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  1. I've been checking ebay every week or two for 3 years now and nothing has turned up. I'm starting to wonder if this game exists at all. If I can find it, I'll have completed a collection of one of every North American release. I've got a bunch of other rare N-Gage stuff up for trade too if you're interested let me know what you're looking for. If you have a copy you're willing to part with just let me know what you want out of it money wise. The only single copy of the game that has shown up in that time is from a Canadian guy that is selling the game and has it listed as "new" when it's a game that he re-sealed in plastic himself ... poorly. He wants 300.00 dollars for a game that isn' even new to boot.
  2. Looking for a copy of Atari Masterpieces Vol. II for the Nokia N-Gage (any version in English - PAL ok). Most of the post-retail N-Gage releases are hard to find ... but this one seems impossible ... it does exist right? Anyway I have some other super rare stuff to trade if that interests anybody - a MMC card reader, speaker attachment, some orange beta version mmc cards, a few gold master review kits ... and cold hard cash if that's what you're after. Send any offers my way, Thanx.
  3. Hmmm the link to the digitalpress forum was an interesting read (all 40+ pages of it). A trip through time starting with N-Gage collectors trying to buy the last of the games as they came out from Nokia, and ending with some posts with the silly prices the games sell for now. (450 dollars for Sega Rally, are you kidding me! The game isn't even supposed to be any good!) All the trouble trying to buy them from a single online retailer was interesting stuff. Now it makes more sense why some of the games sell for about 50+ dollars when they pop up for auction. Also answers the question I had about why my copy of Civilization has no bar code lol ... it never needed one. I have to hand it to the Nokia games division though for what they did. Talk about a company that cared about its customers! The first attempt at entering the market with the original taco unit didn't work, so they quickly came out with the QD which fixed everything wrong with the original. Then they tried to put loads of money behind making a good game library and giving gamers what they wanted. Nokia did a poll to see what the most wanted game would be for the system, and the result was Advance Wars ... then BOOM High Seize gets made. Coolest thing they did though was releasing the last 10+ games. They must of lost quite a bit of money the way they did it. Having a single online retailer sell a few thousand copies of each game. Just about any other company would of thrown in the towel by that point, and they never would of been released. The last 10 games are probably some of the 10 best games for the system! Being a Jaguar owner myself I know what happens when a system dies an ugly death ... at least it wasn't nearly as bad for the N-Gage. Sifting through that board also explained about the versions of the games. The yellow/gold are as advertised - Review copies for the press, exactly like the retail version. Green/White are demo cards that are exactly like the retail release version. The orange border copy of System Rush I have is some kind of beta version. Though I have no idea how this version differs from the final ... I've never played the real game, so I couldn't tell you. Kind of a bummer because I just want a regualar copy so I can play it Oh well on Ebay it goes. If I can find a copy of the full game I may report back just to say what got changed between versions. I find that sort of thing interesting anyway.
  4. Wow wonderful information to everybody that has posted so far. Very genuinely helpful stuff. Seeing some of these game collections is impressive to say the least. Looking at the prices some of these games sell for though means getting original copies for mysellf may be impossible. Guess I'll have to download a few of them. I have been impressed with what I've been abIe to find so far ... my collection is already about 35 games, and none of them were more than 20 dollars, most of them were much less. I do have some updates for stuff I was tinkering with: - I tried using the bluetooth linking a QD and a Taco unit for multiplayer. It does indeed work just fine. I suspected as much, but you never know with this sort of thing. I'll keep around one of each type of unit to try some games out with a friend of mine. He already agreed to play through the co-op campaign of Pathway to Glory with me. One of those fantastic exclusive games that came out early on in the systems life that you can get super cheap. I got a second copy of the game for $2.00 with free shipping, no joke lol. Besides I actually like the 1rst version of the phone in some ways better than a QD. It's bigger, but despite the size is lighter (mostly due to the battery), and some games I've tried feel better on the different control pad. Besides might as well have one of each : ) - The "PROTO" unit. To my suprise it does indeed work! I was swapping out different sim cards to try to get it to work again and when nothing was happening I just put it down in frustration to keep searching on the internet for clues. Then several minutes later when I picked it up it was at the regular operating system screen. I tried it again just to be sure and was relieved to see that it is a fully functioning unit. The only problem is that it takes significantly longer to load than a regular QD ... like about 4-5 min to boot up lol. It doesn't have any of the functionality of the phone, but it plays games just fine. My last remaining question I suppose is still about the versions of the games. So far from what I tested and the help from information here: -Silver Border is regular retail release of the game. -Gold border is Gold Master Review kit meant for members of the press to write reviews - Plays exactly the same as the retail release version? (Both of the ones I have seem like complete games) -White border is a demo copy sent to stores with a game display kiosk. Plays exactly the same as a retail release copy?. -Green and Orange Border: Also like the white border, game demo units. Plays exactly like a retail release copy? Is there any reason most have white borders with full color logos and art, and the orange and green border games only have black and white text? I do appreciate the games list btw, thank you. It's too bad that Payload was download only ... there are videos of it floating around out there and it seems like a pretty cool game. Interesting too that Sega Rally was Australia only. I saw a copy of the game for 90 bucks on some guys store just a few days ago and it's gone already ... I had no idea why any N-Gage game could be that expensive ... If I had only know that was a good price for it lol. I can't complain though because the majority of what I have came from a single auction. The guy I bought it from dumped his entire collection at once, and that's how I got so much rare stuff for a good price. At least like he wanted it went to somebody that appreciates it. Now I can sift through what I want to keep and sell some of the extras and stuff I don't want. Getting a little money back never hurt. Thanks again for all the help with my questions.
