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  1. I'm looking for an Atari 2600 racing pak complet (apple green box with driving paddle and two boxed games (indy 500 and street racer)) trade or buy..look in my signature below.
  2. I cant deny this point of view....sadly
  3. Dont forget (correct me if I'm wrong) that the NES came in US around '85...so if the 7800 was commercially available at the same time, with more third party game and original concept game not just "prettier remake of 2600" , I think it will had be as succesfull as the Nintendo brand that at this time had all to prove yet.....Nintendo was only another Video Game compagny at the time, not the NINTENDO we know it became after that....
  4. I've just played on my 7800...it was taking dust for mont, but some new trade gave me some very interesting cart to grow my 7800 collection: -Xenophobe -Food Fight -Title Match Pro Wrestling -Rampage -Impossible Misson Wew....just to tell that again , the most simplistic game idea can be very addictive...think of Food Fight.....I played for hours...what a f&!ki&% simple game, but very funny. And Xenophobe one of my all time favorite. But after playing and watching some of those 7800 game (and other titles), I can state that if the 7800 as been pushed arder and with more original and developped titles, not just "prettier remake", I'm sure it would have match the NES.... But they will had to put the NES style pad in the box here in US , in place of these incomfortable joystick and some kind of A/V output. But the Tramiels scrap all this. And imagine if all of that was pushed out in the real first date when the 7800 was ready, in '84/'85? the story of the videogame industry today will maybe be different.
  5. BUMP! deleted several items.... added SMS Wonder Boy in Monster Land (loose)
  6. Xenomorpher...are you still interested in the SMS?
  7. 5$ US for the cart (cart, manual and original plastic case) the Manual have the first page tear off but present. and some black pen marker on the cart (only on the plastic..maybe can go off with googone) everything elese is in good shape. Very good condition for its age. 5$ for the SMS console (console only) For the shipping (but I imagine around 10$ box+postage cost)I will have to go to the post office with your adress (city,state and zip code) just to evaluate how much. I never had the chance to ship something this big. Generally I ship in the US, only games, not because of me, but by request.
  8. I must agree , with the experience I had with Sean, that he is slow. It take two month after my payment was done before I received the carts I purchased from him...worth $45 USD.I had to send him two or three email before he respond. But he send me one more cart to compensate for the wait. But he had an excuse at that time since that was one month before the CGExpo, in wich he's involved. Anyway, dont despair, If you stay respectuous, you can be persuasive enough to force him to react at your request...it's just natural, especially if you already be patient more than usual.
  9. Do you sell Iron Soldier only? I'm interested in....
  10. Here is my updated trade list. It's been two years since the last updated. If you find something of interest, just PM me or send me an email (included in the trade list) Here: http://www3.sympatico.ca/boreal/home/files...s/tradelist.txt
  11. Hello, I'm interested by this player...I will send you a PM with my email adress..
  12. Like Scooterb23, I was a little bit frustrated since I was hoping to play at Snoopy and the Red Baron...but alas, that was Haunted House....anyway I'm ok today, since I've got into psychotherapy to help me pass thrue this frustration
  13. Maybe a .PDF format file will be extrememy fine too. Or a Word format document.
  14. I just found TRON but where are the others on the site????
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