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  1. It took me almost a year to get my PS-IO. It's been what 3 or 4 months since I peordered the GBA Consolizer. This is the nature of the beast with these hobbyist projects.
  2. Definitely interested in one of these when more are available.
  3. Finally got a Lynx..interested in a Lynx II cased cart. Thanks!
  4. It does work. Samurai Shodown supports it and I've tested it on my system. (Although it took me awhile to figure out how to enable pro-logic on my receiver)
  5. Thanks, had to dig up an instruction manual, but found the Dolby Pro Logic setting..problem solved.
  6. So I don't know if this is "fixable" or not, but I run the majority of my devices into my 4k TV directly and then from the TV I run an optical cable to my receiver (as it is old and doesn't have HDMI in). For most of my consoles the TV has no issue converting the HDMI surround sound to optical surround sound and passing it to the receiver. This, however, does not seem to work for the Super Nt. As I said..not sure if it is fixable or not, but my other HDMI systems (sans the Wii U) can do it without an issue.
  7. Having a weird glitch issue with Mega Man X using the SD2SNES and 4.1 firmware. I beat the intro part without any issue but then when I choose my first stage (Spark Mandrill) I go into the level and I start having odd glitches. the most prevalent one is that if I am jamming on charge and jump and moving around sometimes the level "completes" and I earn the power-up for the stage. When I go back into the level power ups when they drop from enemies immediately disappear and are not collectable. Not sure what is going on...Oddly enough both Mega Man X and Ninja Warriors use the same PCB type..perhaps related?: https://snescentral.com/pcbboards.php?chip=SHVC-2A0N-11
  8. Nope I have an original copy and it glitches out or freezes every time.
  9. So I guess the big question is that since Kevtris is still squashing bugs, does the jailbreak firmware need to be updated every time there is an official firmware change?
  10. Actually it looks like kev's 5200 Jr system: http://kevtris.org/Projects/5200jr/index4.html
  11. It seems pretty clear that the shipper either shipped geographically or shipped last in first out. I ordered with the first hour that it went up and am on the East Coast. I am scheduled for the 14th. According to UPS my package wasn't ready for UPS until 02/07 at 4:30. Awful late for a first hour preorder. 9Still haven't received an email either) I'm a little miffed, especially given the shipping cost, but nothing is going to change anything at this point.
  12. My wife just checked the mailbox. Received safe & sound.
  13. Mine was marked delivered to my porch yesterday...but I didn't see anything last night / this morning. I have to check the mailbox to see if it is shoved in there though. Will let you know.
  14. As per the read-me the submapper has to be set to a specific number. Either grab smokemonster’s latest update or edit it in the emulator mentioned in the read-me
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