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  1. For some reason DiscJuggler will not recognise my DVD drive. I have Alcohol 120% so I'm holding out for .CCD compatibility in the future. I have a full collection of retail Jag CD games but no effective way to rip them currently. Keep up the good work Saint. The Jag GD is beyond awesome.
  2. @Wilco That is one seriously impressive score! I didn't realise the levels patterns were the same each time. That's useful to know.
  3. @Rick Dangerous The strategy needed seems to be a balance between clearing the stacked center tiles and picking off the edges. The trick is to make sure that every pair cleared unlocks at least one previously unavailable tile. Easier said than done!
  4. 144 tiles in 6:00. Starting a brand new game each time as per rules. This is one addictive game!
  5. 11,360 I need to break open my recently landed Rebooted cart and try the updated version but this will get me on the board for now.
  6. I agree, Ultra Vortek is the best fighter on the Jaguar with Primal Rage a close second (if you can find it). If the Voice Modem had actually made it to production it would have been awesome. The Jag was already on it's way out when UV was released though so it was non-viable from the start, pity.
  7. 17,466 I still haven't completed the first 4 campaigns.
  8. 5,547 Great and challenging game. I've never beaten it.
  9. @jblenkle climb then burrow. I took me a while to work it out.
  10. The Jag could never compete with the Playstation in terms of 3D performance but it was ahead of it's time in 1993/94. Cybermorph Battlemorph Missile Command 3D Skyhammer Hoverstrike Tempest 2000 I loved these games in the 90s and still enjoy playing them today.
  11. Thanks @Rick Dangerous for another great season and thanks to everyone who participated to keep it fun and challenging. My suggestions for next round: Hoverstrike Xenon 2: Megablast Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Raiden Skyhammer Pinball Fantasies Super Burnout Custodian Tempest 2K Downfall Star Wars Uwol The quest for Money
  12. Yeah, the game is still fun but I couldn't work out why other people's screenshots and vids on YouTube don't seem to have the problem. I have the PS1 version of the game too which is pretty decent.
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