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  1. So i guess the poll was indeed silly.
  2. I have no idea, what's your point?
  3. 89 people voted bro .. that's all you gotta know
  4. That poll was kind of silly. It pretty much shows that 89 people out of 57,671 registered users of which about 5,941 are usually online would buy an Amico
  5. Amico is not and will never be an Intellivision and Tommy will never have anything to do with the original Intellivision for me. So no I don’t really give a crap what happens with the Amico. I do wish they would keep both devices separate though, especially here on AtariAge or AmicoAge should I say :)
  6. Yeah it was a pretty big hit back in the day. That's a silly statement/claim.
  7. It would be cool if you could get permission to add to the first post so we don't have to scroll through comments for your updates.
  8. I suggest you go to the doctor immediately and have that checked out!
  9. You should read the book. It's much better!
  10. I sorta did that with my Ultimate flashback (jzintv) .. hdmi to composite adapter to a 1702. Looked great, lost interest in it quick and just go straight to my big screen now
  11. ahh those. You can probably get them from any plastic bag retail. https://www.uline.com/BL_217/Uline-Resealable-Bags
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/25-Cartridge-Protectors-For-ATARI-2600-7800-Clear-Custom-Made-Box-Case-Read/332910071101?hash=item4d82fc8d3d:g:i6YAAOSw4GVYNLMP
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