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  1. Yes, I do plan to do more with Battlemorph. I'll definitely keep the audio CD as an option too. There were lots of fun Atari-only retailers to buy from back in the late 1990s / early 2000s... Go Atari, Run PC, one from Canada which I'm forgetting, and someone else in the USA I'm forgetting but mainly carried just Lynx games.
  2. It must have been a fan made item. However now that Songbird owns the rights to Battlemorph, it's something I could produce if people are interested. Let me know! As for the value of stuff, yeah, back in the early 2000s I was selling new, boxed Jaguar units for $99 then eventually $129 I think before I sold out... even had a few brand new CD units that went for only $150! If only I would have bought out all those cheap consoles at KB Toys...
  3. You're quite welcome! Heh, I think my waistline would beg to differ. But I appreciate the sentiment. Yeah, unfortunately not a good year to think about a reunion event. Maybe next year? Would people be crazy enough to come back to MN again? I'd be happy to have my full Lynx and Jaguar collection on display, show off a few hidden gems, and talk about what it's been like working with former Jag developers, the process of making new games, etc. You know, boring stuff unless you're a serious retro-nut like me.
  4. The other trick with the very first level is that all the enemies actually appear in a horizontal plane. In other words, only rotate left and right to shoot them. You can get disoriented quickly if you start rotating up and down. Of course, later levels have enemies spawning in every direction, so eventually you will need full mastery of the controls... no question, the game is very hard. But the graphics and audio are impressive and makes the game one of the Jag's very best. Thanks for your support! As of this writing, I still have a couple copies left in stock in the Songbird web store.
  5. It wasn't quite retro back then, but at the same time, it was commercially dead. Telegames had released a couple games in 1997 I believe, and I helped convince ICD to release Aircars too. Since I was a C programmer in my day job, I started tracking down former Jaguar devs in Usenet to see if they still had their unreleased games and would license them to me for publication. Mind you, we didn't even have the universal encryption discovered yet, so getting any new game out on cartridge was quite the challenge! It was a fun time to be an Atari fan, and it still is now. I've really enjoyed supporting the Lynx and Jaguar for over 20 years. More games are on the way!
  6. I was recently contacted by Hans (known as Cyberroach in the very, very old days) who asked if he could upload a conversion of the JagFest 1999 VHS tape to YouTube. It's been 21 years, so I think it's about time. Check out some spry youngsters including yours truly as we celebrated Atari in Rochester, MN, when Songbird was just getting started! Spot the fan: look for @K3V, @goatdan, @ZylonBane, @JagMod, and more! Also, you can still buy a Jag CD compatible video of the event on the Songbird website. Along with many other Jaguar and Lynx games, of course; Biniax and Xump were just released for the Lynx last month! Techie trivia: the intro graphic + music and all the title cards between segments were done with custom Jaguar programs I wrote, because back then I didn't have a simple way to edit videos using a computer! It was easier to write a Jag program and record the output.
  7. https://songbird-productions.com/2020/04/18/the-growing-family-of-songbird-ip/
  8. Final day for the launch discount! Get those last-minute orders in.
  9. @LordKraken since you have Handy building, I have a couple of quality-of-life requests for the debugger version if doable. If the user enters a "reg" command in the debugger window, he sees the current 65c02 registers like this: >reg PC=$26e3 SP=$ff PS=0x20 A=0x01 X=0xc0 Y=0x0a >step >reg PC=$26c5 SP=$ff PS=0x20 A=0x01 X=0xe0 Y=0x0a However when the user issues a "step" command, the command window is silent and just presents the user with another prompt. Could you please make "step" always execute an implicit "reg" so the user sees the registers without having to type "reg" again? Likewise, it would be nice if a breakpoint is hit, then an implicit "reg" would be executed and shown on-screen. Thank you for your consideration.
  10. Biniax and Biniax 2 gameplay video now available: The rules of the game are pretty simple: keep moving up! When your path is blocked, match your symbol to an adjacent symbol to clear a path. Your symbol keeps changing each time you match, so you constantly have to find new symbols to stay alive.
  11. Raiders of the Lost ROM part 6 is finally available! And while this closes the saga of Quadromania, the process has inspired me to hack another ROM without any original source code available -- so rest assured, more Lynxy goodness is coming down the road! But that's a story for another day...
  12. In case you're curious, here's a summary of changes that went into the versions published by Songbird: Biniax 1 (included in every Biniax 2 cartridge): Version updated to 1.3 Control added to stop background screen flashing (benefits Lynxes with modded screens) High score saved to EEPROM Increased progression of game speed over time Biniax 2: Brand new, enhanced version of Biniax not previously released Arcade Mode, Tactics Mode, and 2-player comlynx mode Chain matching messages and score bonuses High scores saved to EEPROM Numerous bug fixes and UI / UX enhancements Xump: Several UI / UX enhancements Replaced or improved graphics which were displayed incorrectly on certain menu screens or after certain events Performance fix for certain times when the headbot moved slowly across the grid Full EEPROM support for scores and last used password Also, the games underwent MANY hours of testing to ensure every level loads properly and is solvable, high scores can be saved and erased properly, UI works as expected, and so on. Special thanks to @nop90 who worked very hard on these games and dealt with many bugs and suggestions I submitted to him!
  13. Good catch! The game is actually quite simple to play (but difficult to master!) when you realize the cardinal rule is: stay alive! And Tactics is a fun mode for people who prefer a brain burner to arcade frenzy. Did you see that you are awarded chain bonuses to your score if you can keep matching symbols without a miss? Watch for the floating messages on-screen. It's a great way to boost your score and add an extra challenge to the game. And watch out for those barriers! They can be quite nasty if you don't plan ahead.
  14. That's pretty cool! I would not have thought of doing that, but I could see where it would save some instruction space if you can give up the RAM to hold the table.
  15. First orders are go! I should be caught up on everything by early next week, so watch for those shipping emails.
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