  5. Wow where to start. Just got into the N-Gage a few weeks ago and have been gathering up a pretty decent collection of games so far. It's one of those systems I always wanted but didn't have the money, time etc. for back in the day ... so it took a while but I finally have one. So far I love everything about it. Nice portable size, good battery, graphics are a nice mix between PS1 and GBA, and most importantly a diverse game llibrary with some amazing exclusive games to track down! One problem I'm having though, is finding good information about the system. There just isn't that much out there on the web. So I'm hoping you good peoples can help with some or all of the questions I have so far. Here goes: - First off some Qs about versions of games. Most of the titles I have so far are regular North American release. Basic Stuff. But is it true that the N-Gage and N-Gage QD have no region lockout whatsoever? Can anybody confirm this? - I have two games that have yellow borders with "GOLD MASTER REVIEW KIT [NOT FOR SALE]" on them, One, and Asphalt 2. They have no instructions in the case and have a mini DVD instead. My assumption is that these were for members of the press to review the games? If that's the case what's on the mini DVDs? Also is there any difference between these and a retail copy of the same game? I.E. missing levels, some kind of lockout, beta version etc. I would love to know because I'll keep these if they play like a regular copy. They must be kinda rare if they were for press only? - Other oddities are some games that have "NOT FOR SALE" plastered on them. Most have white borders and full color tags on them with logos and game art etc. One is a copy of FIFA 2005 that has a plain white tag on it without logos or game art with a green border. The third is a game called System Rush with a orange border and the white tag also without any kind of logo or art. Can anybody tell me what these are? They seem to play fine, but the only info I could find was a internet rumor about them being demo units that have a play time limit? Can anybody confirm / deny this? Like above do they differ in any way from a full retail version of the game? Or are they missing levels/content/etc.? - The "PROTO" unit. This looks exactly like a regular N-Gage QD, same weight, feel, everything as a regular unit. The only difference is when the back cover is off the serial number is different, and it has "PROPERTY OF NOKIA: PROTO" written below the bar code. When I put in a battery it turns on ... but stops at the white screen with NOKIA at the bottom and does nothing else, so it doesn't boot up. Any idea of what this unit is, and is there any hope of getting it to work? - Multiplayer stuff. The N-Gage Arena is long gone by now, but what about multiplayer over blue-tooth? How user friendly is it to set up games? Is there any compatibility issue with one player using a Taco, and the other using a QD unit? - Last question is about a non-working used QD I got with a lot of games. It boots up, but then says "SIM card not valid" and refuses to go to the menu screen. I've tried the dummy sim that comes with a QD, an ATT sim card, and a T-Moblie. Nothing seems to work. Were the phones locked into service with particular carriers? What other sim cards could I try? Or is this a question of the unit being broken and not reading anything? Anyway if somebody out there has any info / knows anything about these items whatever help you can offer is greatly appreciated. I think when these came out originally I didn't get one because I was just busy with other games/systems and the initial price point was pretty high. I wish I could go back a few years when the games were even cheaper than they are now and pick some of them up. Things are starting to get a little pricy for some of the rare games. With that said though I really am loving the little thing. If I had to use it as a phone my opinion may be a different, but for a classic handheld game system you can get for around 30-50 bucks it's a fantastic deal. Thanks for any help.
