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  1. For SpartaDos 2.x/3.x its CAR if Basic is ON
  2. Got it running.. Have to find some text files and move them around, but working... Thanks Again Alfred!
  3. I agree.. These BBS's were feared lost forever.. Thanks Alfred!
  4. Thats ok, the help system is fixable. Missing 1 MOD so far, SYSMENU.MOD. Which is supposed to be an extension of the SysOp commands. Thanks
  5. If it came down to it, and a little bit of time, the HELP.txt can be broken down into single files..
  6. There is a generic help file in those folders, but the [H] Help MOD is looking for >HELP>A.HLP thru Z
  7. Up and running.. Impressive size BBS you ran. So far only thing missing is the HELP folder. Thanks for taking the time to Archive this, must've taken quite a bit of it..
  8. iirc PROMPTSx.DAT is in the PAS folder. PROMPTS3.DAT if you have one should be on drive 3 Best bet is to just archive the whole drive, there are file creation utilities, MOD files, and text files necessary to run... Thanks
  9. Thanks for taking the time to dig out what sounds to be a treasure trove of atari goodness..
  10. Wondering how the recovery process is going..
  11. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction..
  12. In joystick dongle emulation, what would be the mapping argument to have the fire button pressed all the time?
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