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  1. Unable to connect to BBS, modem connection seems fine.
  2. Carina 2.7 atrs, which are disks 1, 2, & 7. These atrs are set up for D1, D2, & D7 which can be changed with some editing. I believe D7 was setup as a backup disk for the password file etc.. There is also a pdf of the manual here as well. - https://archive.org/details/CarinaIIBBSManual As for this working on a Mac i couldn'ty tell ya. Good luck
  3. Year bump. Time to start up the search again.. and i assume the .08 cents increased do to inflation
  4. Your link worked great.. I'll try a web server soon... I used to have a home made Parrot back in the late 80's.. Doesn't co me close to this.. Thanks for the help..
  5. Yes there is an error - Security Error: Content at file:///I:/Altirra%20Test/fujiconvert-0.3/index.html may not load data from file:///I:/Altirra%20Test/fujiconvert-0.3/resample.js. Is there a fix for this? thanks
  6. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.. Guess im about a year late to this game but im having an issue with Fujiconvert .3 Using most out of box settings, changing to NTSC and output type, but still gets stuck at the same point every time. Tried in Firefox, Chrome & IE with same results. I do have the latest Java Runtime installed.. The source MP3 is a typical low end 128 file.. I waited about 10 minutes, figured that was long enough. Using Windows 10 Pro Thanks
  7. For SpartaDos 2.x/3.x its CAR if Basic is ON
  8. Got it running.. Have to find some text files and move them around, but working... Thanks Again Alfred!
  9. I agree.. These BBS's were feared lost forever.. Thanks Alfred!
  10. Thats ok, the help system is fixable. Missing 1 MOD so far, SYSMENU.MOD. Which is supposed to be an extension of the SysOp commands. Thanks
  11. If it came down to it, and a little bit of time, the HELP.txt can be broken down into single files..
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