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  1. I'm not really worried about wasting anything right now since i'm so new to programming in general, i'm more worried about just getting things working and learning along the way. Thanks for the links RT, i've been going through it since then Atari2600land, yeah that makes the missile keep moving even after the fire button has been released. This whole programming thing is pretty overwhelming. Is there any specific language I should learn first and then come back to BB?
  2. I'm new to programming and for the last few days have been studying the different example programs here on the forum while trying to figure some things out on my own along the way. One thing that I haven't seen done yet in an example that i'm trying to do is fire a missile that keeps moving even after you let go of the fire button, maybe even with rapid fire if you do hold it down. All I can get it to do is appear when the button is pressed and stop moving when you let go of the button. Is there something simple that i'm missing? The relevant parts of the code are rem e will be timer for missile fire e = 1 if joy0fire then gosub fire_missile fire_missile missile0y = player0y - 7 : missile0x = player0x + 4 + e if e < 50 then e = e + 1 if e = 50 then e = 0 return I know the way I have it done right now is kind of unnecessary, but it's just gotten more complex as I try more things. default.bas default.bas.bin
  3. It could just be the video mod. There are lots of different ones to choose from that tend to alter the video output in different ways. You could try using the mod board on a different Atari to see if yours just doesn't want to be modded, or ask for a refund and buy a different mod from somewhere else. I have modded a couple of Ataris with the Batari video mod that has stereo out, composite and s-video. The site that I bought mine from is http://electronicsentimentalities.com/index.html if you want to take a look at it.
  4. I recently bought a new LED TV and was surprised that all of my old consoles work on it without lag. My Atari looks really good on it too.
  5. Soldering and modifying things is a hobby of mine, my heavy sixer has a batari video mod and my flashback 2 has a cartridge mod. It's easier to take somewhere because it's so light and small. I recently moved, and have no room for an HDTV and CRT to sit side-by-side in my bedroom anymore, and the flashback 2 with cartridge mod is now the best/easiest way to play. Its composite video is a lot better than my heavy sixer's composite, and my HDTV sadly doesn't have svideo.
  6. Several years ago when the Harmony first came out, I remember downloading a program that would do something to my ROMs so that they were alphabetized on the Atari. I swear I found the link to the program here on the Harmony Cart forum, but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know what program it is? My homebrew folder is beginning to annoy me. Thanks
  7. Yeah I didn't think that it did. I have an old intellivision plug and play 25 controller with horrible ports of games that I believe was an NOAC.
  8. I went to Sam's Club looking for one, but no one knew what I was talking about. A guy that I asked in the game department had never even heard the word Atari before. I found one at Dollar General without the extra overlays but with an extra game. The controllers are very close to the original but i've had problems with the 8 key pressing themselves on both controllers, and the Enter key on one of them doesn't always register. There's a few games on it that I don't think most people buying one will ever look at twice, why the learning games? Would have payed $80 for it though if it had the greatest game ever made, Lock N' Chase, but it's never been rereleased on any of the compilations. I'm looking forward to getting the colecovision flashback for $26 on Black Friday since i've never had one. Does anyone know if these are Arm or NOAC?
  9. Using a video capture card to play on your computer will have significant input lag, around several seconds. I've tried it before.
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