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  1. Agreed. With a few, very limited exceptions, I do not like sports games. Consequently, while they are common as dirt, I have only a very few in my collection. I am not trying to "complete" a collection for any system; I am only interested in owning those games that I actually want to play.
  2. Rainbow magazine (for the Coco) included this "feature". I never used it because it required someone to type all of the comment lines (REMarks) and even spaces exactly as printed.
  3. I cannot help with any information about the drive, but I am fascinated/amused by the idea of finding previously unknown vintage hardware in your own garage! It makes me want to revisit my storage unit; perhaps someone has added something interesting since my last visit. It has been a few years.
  4. It was never released (or finished?), but Androman on the Moon apparently included some board-game elements.
  5. I do agree with the criticism; the game would have benefited from an ending of some sort. On the other hand, this was the first Atari game where the music really impressed me. I first played it at a friend's place (on a small B&W TV) and it was far and away the best game he had. It was quite some years before I got my own copy.
  6. I once worked for an academic organization that employed an external contractor to develop a project. My main role was to oversee the development of that project. There were some delays for various reasons -- nothing major or insurmountable. The director of the organization decided to get more involved in this project. At her first meeting with the external contractors, she threatened to sue them if the deadline was missed. That did just wonders for the working relationship that we had carefully established. Sigh. I left for another job shortly thereafter so, sadly, I do not know how this tale ends.
  7. I utterly hate games that mix genres. In both Final Fantasy VII and Breath of Fire IV, for example, there are required mini-games that require very specific timing and reflexes to get past to advance the story. I play RPGs because I am not good at games requiring fast reflexes. (I ultimately bought a Game Shark so I could skip that stage in FF7; I just stopped playing BOF4.) I realise that most everyone else can get through those sequences easily, but, sadly, not me.
  8. If this was a Dendy from the Russian/Eastern European market, why are the ports labeled in English? I would expect Cyrillic lettering. Is anyone else reminded of those 1990s VHS tape rewinders that had shells molded to look like sports cars?
  9. Yep. Even lawyer-client privilege can be waived (to an extent) where doing so is necessary to collect payment. Were he to bring a lawsuit, the details of what he did will become public record. Without knowing how much he is owed (or what resources he has access to), I cannot speculate on the chances of this actually happening.
  10. They may want to pursue whomever leaked the information (it is seemingly a small enough team that finding suspects should not be difficult), but I wonder if they have the resources to bring yet more legal actions. Altogether, that is an odd comment to release to the media.
  11. Can the memory card be removed from its case (and therefore fit into the controller)? There does not seem to be an obvious way to modify the controller.
  12. I strongly agree with the value of keeping offline copies (and, even more so, print documentation). It has long been my practice if I find something useful online -- in my case, mostly academic articles -- I download a copy for my own use. The original may be taken offline for whatever reason, but my local copy is always available. I find online content to be far too ephemeral to rely upon.
  13. Agreed! This business model is very common in the used book trade -- where much business is done online or by catalogue. Many times I have tried to shop at small bookstores (which are invariably located in very inconvenient locations) only to discover that they are only open "by chance or appointment". My Father suggested that these stores are only open when the owner needs money! If I am a visitor to that community, I do not have the time to "stalk" the proprietor, nor am I going to make an appointment just so I can visit the store. I will shop elsewhere in places that actually welcome customers.
  14. Around here, vendors have a much more "flexible" pricing system -- prices vary depending on various factors. So, if you are an established customer, you will pay a bit less whereas someone new will be charged more, etc. It is all very subjective -- even different staff will sometimes quote different prices, so it is often worth returning on a different day. I am not recommending this business model, but you should be aware that it exists as a possible option. Nobody has yet mentioned the location of the store. In my experience, most video game stores are located in older, slightly run-down areas where rent is lower. I can recall only a few being located in malls (independents not EB Games), but they only lasted a short time, and their prices were staggeringly high to compensate for their increased overhead. It is necessary to balance the cost of the space as against customers not being aware of the store's existence due to being in an out-of-the-way (or unsafe) location.
  15. My understanding is that in addition to the usual masculine/feminine/neuter genders, German expressly provides pronouns for "undetermined gender" for cases such as unborn babies. Sadly, English lacks this fourth option, so translators must make do.
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