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  1. It wouldn't be AtariAge without a good old fashioned lockdown!
  2. Yeah they did ask him for the logo and ben gave it to them. I believe Ben posts about it in the TPR thread I posted above. ahh .. well here is where it start, from Ben himself
  3. The way I remember it was Ben Heck had already made the portable on his own and they found out about it and used it to claim their trademark.
  4. You can maybe start here if you have the time. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/265739-coleco-strong-arming-homebrew-publishers-and-fan-sites/#comments
  5. But the Phoenix doesn't really infringe on Coleco does it, if it's just an FPGA console that happens to accept Colecovision cartridges? They aren't calling it a Colecovision.
  6. Well I don't think CV ever had issues with Cardillo and Coleco. Wasn't the Phoenix originally going to be branded a Coleco console until they ran that poll asking the community if they should release it with the branding or not?. I think the only Coleco fallout I remember was with Opcode and TPR? Regardless, that press release you are referring to does read like a partnership between Coleco and CV.
  7. http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/coleco-and-arcade1up-team-up-to-create-new-coleco-mini-arcade-units/ Coleco and Arcade1UP Team Up to Create New Coleco Mini Arcade Units Coleco Partnering with Arcade1Up is Win/Win for Gamers (Mt. Laurel, New Jersey – June 29, 2020) Monday, July 6th, 2020 – MOUNT LAUREL – Coleco and Arcade1Up are partnering to continue the revival of the Mini Arcade lineup. This lineup will be made available with new games in a similar setup to the popular larger form factor arcade units already available in many stores. The Mini Arcade line carries a much smaller footprint giving precedence to portability. Everything needed is built into each Mini Arcade unit – controls, screen, protective shell for screen, and nostalgia focused artwork. Arcade1Up will make the new Mini Arcade units available at retailers in their network. The level of retailer availability is invaluable as this partnership is beneficial to both companies and fans. In 2018 Coleco launched their successful Kickstarter campaign to revive the Coleco Mini Arcade units. Robotech and Rainbow Brite were selected to headline the newly revived product line. Coleco Mini Arcades represented the first time Rainbow Brite was featured in a traditional video game. The campaign received more than double the preset goal amount. This level of support proved the Coleco brand was strong and thriving with fans. Chris Cardillo, Coleco partner, had this to say, “We at Coleco are extremely proud to announce this partnership with Arcade1Up. This is the next level for the Coleco Mini Arcade units as Arcade1Up command a significant market share with retailers. They recently sold their one millionth arcade unit – that is phenomenal market penetration.” Cardillo continued with, “Taking the Coleco brand into the future is a huge endeavor. There are many areas that need attention and sometimes it is not clear to the public why certain steps or directions are taken behind the scenes. At the end of the day moving forward is our goal at Coleco. Partnering with Arcade1Up is an accomplishment I am incredibly happy to see come to fruition. Coordinating this agreement was a long process that I think will ultimately benefit fans in a positive way.” Arcade1Up will assume production of the Coleco Mini Arcade units as well as all licensing of new properties to be featured. This agreement will allow Arcade1Up to use their already established production capabilities to fulfill customer demand. Arcade1Up has the freedom to use game properties they already have access to. They will also be able to acquire intellectual properties exclusive to the Coleco Mini Arcade lineup if they so choose. Going deeper into his thoughts on this partnership, Cardillo stated, “The design of the Coleco Mini Arcade lends itself to customization in controller layout and internal hardware. This means gaming opportunities are infinite – only limited by the scope of the designers. It is going to be interesting to see what Arcade1Up does with the Coleco Mini Arcade lineup, I am sure fans will be just as excited as I am.” Due to Covid-19 production of new Coleco Mini Arcade units has been pushed back from its original 2020 release date. Everyone involved are working as safely as possible to continue supplying product for fans to enjoy during the Covid-19 crisis.
  8. If you're running Mac OS Catalina and are getting the "can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed" error, run this in terminal. sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine Path-To/CoolCV.app
  9. I haven’t touched it yet. As usually happens, other projects got in the way.
  10. There is nothing like that Colecovision hand cramp. No matter what I still get it, even with my Yurkie ball top controllers. The Intellivision disc on the other hand is super smooth to use.
  11. See I've never played with a Coleco controller. I know the Amico games will be built around controller design. I just knew the original was held vertically. I haven't played enough original Intv games to know if it would be a big deal or not. Personally I find the intellivision controller a lot more comfortable than the coleco controller.
  12. Was it another session of E.T.?
  13. I wonder if when you fired up the power strip it sent a jolt of juice to the plug and wiped it out?
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