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  1. Impressive! Can we expect a port of Superhot to the Jaguar soon?
  2. I don't know that you could accomplish that with panning on the Lynx. You certainly could add a depth component to the sound, though. I believe Klax does this already, where the blocks further away from you not only pan left and right, but are also quieter. Then they slowly get louder as they approach. So you could in a sense make the sound move closer or farther in addition to left or right, but I don't see how you could simulate up and down. It would be kind of neat though in a 3D game if a fireball could shoot towards the player then get quieter if it missed and kept traveling behind the player -- that would be pretty close to a surround effect. Thanks, that's my goal. I'm more of a brute-force hacker who looks for ways to add simple new features or fix key bugs. There are of course a lot of details I am glossing over, but I'm trying to give a higher-level view of the methodology behind the changes rather than an in-depth treatise on assembly programming.
  3. Raiders of the Lost ROM part 4 is now available! I discuss how to identify and patch joypad accesses in a Lynx ROM, as well as a couple of Quadromania-specific bugs I fixed along the way. Note that when I talk about patching a Lynx ROM, you will of course need to re-encrypt the ROM after the patch. Unless your ROM has an encrypted boot loader on it that does not checksum the ROM.
  4. I'm confused... on the first page it says 128 bytes, then on the next page it says "no file size limit."
  5. Hi @Nop90, thanks for the kind words! It was a pleasure to partner with you on these two releases -- you are extremely professional, and dedicated to fixing even the minor optional UI issues we found. Looking forward to seeing what other cool games you can bring to the Lynx! I also want to thank Retroguru for kindly providing the license for Xump, and other Atari fans like @karri and @Igor and for all their help getting me started on the process of building carts. This hobby has come along way since I was hacking with a parallel-to-comlynx RAM loader in the 1990s, and it's really enabled a lot more development than we've ever seen before. For those eagerly awaiting Biniax and Xump, hang in there for just a couple more weeks! Carts are being manufactured now and I should be able to open orders very soon.
  6. Raiders of the Lost ROM part 3 is now available! If you ever wanted to learn about stereo panning on the Lynx, this is your ticket.
  7. Got inspired to write up Raiders of the Lost ROM part 2, but it's definitely taking more time and blog than I realized... my goal was to cover two design goals per blog, but only got through one this time.
  8. Glad people are enjoying it! Already working on part 2...
  9. Biniax and Xump aren't ready for release yet, but here is a good sign: final shell samples approved for production! Looking at ~4 weeks to get parts back from the factory. When I get close, I'll open up orders for both games. Almost there!
  10. In case anyone would like to read about my efforts to improve this game, I'll capture them on my Songbird blog over time. Enjoy!
  11. Early Years cartridge is limited to 250 units. Frog Feast is no longer limited, however only a few of the ones I produced came with the box.
  12. In theory, yes, some other CD games should be playable in cartridge form if you drop the FMV and any streaming music. But it takes effort to get there, obviously. One piece of good news here: Songbird now owns the Battlemorph IP, and porting it to cartridge format is on my to-do list.
  13. Hey, now, you're going to make everyone jealous! But I figured you, as the coder for both games, deserved the first samples. Just a few more weeks, and they will be ready for general release... almost there!
  14. Downloaded the new version, and it works great! It's already helping me on Quadromania, where I have often been disassembling certain instructions by hand since generic 6502 disassemblers don't handle the unique op codes. Thanks, @42bs!
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