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  1. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/235067-intellivision-flashback-upgrade-service/
  2. That's right. I was confusing it with the 2600daptor.
  3. Yeah you need an adapter for the FB controllers.
  4. I use jzintv with a Ultimate PC Interface and flashback controller.
  5. Well let's not get too ahead of ourselves. This isn't the first time they have posted pictures
  6. Ooh! Thanks, this is very helpful. I was just adjusting the color settings on the input I had my Flashback on. Didn't even know you could do this
  7. I thought people originally backed a console and then after the first delay they changed it to a un-console then to a PC???
  8. I thought his name was "The Running Man"
  9. Haha not at all. You’re from Canada and roots is from France. French/Canadian connection
  10. What do you expect from Canada and France?
  11. Yeah, he was soured by the community and decided he was no longer interested. Pretty clear.
  12. I suppose you can read the last few pages and maybe find your answers.
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