Pros for the Amico, with very little Cons thus far. Take care and best of luck. I and a lot of others are behind you.
  8. You bring up some really great points. While I understand having a Founder's Edition and other console colors at launch, the amount of conjecture and hype seems to growing a bit much. Also, so does the price of the the console itself. If I recall correctly, it was supposed to be in $150 to $200 range. However, if it is going to go above that amount (say $225), that may be a little much in my opinion. Those are just my thoughts and certainly an above price above $200 is nowhere near a travesty or anything, it just seems to be going beyond what has been said all long. Still, I am very interested in seeing more from Intellivision and the Amico. Just I have a little bit more skepticism now that what I did, which is still pretty low.
  9. No worries! We know how busy you guys are with the multiple shows. Just checked out Episode 6 the other night. Man, I gotta say the CoCo is probably one of the most underrated gaming machines out there. Why this computer line is not more popular or well known makes one wonder. Anyway, keep up the great work and I look forward to Episode 7 and beyond!
  10. No te preocupes. Todo esta bien y muchas gracias por la informacion. Y que parte vivas en Espana? Tengo un cunado que viva en Barcelona. Bueno, gracias otra vez!
  11. Personally, I am intrigued by the new Xbox console. I personally look forward to seeing what Microsoft is going to do with their next gen machine and what exactly the "series" exactly entails and to what degree they try and tap into PC areas. Also, while I do think Pat and Ian can offer some pretty insightful and interesting viewpoints, definitely you can tell that they definitely (now) have something against the Amico. I do believe that some of their view are valid and I myself wonder how the Amico will actually do. However, I still think what the Amico is about and what is trying to do in the video game market is valid and I wish Tommy and rest of the company good luck. I am looking forward to learning more and more about the Amico as more is revealed. However, I am also very much look forward to the next Xbox console and what all it is going to offer as well. After all, gaming is gaming and no one should shame others for wanting to game in different ways. It is all good and kosher in my book.
  12. Excited about this console as well. From my viewpoint, it will be interesting to see exactly how they take the "series" forward as I wonder how much they will tap into any PC type abilities.
  13. Thanks for the opinion. I appreciate it. Probably that or the Bittboy PocketGo V2 is what I will go with, unless something comes out soon that trumps those.
  14. I know that the AtGames handheld can play most 2600 and a lot of homebrew titles. I am not sure about this nor its ability to do homebrews for either the 2600 and/or 7800. However, it does have an SD card slot and has 7800 games included in the unit. I can't imagine that it couldn't run both 2600 and 7800, but I am just not sure. Hopefully more information will come out about this soon.
  15. Yes, I saw the review last night. I am very tempted to pick this up right away. However, I am not sure if I should go with something like this, or with the new RG350 or Bittboy Pocket Go V2. I really want to have something fully capable of running all PS1 games along with 8- and 16-bit machines. Any thoughts/opinions would be very much appreciated. That all being said, I was impressed with what I saw as the new handhelds from China look to be really stepping up their game.
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