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  1. Actually I'm mistaken. Neither the coins nor the points are displayed on the final screen. My 206 doesn't relate to either as I played through again, got a different number of coins and points, and it still showed 206!? Points are gained through progress and speed through the levels so may be a better measure of skill. What do people think? Either way pausing to take a screenshot before the end seems to be the only way to record your score.
  2. @Rick Dangerous Are we recording points scored or coins collected? I "completed" the game having collected 206 coins (not the maximum) and the final screen shows my coins but not my points. There's no high score table as such. Quirky and cool game.
  3. 16,109,480 I'm starting to understand how this table works.
  4. Thanks @sixersfan105 for the Samsung Nuon remote and Ballistic game. Fantastic communication throughout. The items arrived quickly, well packed and in great condition. I would happily buy from you again.
  5. 8,227,740 Trying to get a shot of your score is a nightmare with the strobe effects! Tough table.
  6. If I was in the US this would be an essential visit. We don't really have anything like this in the UK sadly. I hope it's a successful weekend for you Carl.
  7. I got my Jag in 1996 and my Jag CD in about 1997/98. Both still going strong! I lost touch with the scene a bit between 2005 - 2015ish but kept almost all my games and hardware. I was quite pleased to find so much was still going on when I returned 😄
  8. My copy arrived yesterday. Giving it a spin right now. I'm really enjoying it so far. Thanks @Gaztee for sorting out those of us in the UK. I like this model of having regional distributors to keep shipping costs down. I hope this is something that can continue moving forward. Having to factor in the cost of shipping from US to UK has been prohibitively expensive for me in the past (although I try and pick up as many new releases as my wallet allows).
  9. I've never used the ICD software. It would be interesting to see if I have more luck with that although, as I have a workaround with windows for now that something for another day. Many thanks for the help.
  10. Aarrggh, I totally missed the end of this round. Is there any change I can claim a participation point? 8,013
  11. 52,225 This game is really hard. I've only made it to level 4 once!
  12. Yes, Blue Lightning definitely only has one CD audio track on it unfortunately.
  13. The Iron Soldier 2 soundtrack is awesome and plays as a normal audio cd for me too. It's a pity that Blue Lightning does only play the one song as an audio CD. The other tunes are great but aren't in the right format.
  14. Ah, so it's likely an issue specific to the 44mb cartridges. Typical as I have a stack of 5 of them that came with the drive but no 88mb ones. Thanks for the help.
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