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  1. What exactly are you trying to convey with this "And it is since one year that I’m waiting for a nice MotU II CIB! ", the "II". There is no such thing as a "II" version. There are four versions, that I have catalogued in my Picture Data Base, 4689-0210 (L001) GENERIC, ( Which I own, complete with Comic Book), 4689-0210 (L003), Which is the Singapore Version, The Intellivision Inc. Version, (4689-0210), Singapore, and the Brazilian DigiPlay version.
  2. Can you please post a back view of this Box?
  3. I am creating a picture database of all of the original 125 group of Intellivision games and their variants. I am in need of several games variants pictures including the Sears SVA group. If anyone has some Internal pictures of cases, could you please contact me. This database will be available for all users, if they provide for the cost of and the shipping of a USB Key for the data. This is a project going on over two years and also includes everything Intellivision related, that I can find. It includes lots of high Def pics of my own collection, Net retrieved pics, as many overlays, that I can locate, with some being enhanced to better definition, many game manuals PDF versions, cartridge pictures, Downloaded web sites, which do not exist anymore (These are golden for the genuine collector, whom wants a real history of the product), and many other tidbits to numerous to mention. This project was started as the result of trying to ID some of my game variants, with the help of the INTVFunhouse.com website. The downside of this site, is the fact, that it lacks pictures of the internal view of the gate fold boxes, and lacks most of the back views. So many variation pictures were incorrect, once I started searching out Box Variants on the net, including some that are in my collection that are lacking on this website. I have sent numerous emails to Steven A. Orth, with not so much as a return email. Therefor I have taken steps on my own to create this database, to the best of my ability, without others help so far. I am now at the point, of requiring more pictures, for completion, so am reaching out to any and all collectors who are Interested. Thanks for your time Once completed this project, only then will I have time to start playing games again, in the mean time, I will continue to plug away at this project 8 to 10 hours a day, until it is completed, or I am ready to roll over in the clover.
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