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  1. Thanks for the offer Paulo! How would we go about organizing it?
  2. Here is the listing of the Tech-Demo 8bit-Grubs (entire game in 1 file): https://github.com/8bit-Dude/8bit-Unity/blob/master/projects/grubs/src/grubs.c
  3. Hey Funk! Can you please explain what is the problem? (I am interested to understand which areas of the SDK need improvement).
  4. Since your aim is to write some articles, how about something new, that has not been covered yet? If you are familiar with C, then I invite you to try 8bit-unity. Not only does it contain a super simple API, but also all the tools you need to create and package your assets (bitmaps, sprite, music). It also has some advantages, like ability to display 10 sprites (by VBI flicker), without requiring you to do anything. I posted some info here today:
  5. It's been a while since I posted any info relating to 8bit-Unity on this forum, so with version 0.3.5 coming out in Novembre 2020 I wanted to give a recap of functionality added over the past 18 months. Since version 0.3.0, these 5 platforms are supported: Apple//, Atari 8bit, C64, Oric1/Atmos, and Atari Lynx (plan to add support for the 7800, 5200, NES and BCC (all 6502 based)). The SDK code is modular (to save on memory footprint), with libraries for multi-color graphics (9 colors on Atari 8 bit), sprites handling, music playback, GUI widgets, on-screen animation, and so on. Best of all, the asset pipeline is streamlined so that the same tools are used to create bitmap/sprites for all platforms. The SDK includes a good number of Tech-Demos, with code re-usable in other projects: - Demo Disc (showing usage of every module) - 8bit-Slicks: Top-down racer (full-game) - 8bit-Grubs: Simple artillery (demo game) - 8Bit-Goblin: Point-n-Click adventure (demo game) - 8bit-OS: App based graphical os, using widget system. Finally, the 8bit-Unity SDK is compatible with a nice little piece of hardware called the 8bit-Hub, which I developped specially to provide Wifi, SD storage, Mouse (and in future co-processing) to the supported platforms. I hope this information is useful to people interested in developping multi-platform games/apps. For my part, I will keep developping this project in coming years to add more features and more target platforms! (If you are still reading this, then head out to 8bit-unity.com to download the latest version!)
  6. I had some issue with the config file indeed (some customized values had been entered for I/O module). I now have my program working. By the way, reading through the xbios documentation, I cannot figure out how to do a directory listing. It seems I should use "xBIOS_GET_ENTRY ", but what is the correct sequence of commands to then get the filename and size?
  7. Hey Guyz! I have decided to replace DOS with XBIOS in 8bit-Unity. I was able to produce a disk that runs my CC65 executable, and access the XBIOS functions for file loading. But I noticed something very strange with my code, which previously used SHADOW registers for most functions: PEEKING the joystick registers $0278 / $0284 does not work. PEEKING the associated HW registers $d300 / $d010 also does not work. POKING colors into the color registers $02c4 - $02c8 works, but after about 5 seconds delay. POKING the associated HW registers $d016- $d01a does not work. I guess that XBIOS disables the normal Shadow/HW registers associations... Could someone tell me how to get Joystick/Colors (and more I am sure) working again? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Karri! Just a note to say thanks, I am using this in 8bit-Unity to generate sound effects. 🙂
  9. The game starts in WARMUP mode. You need to pres Option 1 to start the race. I will need to investigate about stereo sound... I am using the chipper and abc libraries for sound effects in 8bit-Unity.
  10. Hi Guys, Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a new version of Handy that emulates the 8bit-Hub accessory (to come out in 2020), which connects via ComLynx and adds wifi, extra joysticks, mouse, SD card... I have released a version of 8bit-slicks that is compatible with the 8bit-Hub. It would be great if anyone had a little time to spare on testing the game and letting me know if they can successfully connect to the game servers and play. 8bit-slicks: http://8bit-slicks.com/?page_id=2 Handy 0.99a: http://8bit-slicks.com/?wpdmpro=handy-0-99a-2020-01-05 GitHub Fork: https://github.com/8bit-Dude/handy-fork I plan to release 8bit-Unity v0.3 (compatible with the Lynx and 8bit-Hub) towards the end of this month, and will soon make an official announcement on release of the actual 8bit-Hub hardware. (In case you have not heard of the 8bit-Hub yet, I am adding a link down here, please ignore the Sept. 2019 release date...)
  11. Thanks for this complete description TailChao. It confirms my initial understanding that producing tracks for HandyMusic is quite a bit more involved than using Chipper (which can render the track within the editor). In an ideal world, someone will someday be interested in producing a tracker for HandyMusic .
  12. Sure, but I was talking about HandyMusic there.
  13. So if I understood correctly, there is no dedicated tracker for HandyMusic ATM, which means that tracks cannot be previewed unless actually played in an emulator. Is that correct? And regarding MID2SASS, does it try to convert instruments as well as tracks?
  14. @Karri: This is looks very interesting and convenient. How about music playback? Does Handy Music come with a tracker, or can it playback Chipper Tracks?
  15. By the way, do you have some tips regarding implementation of sound effects on the Lynx? I found this information regarding direct programming of MIKEY, but I wonder if some API already exists that is easier to use: https://jum.pdroms.de/lynx/lynxaudio.html
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