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  1. I am purely an amateur, but I have written code in BASIC, Pascal, and Delphi -- and I have never once had to use any of the more complex mathematical functions. There were many pages in the manual describing them that I just skipped-over. Of course this also depends on what type of program you are creating. Almost all of my coding has been text-based games and database applications. At the same time, as others have mentioned, 8-bit BASIC is not really well suited to creating heavy number crunching applications.
  2. I seem to recall that Donkey Kong was the pack-in game with the Gemini for a while. I wonder if that was the origin of the "generic" box. (Ironically, I too am soon moving -- albeit much closer to the city where my Atari collection has resided for the past 23+ years!)
  3. Remember that The Historian was a volunteer rather than a regular employee (much less someone in a senior management or strategic planning role). He would only have been provided with minimal information, the NDA notwithstanding. I know very much about my small corner of my organization works; the day-to-day operational issues. I know nothing of the larger strategic plans or projects with which I have no involvement. I may occasionally hear some rumours, but I am not routinely informed of issues that do not affect my ability to do my job.
  4. I just wait until this stuff eventually trickles down to the thrift shops. 😀 For example, I have picked-up the "collectible" art books for both one of the Fallout games and Spore for like $1 each. (I am much more of a book collector than anything else.)
  5. Given that price, it is probably being hand-delivered by someone arriving by Greyhound bus. Is that a flat-rate price for everywhere in Canada? It could be a very good deal for shipping to Pond Inlet; rather less so for other places.
  6. I am happy to see that people are discussing this topic. It is important. I do not have much of a vintage game or computer collection (several 2600 consoles, ~150 cartridges, some more modern systems and games), but I am an avid bibliophile. I have accumulated several thousand volumes relating to Canadian history, and my plan is for that all to be donated to an academic library when I pass -- I have not yet chosen the specific facility, but I do have a short-list. I have not checked, but I assume that most major museums would have a 2600 console -- and probably not care enough to acquire the variants.
  7. 4. The thief eventually dies and, not knowing the original provenance of the cartridge, his/her/its family offers the item for sale.
  8. Yay! I have just been offered a new job. It is located in the region where I grew-up, close to my Family. The COL there is much lower. It is an opportunity for me to build upon my existing skills and experience, but also learn new things. After 12.5 years in my current position (and 20 with the same employer), I was getting tired and bored.  

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  9. There was also a version released for the Tandy Coco.
  10. I once tried to explain to someone that the object of their desire (which had nothing at all to do with video games) simply did not exist. The person responded "I want it, therefore it must exist". There is just no arguing with logic like that. Sigh.
  11. Where I am soon moving, $450,000 is would buy a very nice house, or a penthouse condo with a view of the river. I know how I would prefer to spend my money.
  12. I have reached the point that I just donate unwanted stuff to Goodwill or another local organization. This has included sealed PS 2 games and a CIB (albeit not working) ColecoVision game console -- along with piles of books, clothing, kitchenware, etc. Having a garage sale is impractical given that I live in an apartment building (though my landlord has allowed other tenants to do so before) and, based on previous experience, I will just not sell enough to justify the time and effort expended.
  13. Do it Old School style -- send a money order to a PO box (and then hope for the best). I understand that sending prepaid gift cards are another very popular way to make untraceable/unrefundable payments.
  14. A few weeks ago, I downloaded this Android game; I have already forgotten the name. It was supposed to be an RPG, but there was so very little player interaction that it barely qualified as a "game". I made it through the first level, on the expectation that things would get better -- it did not, so I uninstalled it. This whole process took about an hour. I have had a few games where I got frustrated and quit very early on (including at least two where I did not even finish the tutorial level), but the game was not inherently bad, just not a style/genre/mechanic that appealed to me.
  15. Deskmate was the very first GUI that I ever experienced. My 1000 SL did not come with a mouse, but I used a joystick from my Coco instead. I used the word processor quite a bit until I became more comfortable with WordPerfect. It lacked features, but it was very easy to use. I also used the Terminal Emulator until I was able to obtain something better. I don't recall using any of the other applications, though I may have briefly experimented with the database.
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