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  1. Fantastic score Machine. I knew someone was going to break a million. Here's my best so far: 834,950
  2. 238,350 How are people playing this? I've tried the pro controller shoulder buttons and the d-pad + B button. I think I prefer the regular d -pad + B method best.
  3. Oh yes, I can't wait for this cart. I'm looking forward to Last Strike too. Keep them coming CyranoJ
  4. 93,775 I'd forgotten how good this game is! It has a classic Atari 2600 vibe with updated sound and visuals.
  5. 12 Oh dear! I have no idea how to play this game. NFL is a mystery to me
  6. 1,316,600 I finally made a million. This is a really good game. I didn't play it much before this HSC round but got totally into it. Very addictive in the old school sense.
  7. Primal Rage CD is the one commercial Jag CD title that has eluded me thus far. If anyone has one to sell please get in touch. Any condition as long as the disc is not scratched and the game plays. I'm a gamer rather than collector. Thanks.
  8. I wouldn't call myself a collector but the Jag has been my main focus for purchases for a while. I bought my Jag in the 90s at the tail end of it's commercial life and picked up a lot of stuff cheap at that time. After a few years away from the system I've been catching up with the home brew scene. The Jaguar does cover a lot of retro gaming bases: early FPS (Wolfenstein, Doom, AVP), platformers (Rayman, Zool 2, Flashback, Bubsy), shooters (Raiden, Protector, Defender 2000), 2D racing (Super Burnout, Powerdrive Rally), strategy (Syndicate, Theme Park), puzzle (Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Flip Out, Zoop), 2D Fighting (Ultra Vortek, Primal Rage, Kasumi Ninja), sports (Sensible Soccer, NBA Jam TE, Brutal Sports Football). I also like a lot of the Jag exclusive titles like Iron Solider 1 and 2, I War, T2K, Battlemorph, Skyhammer (plus several of those listed above). Having said that not all the games have aged well. The Jag was my only console, apart from Lynx and 2600, until about 2002 but, as much as I love it, I couldn't get by with just the Jaguar. The call of survival horror games lured me to the PS1 (Silent Hill, Resident Evil etc), then Dreamcast (Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Carrier), then PS2, then X360. Ultimately many of the Jags best titles are available on other, more mainstream retro systems for a lot less money which makes it difficult to justify recommending it to a new starter. Where the Jag excels is the home brew scene. Rebooteroids is up there with the best games on the system and the ST / Amiga ports from AA, Piko, Songbird etc are all worth checking out if you have deep pockets. Long live Jaguar home brew!
  9. 243,857 I've been playing this with the rotary controller and it works so well!
  10. Hi Rick, Sorry to be picky but I've just noticed I've been ranked 5th in this round below Hyper_Eye despite getting a higher score. Can this be corrected please? Thanks.
  11. This arrived from AtariAge just in time for the round: 32,260
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