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  1. Thank you for the clarification. But bummer time...you sounded more hopeful in the past. Looking forward to v2 cart. J/K
  2. Yeah I guess it is straight forward now that I put it in words. Just that this is the first he has said anything about it maybe not working out so it caught me off guard and hope for more details. I don’t have a cd drive so that is a really important part of this to me, and as I already have the ability to play every cart game I would want to, just having cart support on the jagsd is not something I need right now. I would honestly love to see cd support take priority and cart be backburnered as the cd part of it fills a much larger void. I still think it looks like a great product with a nice menu and I admire all of saints work.
  3. Quick need of clarification on the cd support thing. I had asked you about it and you had said it would be coming later. But in this post you are not promising it yet. Now I am not going to say that an sd cart for the jag without cd support is not great work and great for some people, it just would not fit my needs right now. I would probably not want it without cd support. I have been planning to try and jump right in and get one of the first ones, but with you now saying this, should someone that feels no cd support would be a deal breaker (at least at this point) not be ordering one until you say otherwise on the cd thing? thanks.
  4. Finally got to play this. It is very enjoyable. I feel it plays really well with the joystick and I expected to feel otherwise. Driving control as an option would be interesting and fun to try but I would put my money on paddle control with no screen wrap being the most natural feel. Look forward to details of the extended version you plan to sell.
  5. I am having trouble unfortunately. I have built this using a stm32f407g-disc1 and running it on a light 6 switch 2600 it just comes up as junk and horrible noise. Wondering if it would not like this system for some reason or if there is more I should be doing to the discovery board as far as moving jumpers or something. Discovery board verifies as having the correct programming. A0-A12 to PD0-PD12 and D0-D7 to PE8-PE15, +5 and GND verified many times with tone out from discovery pins to cart edge connector. I dont have easy access to other systems ATM, but do have a 7800 and coleco EXP #2 to dig for, so was kinda just checking if this was something anyone had encountered yet.
  6. Yeah the arcade does not wrap around the screen, didnt realize it did in other versions. Funny how because my basic knowledge of the game is from the arcade version having wrap also seems odd. I think I have the 3ds version but never got into it. Used horrible tilting controls if I remember correctly. I also have a couple of driving controllers so once I get my parts in real hardware testing would be very possible for me as well. I need to fire this up in an emulator in the time being though.
  7. This looks awesome, great work. I plan to be building an UNO cart here as soon as I get the rest of my parts in and this will definitely be the first thing I want to play on it. Cant imagine how it will play with a joystick, paddle controller is the only way my mind logically would think it would play. Probably because I have only ever really played the arcade version. It uses a large analog joystick that you sweep left and right to play.
  8. Yes this would be cool, or also the ability to use the project discovery board and solder to a donor cart of ballblazer directly. Still having the ability to use one without the pokey and run non pokey games. I myself would still be extremely grateful with support for the 7800 at all even with no possibility of pokey. The 7800 has been in need in this department for a long time. Anything for it, especially a low cost DIY project like this would be incredible.
  9. Would pokey really be required? As far as I know there are only 2 games that use it (plus several homebrew). Would still be incredible to finally have something for the 7800. Missing out on ballblazer and commando is a small price to pay. Thank you for this project, I plan to build one for fun.
  10. Problem with the model 2 also is you almost never get the extender so part of the genesis is just hanging over the side of it. That and the metal plates for either one.
  11. Would you say the reason for this is the mechanical drive? I still have my original genesis I got in what, 89 I guess. But not my sega cd. I also would want the model 1 because I like the look better with the original genesis, but also its the one I had BITD. Just wondering what to look out for.
  12. PM sent. Hope I didnt miss the boat here, not sure if just supposed to send money at this point? Cant believe I missed seeing this by only days.
  13. I am excited about this possibly having a physical, I voted. I am also really looking forward to wonder boy the dragons trap that will supposedly be out next month.
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