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  1. It will handle mame fine. In bench marks, the low end model is around a p2 400. The high end model compoares to a p3 600-700.
  2. Interesting. I was just starting a similar project. I was planning on building a case out of legos but this, this is much more interesting. I plan to get a via edan board, I already have everything else including a half height power supply. However, lets skip over the consoles. Which Atari computer would be the best for such a project? I assume it would have to be a TT or Mega ST since I imagine those with a built in keyboard would be just too hairy to mod. /edit: BTW as for the psxpc being a "prime candidate for overheating", wasn't that ALWAYS the case for the PSX?
  3. I don't buy it, but who knows. Its Doom for Atari 8 bit http://atariarea.nostalgia.pl/vector
  4. I'm looking for an Atari T-shirt. I would like to buy from a semi serious online retailor. Most all I've found are people printing them out of their basement and selling them out of their basement.
  5. Well, Infogrames is remaking Combat. Actually looks kind of neat Combat link
  6. Wrong forum, but I hope the atari age gods don't hurt us too much. Infogrames is opening Atari Labs, a design studio in San Francisco, CA Here is a link http://us.infogrames.com/corporate/employment.asp You can see they have been staffing up. But it will be another year before we see anything.
  7. I understand that the first "big" atari game is suppose to be Unreal Champion on the Xbox. These first games are just getting things started.
  8. It just has Atari as a small work and in the splash title, the "A"s are replaced with the Atari fuji.
  9. Noticed that they are advertising MXRider for the PS2 as an atari game. Nice to see the logo out and about.
  10. Same for the intellivision. Man in fact they got shafted even more because their games looked exactly like the really poor atari ports.
  11. You guys missed the gold age. I started collecting back in the late 80s (when the Atari 7800 was still on store shelves and Crazy Climber was considered the rarest 2600 cart). Oftem I would ask for classic gaming stuff and a guy would come up and just give me a big box of of games and a system. Normally in mint condition. That happen a dozen times or so. People saw them as having no value. They we just happen to get rid of them. Often they were moving out of their parents house and they were holding one last yard sale to get stuff out of their parents' houses. I would often get large collections for $3 or less.. for everything. Around the mid 90's that changed and thing are as they are now.
  12. How about... In the POKEY Palace of PAM In the Year 1983 err ran dry...
  13. I have a friend that works at a computer game developer. He said their were putting together a proposal to remake Xcom for Infogrames and that it was to be released unter the Atari banner...
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