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  1. is it available for purchase? I'm from Italy! Thanks!
  2. Thanks to all for your very useful replies! So, not having been a possessor of an Atari 8 Bit in the '80s, I ask you: did the best or the "iconic" games are released on cart, tape or disk? Many thanks!
  3. Not exactly, I mean a SD solution that works not only with ROM cartridges (I know there is the Ultimate Cart for this) but also with Floppy and Tapes images...
  4. Hi! As from topic, what is the best "everdrive" solution supporting not only cartridges images but also disks and tapes images?
  5. Here are the measures on the transformer... why that 27v?
  6. Ok, Ive changed the fuses and now the light on power supply works, here are the measures.
  7. Hi all from Italy! My TI-99/4A suddenly doesn't power up! So I've disassembled the machine to isolate the internal power supply. Now I have, as from the photos, the power supply and the external original transformer. How can I test the voltage with my multimeter? Where have I to insert the red probe and the ground probe to measure the voltage for the transformer and for the power supply? You'll find all the photos attached... Many thanks in advance! Davide
  8. Hi! Yesterday I was in a retrogamer fair here in Italy with my Atari 2600 Light Sixer and suddenly I've got the video problems you can see in these two videos (same problem with whatever cartidge I've tried). What can be the problem? Thanks in advance! Davide http://www.terredainventare.it/atari/IMG_0713.mp4 http://www.terredainventare.it/atari/IMG_0714.mp4
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