  6. I recently returned from a week long road trip, and it was a kind of family reunion type deal. My wife and I don't have any children yet ourselves, so we were unofficially designated as the baby-sitters for my two nephews. My sister had to stay home for work last min and couldn't go, so we got her kids. (I love the little guys but they're tiring to say the least, ages 8 and 10) Anyway both of them had PSPs to play in the car with several games, but I brought along my caanoo loaded with movies, music, and hundreds of 2600, snes, genesis, nes, and game boy games on emulators. I kind of threw it in the car as a joke just to see if some "old" games from their uncle could hold their interest ... but to my great suprise not only did they like playing all those old games, they loved them! It didn't take long before they weren't even playing their PSPs anymore. We even managed a whole game of NES monolopy by passing the caanoo around to take turns. It was interesting to me that kids that have lived their entire lives in the information age bombarded with technology and 3D graphics could spend hours playing old nes games. It was one of those cool moments where I could say that old stuff was "cooler" ... if only for a while. The games I remeber playing as a kid had a big impact in those very formative years for me, so I think the first games my kids play when my wife and I eventually have children will be same ones I played as a kid. I'm all for getting them whatever new system will be out then (if we even have game systems anymore) to keep up with the kids in the neighborhood ... but I'm going to play Battletoads with any future sons of mine. Anyway that's my rant, I just thought it was kinda cool.
  7. I don't see how women in video games could even be an issue. Has this woman ever played a modern Japanese RPG? It is nearly impossible to even distinguish what the gender of the characters in the game even is ... let alone complain about how women are being represented lol. You would think we would be past things like this by now. People everywhere need to get the boards out of their @$$##.
  8. Like it was said, gamers just were not interested in RPGs at the time. They were increddibly popular with a niche few (in my entire school there were my friend and I, plus the smelly kid that allways sat in the back of the class, and we were the only kids who played RPGs) everybody else didn't care. I think if Black Ice White Noise was finished the whole picture would be different. It would have filled the adventure catagory in a big way. The other part of this is that there just arn't that many jaguar games total, so one game of a genre isn't bad for the system. 2 out of 50-60 games, the ratio on other systems was about the same and still is for the most part (look at the xbox, Wii, gamecube, dreamcast, a few adventure/RPG but not many, PS2 PS1 were the exceptions). I would have loved games like arena football or Dactyl Joust, could have filled those gaps nicely. One of the reasons I love the Jag so much is that despite having a very small library of games it has a bit of everything, even a RPG
  9. Nearly the same for me, My friend had a jaguar back in the day and I allways thought it was great. I decided the day I saw some guy in a game store showing off the new AvP that I wanted one, but my family got a N64 and I was poor (high school) so couldn't buy one. Wish I would have known. Finally got a Jag about 2 years ago and have been hunting for games ever since. I've managed to get quite a few games, but would love to get some more. So many games are expensive though. I have a copy of Towers II, but that's it for the harder to get stuff. Ebay prices are insane! But thankfully there are enough carts out there to pick up some of the better titles cheap. You won't regret the purchase, I love my jaguar!
  10. I actually like that game. It may not be the best game ever, but it is fun. There are several games that are much much worse on the jaguar. Oh well if you can get anybody to care about a old forgotten title like this all the better for you.
  11. True the dreamcast had many games that didn't make it, but the jaguar had even more, by far. Many of those dreamcast games got finished on other systems later, but most of the jaguar games just got canned and were forgotten. Mainly because atari went dead, and lots of games were first party or second party that couldn't go to another systems. By the time JTS went dead too, nobody would have cared about the games anyway, even they were ported to other consoles.
  12. I was looking through the long list of jaguar games that didn't ever get finished / released and it's truly a sad sight. I don't think any system has had more vaporware than the jaguar so it makes you wonder how cool some of those games that dissapeared could have been. So many of the games that didn't make it sounded great, and the screen shots from some of them are fantastic. I'm not talking about the games that are still being made today like eerievale (looks amazing), I'm talking about the games that got canned because the jaguar didn't last very long. Dactyl joust, black ice white noise, even bomberman jaguar was rumored to be a finished game !!!! but when atari merged with JTS they didn't release it. Of all the games that didn't make, it what would you have liked to see get finished / released?
  13. Welcome to the atari jaguar. I got one only a few months ago and I love it. I have 16 games so far and hope to track down some of the rare titles soon. I think you'll like the system as well because even today the games are still fun and most of the best on the system have aged well. Go for some of the exclusive games and try to avoid the stinkers. There may only be about 60 games for it, but there are about 25 I want that really stand out. People are still making games for it on the underground scene too, so new things are happening around here even though it's a dead system. I hope you like it as much as I do.
  14. That's a real shame. They were a little pricy but at least they still had plenty of stuff. I just ordered a controller from them not more than 2 or 3 weeks ago, I may have been their last US jaguar order. I didn't get the copy of breakout 2000 I wanted either, so does anybody know if you can get that game anywhere else for less then 50.00?
  15. I got a jaguar a few months ago and I've qiuckly become a huge fan. It's just a great system. It has a bunch of games I love. Something good in just about every catagory, and most of it's best titles are still exclusive. It's the most unique game system I own, it was way ahead of it's time. I even like the huge controllers and pad overlays. I got a jaguar only recently, and it sits next to my gamecube and xbox. It might not compare to the current systems in graphics, but it's games are still fun to play, even compared to the newest stuff and I think that's the best sign of how good the jaguar really is.
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