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  1. Hi guys, it's been a long time since the last time I browse this forums, I'm happy to see that everything is still alive (sort of). A few years ago I started to learn about 2600 programming (almost 10 years :s) I made a few tests and even started a "game" but but I left it because I didn't have any cool ideas for my game, I found the code a few days ago and I was thinking in finishing this up, but I don't have any ideas yet (in 10 years... good thing I'm not a game designer) I'm a big fan of Yar's revenge and when I first started this I was thinking of something similar but back then I couldn't think of anything and I can't yet lol. So I'm reaching for you guys, If you have some great idea to finish (or keep going) this game it would be awesome, I'm including the bin, right now is nothing but a demo (the spider-web in the corner was some sort of neutral sort (like yar's) and that's it, any idea guys!? Thanks! zi.bin
  2. I know, I know its too late and my favorite game (Yar's Revenge) was already played, but it can be great anyway =) I'm In! =) its still possible right? =) Starting on week 10! =) -JF-
  3. Thanks guys! i'm getting all those videos right now! =) -JF-
  4. Hi, I found the tv commercial from "The Fly" on the atari museum, but it has a really low res where can i find a hi res version of the same commercial? i hope someone can help mee thanks! =) -JF-
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