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  1. I second the remake O2 games, especially with Ed Averett supposedly on board. Definitely looking forward to hearing and/or seeing further updates on the Omni.
  2. All really good points. Definitely Sega's own worst enemy was itself in the 32-bit era. Also, regarding Nintendo, they were able to milk the SNES for all it was worth, which wound up outselling the Mega Drive / Genesis worldwide. Also, the big N dominated the handheld market and gave them just bookoos of money. Additionally, the N64, while it sold for sh*t in Japan, sold really well in the U.S. and decently in Europe.
  3. A good game, but again it could have been a lot better. Still, fun to be had, that's for sure.
  4. The major ace that Sony had up its sleeve was it saw what Nintendo and Sega were looking to do long-term wise and caught them both with their pants down. I know that a lot people wondered how Sony would fair with their first console and they just crushed it. Still, I have been playing around with Saturn titles lately on my Nvidia Shield TV and there is a lot to like on the system.
  5. Lots of handhelds from China can come pre-loaded with stuff. Usually the Intellivision is included along with a lot of other classic 8-bit systems like the ColecoVision. Definitely give them a look see on Aliexpress, eBay, etc. Would recommend something from Anbernic, like the RG351P.
  6. Very cool. Nice to see the ST getting some love. Definitely an underappreciated computer imo.
  7. Had the NES version of the game. It was fun with two players, but wasn't good apart from that. Also, the game itself just isn't really that great imo.
  8. Now that I have my Sega Saturn emulator up and running on my Nvidia Shield TV, I am going to have to try a few of these out 😉
  9. Thought I would post this article here (https://www.androidauthority.com/emulators-android-guide-tips-tricks-973083/) as it covers a Sega Saturn emulator. I actually downloaded it yesterday and played some Grid Runner and Crusader: No Remorse. Both titles seemingly played fine, although there was racing game (forget the title) that I tried to play but it crashed right after the car selection screen.
  10. Nice of them to follow up. Kudos to them.
  11. Played this game with my son. It is a great one-on-one game for sure.
  12. Good sounding stuff imo. Looking forward to seeing the finished product for sure.
  13. Very cool. I can certainly understand wanting to get back into the real thing having owned a Genesis and NES back in day myself. However, I can say that if I were to get into collecting I would go the hardware route with EverDrives, as opposed to the opposed of a lot of carts/software and more minimal hardware. But, again, to each their own. Nothing wrong with however one chooses to game imo.
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