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  1. Same here. It looks like a intriguing handheld, but the cost and some other aspects have me at 'wait and see', too.
  2. Like I mentioned in another thread, seems a lot of game creation avenues are being opened up with this coming out on the Switch (not to mention Mario Maker 2) along with what is being planned on the upcoming Play Date and what is already available on the Aruboy. Good stuff for sure as it has my approval, especially considering my son is getting into 3D Modeling.
  3. Personally, I think that AVGN reviews were fairly spot on. Granted, some of it was hyperbole and/or exaggerated. But, honestly, not too bad. I think he did more of a disservice to the CD32 than he did the 3DO. But, again, just my thoughts.
  4. Looks cool and would have been a good addition to the DC imo.
  5. Game dev seems to be a growing trend. I know the Switch is getting a game that allows for (supposedly) fairly simple game creation. This is in addition to what the Play Date, Aruboy, and Pico-8 (to some degree) have. Definitely it will be interesting to see what the Play Date has for sure.
  6. The $179 plus shipping is a little too much imo. Also, you could be right regarding the screen as the guys over at the Completely Unnecessary podcast explained, what they are trying to do with the screen should be good enough "in theory". Still, while I am a little bit interested, I need a lot more information and/or videos first before I would seriously consider it.
  7. Yeah, the screen size of the Arduboy FX is damn small. But, gotta admit it is kind cool, especially at $59 with shipping.
  8. Never heard of this before now. Definitely seems to be in the same wheelhouse as what the Play Date is going forward, but at a more reasonable price point. Also, there is the Aruboy FX (https://arduboy.com/fx/) out there as well, not to mention the Evercade handheld. Lots of options, that's for sure. Still, I will still keep myself up to speed on the Playdate for further information and/or details as it does seem cool to some degree, but $179 plus shipping is a little steep for a pretty niche product. But, then again, style and/or niche things are not always inexpensive.
  9. Interesting product. Looks like they are on their way to getting this released. Hopefully this will come out this year as it looks to be a very niche and hipster-esque (imo) product. Definitely wish them luck and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for further updates.
  10. Agree Bill. At $99 this would be an easy purchase for a lot of people. However, at $179 that seems to be a bit too much, especially when there are other products (such as the Switch lite) near that price range. Also, not having the display blacklit is a little perplexing as well. After all, we are pretty well removed from 1990s, early 2000s handheld gaming at this point. Still, it is an intriguing handheld and I will be paying attention to further updates and information.
  11. Agreed. I definitely appreciate all that Bill does and get excited when products come out that I find very intriguing. Also, I have enjoyed various AtGames products such as the Atari Flashback Portable and Intellivision Flashback and look forward to seeing what else AtGames does in the time to come.
  12. I would agree. It does look cool. Just for me it there are some answers left to be addressed yet. Still, just like Tommy and IE, I wish the people at Panic the best of luck. Definitely I am intrigued and look forward to more information. But, for me, personally, this is a pass at this point. Still, to each his/her own. Nothing wrong with however and/or with whatever one chooses to game.
  13. Agreed. It was a nice presentation and I think the device does look rather interesting. However, why you would pay $180 for this and not just spend an extra $20 to get a Switch is going to be a hard question to answer. Also, good point on the subscription/season thing. Nice that people who get the Play Date get 24 games for 12 weeks. However, what happens after that? That is something that would be good to know for sure. Finally, while the little speaker box thing is nice, how much is that going to cost? I don't believe they mentioned anything regarding that. I know it sounds like I am dogging this device, but I do find it intriguing and somewhat cool. But, $180 for a handheld with a non-backlit black and white screen with a hand-crank is a bit of pass in my book at this time.
  14. So, the Play Date does look intriguing. However, like you stated, it is only $20 less at this point than a Switch lite. Granted, it does seem that price hike does come with more storage and more games. Still, at $179, and as cool as this thing looks, this is a firm pass for me as a Switch lite for $20 more is a much better deal. Also, note that an Evercade handheld can be had for, what, a $100 that comes with a handheld and 3 game collection carts. At this point the Play Date is a gaming handheld novelty item that I really don't see being for any real regular mainstream gamers. Still, I could be wrong and do look forward to seeing and learning more about the Play Date. But, at this time and for the money they are wanting, I can think of better gaming related items to put money towards.
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