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  1. I love the concept and the graphical style so far. This has a lot of promise and will be a truly unique title for the Jag. The mini-games section sounds good to me. It worked in Shenmue! Good luck with the project. I'd buy this for sure.
  2. As much as I like Breakout 2000 I find this game more fun. After a few tries: 95,850 Playing the CD version with a rotary controller. @Machine I hope your eye is healing ok. That sounded nasty.
  3. This is looking more and more awesome! Excellent work.
  4. I usually die on the level with the thin red platforms. Finally got past them and made a new personal best: 33,709
  5. This documentary looks incredible. I've followed Jeff Minter's work since I got Revenge of the Mutant Camels on an ST Format cover disc in about 1992. He's a legend and this will be fascinating viewing. I hope plenty of people here pledge something.
  6. Some great scores already. Here's my first entry: 11,528
  7. I quite like the blue spectres.
  8. I do have this, I'll have to dig it out of a box to photograph it again. I believe it has a serial number beginning with B. I'll post another photo soon.
  9. Regarding Attack of the Mutant Penguins - I think it would be possible to use this game for a HSC round. We could play one of the "Pandemonium" levels which is a survival mode - endless mutant penguins, play until you die. These levels are scored. There are 4 levels to choose from and some are easier than others to rack up a score. What do people think?
  10. Yes, it certainly could be that. The previous owner said it was the controller sent out with Jaguar developer systems but I've not found anyone who can corroborate that.
  11. Hi, anyone seen a controller like this? I initially thought it was an Atari Power Pad but weren't the A,B and C buttons all blue on those?
  12. Does anyone know when Rebooteroids will be back in stock at the AA store? I've been waiting patiently to buy a copy for getting on for a year.
  13. I'm watching this thread with interest. It looks great. Good work.
  14. This is seriously exciting news. Best of luck with the project. I would pay good money for the completed article to ensure that appropriate licensing fees / royalties were covered. You can never have enough DOOM!
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