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  1. Here is the final result, after a little bit more work!! 🙂 I am working on a new lightgun game by the way, with mechanics inspired from Battle Clash (SNES game). parallax-goblin.atr
  2. I got something working almost correctly now. It not completely glitch free, as the DLI fires-off between 1 and 2 line late... I am probably going to need offset the chars by 1 or 2 pixels to get something seamless.
  3. It worked after I included a few extra cycles after WSYNC before updating HSCROL: ; Update parallax lda _scrollX,x sta wsync sta _delay sta hscrol Weird!
  4. Thanks for the tip. Adding STA WSYNC before STA HSCROL fixed half of the glitches (see attached). Do you have more info on what "other things" could be causing the remaining glitches? Note: the glitch seems to appear only when HSCROL switches from a value in range $08-$0f back to $00. Could it be something to do with the WSYNC not working correctly because of the delay on previous scanline? parallax-dli-wsync.atr
  5. That is what I do with scroll-dli.xex and it works fine. But in parallax-dli.xex, I only populate the first 8 values of scrollX, and the screen gets corrupted for some values of the scroll.
  6. Hey Guys! I need some advice on implementation of parallax. I took inspiration from section 6.1 of https://playermissile.com/dli_tutorial/ In my case, I have a pattern that repeats every 4 chars, so I have generated screen data that is 44 bytes wide, and scroll only with HSCROL (from 0 to 15). Here is what I did: 1) I tested full screen scrolling with a VBI, and it works as expected (see scroll-vbi.xex). 2) Next, I setup a vector of scroll values for each line, and updated all values simulataneously with the VBI. Again, it works as expected (see scroll-dli.xex) 3) Finally, I tried to only update the values of top 8 rows with the VBI. It works, but the screen gets corrupted on certain HSCROL values (I think 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15). This is weird (see parallax-dli.xex). I wonder if anyone can spot a mistake I might have made? (In DLI parallax-dli.xex, _scrollX start at $24E0) The DLI/VBI code of parallax-dli.xex looks as follows: _scrollX: .byte 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 _scrollTemp: .res 1 DLI: ; Backup A & X pha txa pha ; Load line counter ldx _countDLI ; Update parallax lda _scrollX,x sta hscrol ... multiplexed sprites .... ; increment line counter inc _countDLI ; Restore A & X pla tax pla rti VBI: ; Reset atract (screen saver timer) and DLI counter lda #0 sta atract sta _countDLI inc _scrollTemp lda _scrollTemp lsr A lsr A lsr A lsr A ldx #0 loopLine: sta _scrollX,x inx cpx #8 bne loopLine ... multiplexed sprites .... ; Exit VBI jmp XITVBV scroll-vbi.atr scroll-dli.atr parallax-dli.atr
  7. Mozz is right, unfortunately. The networking interface on Fujinet is ok for fetching some Weather information to display on-screen, but it is not (so far) suited much to real-time gaming. Accessing the SIO disables all interrupts and messes POKEY sound.
  8. Damn, i forgot just how much fun Lightgun games are when well implemented. Special forces is ACE! And you know what? I am now even mooting writing a new Light Gun game for the A8, with 8bit-Unity! I wonder what format to go for??? Maybe 1v1, like Battle Clash? Is there any particular game style that you guyz would like to see on the A8???
  9. It worked!!! Though in my case, I actually needed to increase the brightness! Special forces is awesome, I really like the graphics and difficulty level! 🙂
  10. Ah, that sounds like a good idea! I will try it!
  11. I got myself an XE Lightgun, to use with 130XE. Bug Hunt and Barnyard Blaster work absolutely fine, and I find the horizontal accuracy fair enough. But the better games, i.e. Operation Blood and Special Forces, are just unplayable. The crosshair seem to respond to lightgun movement only 5-10% of the time. I wonder if there is a trick I am missing, to get these games to work???
  12. Some quick news from the 8bit-Strike development (visit 8bit-strike.com for more info). We now have 4 maps based on the "Arabia" tileset ready: de_desert, de_dust, de_dust2, de_mirage! The draft version of "Tropical" tileset and de_aztec maps are currently being reviewed by TIX. I will be able to release sreenshots of those soon! 🙂
  13. I want to say THANK YOU for sharing all these Sector COPY programs. I have a 130 XE, XF551, and SIO2SD and wanted to duplicate double density floppies from ATRs (which use XBOOT/XBIOS). I tried several popular copiers like MyCopyR and Copy2000, but was getting nowhere (sometimes they would not read data from SIO2SD, sometimes formatting floppies would not work, and so on....). I then tried various versions of the programs you shared until FINALLY, DISKCOPY.ATR (option C) gave me perfectly working duplicates!! I am surprised how hard it was to find a compatible sector copiers, but I am CHUFFED!! 🙂
  14. I recently got a XF551 and tried using it daisy chained to the Fujinet. I loaded MyDOS 4.50 from Fujinet D1, and configured XF551 as D2. No matter what I tried, drive would not format floppies or copy data to them. The drive moved, but I got various errors (mainly 163, which I think is a communication error). Next I tried to connect XF551 directly as D1, and daisy chained SIO2SD to it as D2. That worked fine, and the drive was able to format floppies, copy data... I wonder if anyone else got similar issues with the XF551/Fujinet combo?
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