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  1. @SainT You're doing incredible work. The Jag GD is a first class product and well worth the wait. I can't wait for Jag Cd support!
  2. The thing is, I seem to try all the same moves as Austin but I just end up dying. I must have a defective cart 😆 @Austin you have mad skills and I'm inspired to push through to the end of this game. One day...
  3. Yeah, I played straight through without saving. It's hard work. I agree that the annoying alien on the Anti-gravity arena is evil!
  4. I recently downloaded the original Wolf 3D from Xbox Live and was disappointed. The Jag version looks and plays a lot better in my opinion.
  5. This Jag play-through is seriously impressive. I've owned this game since 1996 and never beaten it!
  6. 8847 - King Fluffy's Challenge (Completed game) on normal difficulty. I really like this game. The only thing that let's it down are the sluggish controls.
  7. 27,900 Not played this one before. I love the sprite scaling.
  8. 5,514,500 Not played this much before. It's an ambitious game for the time.
  9. 144,750 Same as Machine. What are the chances!?!?
  10. 20,200 Has anyone got past the second boss? It's rock hard.
  11. 25,915 Version 4. This game is tough.
  12. Hi @Rick Dangerous You collect the crystals to accumulate "money". If you have sufficient funds just flying over the bonus item should give you the power up. Easier said then done though...
  13. 25,090 I'm somewhat off the pace 😆
  14. 12,720 There's no high score screen for this game so not much time to grab a photo after you get a game over.
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