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  1. I have an HDMI switch and RCA switch feeding a Sony receiver. If you need specifics, I can get them for ya
  2. Bought two of them, got some of the other displays by asking GS employees if I could have them.
  3. I don't have too many CD32 games, but it's a neat little system, for sure.
  4. Thanks. That's a Mr. Do's Castle cabinet. I took a picture of it but forgot to post.
  5. I'm repainting an air hockey table that'll take up some of the floor space, heheh
  6. Thanks! I always wanted to have giant Space Invaders in a game room 8^)
  7. Here are some pictures of my game room. Took about two years to complete from start to finish. I built it up from scratch, framing the walls, running electricity, etc. Hope you guys enjoy.
  8. I've been playing this since Christmas and love it.
  9. That's different. I'll give both controls a shot when Christmas comes around. Probably still going to go with the DS4 like you, but I'm less hesitant to try the move setup now. Thanks much.
  10. Thanks for the info. Some of those changes do sound peculiar. I also play Battlefront 1 in first person, so I'll try third if I start getting my ass handed to me, heheh.
  11. I didn't know that. How does the smooth movement work with move controllers?
  12. Makes me say "Oooh" and "Aaaah" when playing games again. Haven't felt that huge leap in technology in a long time until I bought PSVR 8^) You got a good deal there.
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