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  1. Why do you feel that you even need to look at this thread?
  2. I get them for groups I don't even post in
  3. Aside from John Hancock, is anybody collecting the Ouya as a collectable??? And that actually came out!
  4. You would think it was designed like that to match everything else in your living room that had wood paneling back then but that would just be silly
  5. You dummy! It's Don't not Doesn't!!!! Yo!
  6. I don't know, the first Alone in the Dark was pretty cool for its day!
  7. Doesn't even look like the components are connected to each other???? Unless the PCB is invisible?
  8. Correction: Printed on paper, glued to foam core and cut very sloppily with a dull x-acto knife!
  9. You're not stupid, you're just not cool. Didn't you read pdub's post?
  10. This comment has no purpose without a screenshot
  11. Just like Atari! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. For starters, every colecovision game ever made
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