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  1. This is one tough challenge! This is my best: Challenge 4, Race 1, 1:39:84
  2. Man, this game is tough! I've got a bit further: Challenge 3, Race 2, 1:15:30.
  3. Here's something to get me on the board: Challenge 2, Race 3, 1:47:22 This game has awesome music!
  4. Yes, I agree. Major Havoc 2049's suggestion is a good one. Keep the original format but allow people to post their times for the further race they reach. 👍
  5. I can't say I'm all too familiar with this game. Having played the "Compete" mode a few times this evening I can't get past the second race of challenge 2. I'll keep at it and see how far I can get. There 's a risk that some of us, myself included, may not be able to post a time at all as "Compete" mode seems seriously hard to get through...or maybe I just need more practice. Maybe choosing one of the four Training Downhill runs would be a better option? These are timed. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  6. Another attempt: 443,087 The collision detection can be cruel in this game. Mines seem to go off all to easily when you're near them.
  7. I've ended up using a hybrid control technique, shoulder buttons and numeric keypad. It gets pretty crazy in the heat of battle. 374,719
  8. I can't wait. This looks awesome.
  9. I've literally only just got this from Carl at Songbird. Mad game that needs a pro-controller to make the most of it. Good fun though. Here's my first decent score - 61,577
  10. I finally did it: 0'31"75 It required a bit of luck stringing all the corners together and avoiding the drones.
  11. Getting faster - 0'32"19 I reckon it's possible to break 32 seconds with a "perfect" run...
  12. I've just noticed everyone else's speed is in mph and mine is km/h. I didn't know there was an option to change that!?!?
  13. @travistouchdown - it's a real shame your cart is bust. As the co-ordinator of the HSC it seems harsh you can't compete in the round on level terms. Hats off to you for sticking with Australia. The heat is on! Raced with drones in practice/trainer mode on the Super Rabbit - 0'33"57 Can anyone go sub 33 seconds?
  14. Ok, no problem. I'll post some Brazil times soon. No, I think 7 alps is the maximum you can set. There is no infinite mode as far as I know. That does sound like a corrupted cart. It's never happened with my Super Burnout cart but I did have a Doom cart that occasionally crashed at the same point of the same level. Have you tried erasing the memory on the cartridge? Might be worth a go?
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