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  1. Played Metal Walker a little bit not too long ago. Cool little game. Will try and get back to it sometime.
  2. Cool, but not at the price they were asking imo.
  3. This is what prompted The No Swear Gamer to discuss this topic in his The 40 Missing Intellivision Amico Games video. It is quite obvious that IE have pivoted away from being just locked in on the retro and retro-reimaged scene to where they are trying to be more nuanced in their approach and having it a part of their main game categories. I think that shift has turned some people away from the project. Totally agreed. I do think people get the whole "family, fun, friends" vibe. However, honestly, there are plenty of other options that allow couch co-op play. Granted, the Amico is more purposely built for this, but other systems can and do this already. Also, yeah, having this system in the $250 to $300 range is a tougher sell than the original $150 to $180 range that was originally thrown out there. Shoot, even if this was $200 I think it would do a lot better. However, we will see how it goes if/when the Amico comes out.
  4. Agreed. The Jag and the 3DO were good consoles. However, while I will say that they aren't great, they is plenty of fun to be had on the systems.
  5. The intro was positively mind blowing at the time. About as good as an opening to a game as you could want. However, the rest of the game, while a visual tour de force, I didn't think it was that great personally. Still, it was a well renowned game, and for good reason. Take care and keep up the great and excellent work.
  6. Will check out Palamedes and M.U.L.E. sometime, especially M.U.L.E. since it is an old school 8-bit classic.
  7. Gotta love Bonk. Definitely a new addition to the franchise would be welcome I would think considering how long it has been dormant. Still, at least we have all that was done on the PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16.
  8. Interesting, but considering how locked down Apple is I am not sure it this will be successful. Granted, the Switch has been very successful because Nintendo, unlike almost every other company save Sega (and I guess MS to some degree now), have a crap ton of gaming properties to pull from. If/when this comes out, it will have to seen just what the bring to the table that is different that what one can get on a Switch, Steam Deck, and just on any mobile platform (iOS included).
  9. One would hope that we will get a Lynx volume 3 as the first two seem to be popular, but then again I have no clue on actual sales figures so who knows for sure.
  10. Gotta agree with you. CM2 looks damn good on the Lynx, though CC is pretty good in its own right. Either one is a great choice.
  11. Definitely I could see a Crystal Castles: Recharged, or at least some type of sequel. It is a notable enough title to warrant it imo.
  12. Yes, while there are lots of titles not all of the titles are viable choices. I really don't see a Fun With Math: Recharged coming anytime this century.
  13. I could really see a Video Pinball: Recharged with a vastly updated table with neon visuals. I think that could be winner imo. Also, a new edition in the Bounty Bob series does make sense and I am sure would sell some if made available everywhere other than a (relatively) niche (upcoming) console.
  14. Perhaps. It really is a matter of looking at existing Atari properties and what they could do in the Recharged line as there really isn't a ton to choose from. Still, I look forward to seeing how far they take things as the games thus far do seem to be pretty good.
  15. Need to check this one out since Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon character of all time.
  16. Very true regarding the Playstation and Xbox. Not as much regarding the Switch. Still, proof is out there that true physical media is still possible and/or viable.
  17. Battlezone would be a great pick for sure. Regarding Ninja Golf, I don't think it would really work with the aesthetic / visuals the Recharged series seems to be going for imo. Still, a sequel to the game would be great to see. Red Baron, Major Havoc, or Liberator are good choices. I agree with you. Another great one that someone already listed would be Lunar Lander as well as Warlords
  18. Makes one appreciate what Blaze Entertainment is doing with the Evercade and/or what other console manufactures are still doing (to some extent), though the tide is turning away from physical media.
  19. Definitely some opinions and misinformation in there. Still, I think the article's main point is to highlight the fact that we have 'physical' media for a console that isn't even out yet, which is a little peculiar no matter how you slice it.
  20. In short, I would say that the Model II line did see a (measurable) level of success. Also, yes, perhaps some clarification and/or updates to the Model II line's narrative is needed. However, that being said, it (meaning the original Model II) was (more-or-less) beaten down by other business computers which is was meant to directly compete with. I would highly recommend listening to the Floppy Days podcast episode on the Model II for further information and/or details.
  21. What I mean by 'winner' (in terms of computing) is something that was a sales and market percentage success along with significantly changing the computing narrative. While the Model II line can be considered (by some) to be a success, it just wasn't a winner that it did not significantly get a huge market percentage and did nothing to change the computing narrative as other machines made a much bigger impact on computing than it.
  22. Short answer, yes. Hunter has that early 90s 3-D graphics vibe to it that (in some ways) holds up well today. Also, with the different game modes that means that there is replayability here, too. Definitely one that looks very worthy of checking out.
  23. Success, perhaps as iterations and/or evolution of the Model II line were around for 10 years. However, and all and out winner; not even close. Sorry, but there is no misconception in that aspect.
  24. A big reason why Europe stuck with computers is that video game consoles did not have a major impact early on the way they did in the United States. Europe had plenty of cheaper computer consoles that were well supported like the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC line of machines. However, in the United States, video game consoles had been the much cheaper gaming/entertainment option until late 1982 / early 1983. At that time everything changed as computer prices lessened and became the same or thereabouts as video game consoles. That led to a massive surge in sales of machines like the C64 and others. However, next gen machines like the ST and Amiga were massive jumps in price compared to machines like a C64, C128, any A8, and CoCo 2 and/or 3. That left machines like the NES, Sega Master System, 7800, and others afterwards to undercut ST, Amiga, and even existing 8-bit machines as the cheaper (and better) gaming/entertainment option. Video game consoles just didn't have as big of an impact in Europe until the late 80s, very early 1990s unlike the influence felt in the U.S. and Japan. However, once video game consoles began to undercut Amigas and STs along with the technology superiority going to the PC and advancing at a rapid rate it just left very little chance for Atari and Commodore to survive. Hell, even Apple barely held on until Steve Jobs returned to stabilize Apple's computer line, reinvigorate it, and take Apple into new product lines a la iPod, iPhone, iPad.
  25. Agreed. Way to expensive for my blood, though I only had a passing interest at best in this. Just too many other products out there. Still sticking with my decision to get a Steam Deck over lots of other current and/or upcoming options. Yeah, the Spectrum Next was/is really slick. Was very, very tempted to get it but really couldn't justify it as I really don't have the time to mess around with something like that.
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