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  1. It's already been made 2 years ago! TILANDER_8.bin TI Lander Manual Message #697
  2. For FR99 Its very hard to control Lander in this version LUNARLANDER_8.zip
  3. Anteater tune is very good, I like playing the game it just to listen to it.
  4. I had a go in converting it myself to EA5 and flashrom 99 Dragon.zip
  5. would someone be able it be convered this to Flashrom99 aswell if possible.
  6. I found this game called Dragon on the Ti99 game shelf website, Author Unknown, Its a very playable scramble type game under 24k it should be convertable to EA5 unless you already done it. Dragon.dsk
  7. would kscan setting affect up/down keys only as I fogot to mention left and right keys work Ok
  8. I was unable to get Jawbreaker working for some unkown reason it must only work with disk system. heres some more Wav games that do work. FunnelWeb CS1 Games EA5.zip
  9. Jawbreaker and River Rescue will not work with keys and joystick also, in my zips
  10. sprot


    Never mind I managed to make some 1200 baud games with Js99'er. The 0135-AssemblyRoutines-Tools.dsk, which must be auto loaded select option B, to save wav files at 1200 baud. I used latest classic99 to test load it works great. and it also loads in with a real ti99/4a via small ampifier. to boost sound.
  11. sprot


    @globeron How did you create the invaders tape1200.wav, when I when I load it in Classic99 the file loads and runs. My attempts to create a wav will save in js99'er ok, but it will not load it in Classic 99. I get data error,
  12. Some more classic games to wav and the newer TIRex. classic wav EA5.zip
  13. I think these disk files maybe what you are looking for, lots of module conversions in this achive. TI99 Disks (tosec 001).rar
  14. I forgot to include this classic game speech is also working. alpiner.zip
  15. I got these latest files off Whtech they seem to work ok latest games EA5.zip http://ftp.whtech.com/Cassettes/rawWAVfiles/
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