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  1. I will probably take the plunge, too. I do like my Nvidia Shield TV setup, but something better and more curated wouldn't hurt.
  2. Throwing my two cents in, as cool as Acorn products our, they wouldn't been stomped into the dirt pretty quickly by PC market and wouldn't have been able to carve out a niche that Apple didn't take over from Atari and/or Commodore.
  3. Glad to see another episode of Our Sinclair. Take care and look forward to the next episode.
  4. 100% agreed. Love the fact that I can fire up my Nvidia Shield TV and everything (mostly) works really well while have thousands of games from over 40 different systems to choose from. I would like to get something that is more comprehensive and better than what I have now. However, seeing as how I don't use it as much as I do my modded handhelds it works well for what I want at the current time.
  5. I remember Parasol Stars being a really good showing title for the TurboGrafx-16. Definitely a fun game for sure. Take care and keep up the great work.
  6. Will have to check out Eye of the Beholder and Payback for sure.
  7. Played Wings of Fury the other day. It was good fun and will revisit that sometime as I think the implementation for the GBC was pretty good imo.
  8. If it could have come out two years earlier it really could have been something. However, being released in 1994 and not until 1996 in NA really made it a bit DOA. Shame, as it was a good idea that could have / should have done better.
  9. Honestly, I thought the TNSG's video was pretty good. Granted, his timeframe(s) could be off for one reason or another. However, I thought he approached the topically logically enough and I think it is a pretty safe bet we won't be seeing the Amico until well into 2022. Again, though, it could be shorter than that or longer than that. Only time will tell.
  10. Played this yesterday for the first time. Good, fun, enjoyable game. Placed it on my 'Favorites' list to go back to sometime.
  11. Those black Bell and Howell Apple IIs a pretty slick looking. Probably my personal favorite model.
  12. Emulation is how I got started back into playing video games. Honestly, without it, I wouldn't be playing much if at all without it. It really helps not only with nostalgia but with explorations in consoles and/or handhelds I had and/or previously didn't even experience. It is still mind blowing to me to have a device like the Retroflag GPi with 17k games on it. Truly great stuff.
  13. Yeah, that one is not really a winner imo.
  14. Alien Crush is my personal favorite game on the PCE and of all time. However, I can see how other's prefer and totally love Devil's Crush and/or Time Cruise. Both are really great for sure.
  15. Another week, another game that should have been a lot better. Shame as Diggers seem to have a pretty good premise. Oh well, next!
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