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  1. I've only just discovered this great interview. Really insightful. Baldies is a great game although I must admit I tend to play the PS1 version. I really ought to dig out my Jag CD disc and give it another try.
  2. 42,419 Hitting the seagull seems to give a decent bonus if you time it right.
  3. 22,805 Not even close to @masematte I think I'll get my coat...😂
  4. 5,585 This game passed me by the first time round. I'm absolutely loving it on my Jag GD. Another gem from ReBoot.
  5. 36,150 I managed to get past the first boss but I feel I'm only scratching the surface of this game. I need to put some serious time into this game.
  6. I have used syquest drives on my 1040STE prior to getting the UltraSatan. I used them as extenral hard drives through an ICD link. The best way I found was to create a single TOS and Windows partition (drive C) with HD Driver. Then I could transfer files to my PC and use it as a bootable hard drive. As suggested above, I ended up with multiple disks / cartridges for different applications e.g. low res games, high res music / MIDI etc. I don't see why it wouldn't work as an internal drive in a MegaSTE.
  7. I've never played the original Elite on the ST. I do have a big box version of Elite 2 that I got a little way into. I need to dig that out again!
  8. 144 in 6:55 I finally managed to win a game. This is a tough one.
  9. @CyranoJ Thanks for the info. I didn't realise there was another way of getting off the enter a name screen once the cursor vanished. I'll give that a try. Like Rick, it doesn't bother me now I've remembered it's there. Just hit end and get on with the next game The only reason I mentioned it here was in case someone lost out on recording a score as, like me, they'd forgotten about it. Great game BTW. I'm looking forward to sinking some time into this one.
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