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  1. @tmop69 thanks for the source code, it is of great help to me. I did not know how to restore the data, for the ability to replay the game.
  2. There's is another version in Gamebase TI99/4A in extended basic with better graphics not sure if it's the better version.
  3. Yes the compiled version is mine but i fogot how to do it now.
  4. This is another game with a similar name but it's a completely different game all together. Apple Scrumping (Home Computing Weekly UK).zip
  5. I think these games Munch Mobile and Topper are missing from FLASHROM 99 achive, so I done a conversions for them. Also dont use these FINALGROM 99 has as I seen a better versions already available named PHM3146 for munch mobile fogot what Topper is named as. munchmobile.zip topper.zip
  6. It's already been made 2 years ago! TILANDER_8.bin TI Lander Manual Message #697
  7. For FR99 Its very hard to control Lander in this version LUNARLANDER_8.zip
  8. Anteater tune is very good, I like playing the game it just to listen to it.
  9. I had a go in converting it myself to EA5 and flashrom 99 Dragon.zip
  10. would someone be able it be convered this to Flashrom99 aswell if possible.
  11. I found this game called Dragon on the Ti99 game shelf website, Author Unknown, Its a very playable scramble type game under 24k it should be convertable to EA5 unless you already done it. Dragon.dsk
  12. would kscan setting affect up/down keys only as I fogot to mention left and right keys work Ok
  13. I was unable to get Jawbreaker working for some unkown reason it must only work with disk system. heres some more Wav games that do work. FunnelWeb CS1 Games EA5.zip
  14. Jawbreaker and River Rescue will not work with keys and joystick also, in my zips
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