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  1. Most if not all BASIC language propelled BBS's did not encrypt the password file. As for 8bit Express & ST line, I'd have to look foReM for example creates a PAS.DAT file. Inside are pre-created 125 character lines. So, each line is 1 user, where 1-4 is the user password, 5-24 is the username, 25-37 is phone, then past that are total downloads/uploads/security levels/MASK if using XL/XE etc.. All readable as a text file.
  2. if you search here on AA you'll find complete Carina & Carina II/2.7 archives.
  3. That's just Atari's way of telling you yo get a real computer. 😁
  4. Atascii emulation fixed in latest Git/Nightly
  5. I agree, 1.1 does ok.. I also tried full screen with no change.
  6. Submitted a ticket for regression
  7. Figured i wouldn't hijack another thread for this.. So, has anyone tried the latest Syncterm 1.2b connecting to an Atascii bbs? I get garbled characters.. 1.1 does not do this. I've tried Adventurers Guild and my own bbs with the same issues.. Anyone else try? And yes, type & font are set to Atari.. Not Atari XEP
  8. Working so far.. Thanks for the heads up.. Maybe a SyncTerm guru can answer this.. Is there a way to change the Atascii background black?
  9. I had issues running on XL/XE hardware, but 400/800 OSB worked. Would be nice if docunentation were to come out.. I'd say this wasn't cheap back hen. Keeping track of all your arcade machines at different locations.
  10. the date i used was 05/19/83 and time was 10:00 AM It appears the 1035 was an oversight and didnt need to be fixed if the date was what it wanted. Using that date works. Well it does for me. No clock hardware installed.
  11. Program has a missing line - 1508 IF YY$="$" THEN POP :GOTO 1035 1035 does not exist. Either change 1035 to 1036 or create line 1035 REM Runs in Altirra 400/800 OS-B and Basic Rev C cart.
  12. Quick syncterm question, i've gone from 1.1 to 1.2a. When i try to connect to a bbs thats down or gone, i get the Connecting box, but it never goes to Error. ESC on 1.1 or even a mouse click will cancel the attempt, whereas 1.2a does nothing.. I cant get out of the Connecting... box and have to kill the app.. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. Are these populated or bare boards?
  14. Put me down for Two(2). Are there any specs yet?
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