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  1. I wouldn't know, I don't follow their numbers but their fanbase is usually on par with their way of thinking.
  2. They have been feuding with Rich for a few years now since some comments they made about Diablo in one of their podcasts. It goes much deeper than the Amico
  3. So the one for tomorrow is this one or in addition to this one?
  4. haha, I like how the thumbnail shows my emperor post from early on in the thread
  5. I don't know, if you're nerdy enough to keep playing and collecting 40 year old consoles and games, sign up into a forum primarily dedicated to retro gaming, I think it's safe to say you're pretty hardcore about gaming.
  6. Nothing coming up. Maybe some Utopia next week. My company shut down so I’m working from home but as it turns out I’m working more than usual since I have to support all the employees that don’t have their head wrapped around Remote Desktop Haven’t had a lot of game time.
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